Monday, September 8, 2008

Can You Really Make Money Online?

Many people have asked themselves if they could really make money with information they get online? I am telling you that yes, you can make money depending on how well you work hard and research stuff you find online. sure tenure by law. Watch politicians. With the economy is near collapse:Property in danger,banking industry in shamble, and politicians fight over who would bring change, ordinary people need to start thinking of other ways to make money apart from the 9-5 job shift.
If you have a dollar, or work for one, you are interested in the contents of this post. You have looked at the title, and it excites your cupidity if it does not please your fancy. But you say to yourself Will it teach me how to make money ? If the directions are followed, it will. Will it show me how to keep it ? It will. It
will do more than that it will show you how to make money with money. We have much knowledge which we do not use to advantage, and you may not apply the principles here laid down ; if so, you will probably be no better off by its reading.

By what tenure do you hold the dollar or property you have, or get that which is your due ? Nine-tenths of persons, and possibly a larger proportion, never heard this idea suggested. In other words, why is not your property mine ? Simply because we have a government, a social compact ; and one of the laws of that
government is, that what belongs to you is your own, and not some other person's. This is the fundamental law, the practice and usage of all people. Then comes
the direct: question to every one Are you interested in having what is your own ? The reply is certain. I am.

You may always know, then, when the title of your property is in danger, or when your own rights are in danger, from these signs. When you see unequal laws passed, or see one or any number of citizens deprived of legal rights, you may wisely conclude your turn will come next. You may wisely conclude, too, that when would it come? The purpose on these blog is to provide assistance through advise to its readers as to practical means of making money through many ways that have worked for other people.

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