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This report, "30 "Choice" MLM Programs That Can Be Promoted FREE For You" is one of fifteen reports contained in the set of reports, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE. . . By Mail!" series. If you have not ordered the complete set with reprintable rights, I strongly urge you to do so at this time so you can take full advantage of this program.

In this report, you will find a listing of 30 quality MLM programs that you can "buy into" and promote. If you have purchased the complete MLM MACHINE series, you have the authority to reproduce this report and sell it to others - who will do the same as you. Therefore, you can promote your favorite MLM program via this report that will get copied and re-copied. Along with it will come your FREE promotion!

Since most of these programs listed are actively promoted by mailorder dealers, they should be good for your consideration as well. However, you will also find a listing and description of five (5) "Highly Recommended" MLM programs that Videx has selected and is promoting . . .with good reasons. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to these recommended five (5) MLM programs. But before we get into that, let's review some basic fundamentals and the whole concept of MLM the MLM MACHINE, and how to select the right MLM company for you to promote.

Why MLM?

If you have studied the other reports in this series, you will agree that MLM opportunities do exist and they represent a bona fide method to earn a large secure income for the little "fella." It can be a good business for you if you have a coherent plan in which you can recruit new members and if it is profitable for you. That's where the MLM MACHINE comes into play.

Why Use the MLM MACHINE?

The MLM MACHINE is a complete program that provides a step-by-step method to start and operate a profitable mailorder business while generating quality MLM leads. The program shows you dozens (more like hundreds) of ways to promote your business while making a profit. Although you can build a respectable mailorder business with the MLM MACHINE, the real "backbone" purpose of the MLM MACHINE is to help you generate MLM leads. Stop and think now and put everything into its proper prospective. If you can sponsor 10 active people into your MLM program, and they do the same, you can earn a very sizable income - sometimes thousands per month!

Therefore, set your goals clearly. If you think this through carefully, you will probably conclude that the easiest and fastest way to succeed is to first sponsor 10 active people. Right? But, how do you sponsor 10 or so active MLM people? Well, the easiest way is to sell a few copies of the MLM MACHINE, and let it do its job in promoting the MLM programs for you. Right? OK. So the real challenge is to first sell a few copies (preferably 10 or more) MLM MACHINES. Although the MLM MACHINE will show you many (100"s) of ways to promote the MLM MACHINE, you only need to select one or two promotional methods that you like and that you are totally comfortable with! But you will have to decide and do something! You have to act! You will have to work at this program . . .at least a little bit!

How Much Effort Will It Really Take?

Let's face it, although your upline can help, and the MLM MACHINE program will help, you are going to have to work at this - at least a little bit! First of all, you are going to have to study the MLM MACHINE reports. Then, you will need to order literature for the programs that interest you, and then study them. And finally, you will have to do some promotion. By that, I mean you will need to

either circulate literature locally, or you will do some advertising. And that's not all. Since you will have a business, you will need to run it! After all, if you have a money making machine, someone has to be the boss! Don't they? So let's put things again in the right prospective. It will take a little time and effort on your part. The more effort you put into this, the more you stand to gain. What are you willing to do for an extra $1,000, $5,000 or even $20,000 a month? Are you ready for the challenge? I'll bet you are!

Why Do We Need You?

If you're like me, you have probably received in the mail hundreds of "off the wall" offers that promises you the world for only a $12.00 investment. Most of these are strictly "flim-flam" deals where the only person that makes any money is the person that started the plan. I can tell you from experience that there are only a few that are worthwhile.

Let's get to the nut cracking part! If this program is so good, and if it is so easy, why do we need you or anyone else? Why don't we just send out literature to millions of people, and eliminate the middlemen like you? Good question! In fact, this is an extremely good question, and there are two very goods answers!

All MLM programs will force you (and me) to build a DEEP down-line before you can earn the big money! Remember our example in the MLM MACHINE report, "The Home Operated Wealth Builder's Program?" Let me refresh your memory. If you sponsor 1,000 people on your first level, you will earn $3 x 1,000 = $3,000 a month. If, however, you sponsor 1,000 people on your third level, you will have earned 1,000 x $23 = $23,000 a month! In that case, you (and I) MUST sponsor people who will sponsor others in order to earn the big money! MLM programs demand that you operate in this fashion! Do you see what I am saying? I need you, and you need the people that you, in turn, sponsor. That's the way MLM works. Nearly all MLM programs will provide similar incentive programs and bonuses that also force you to do similar sponsoring techniques before you get into the real money. the bottom line in MLM programs is always the same if you want to earn the big bucks - you must build a DEEP organization by sponsoring just a few who will, in turn, sponsor just a few . . .etc.!

You and I need each other to tap into the 230,000,000 local market! Why? Now listen carefully. It is estimated that there are about 230,000,000 people who are not involved with MLM companies. Many of these people are thinking or looking for a good money making opportunity. Most are not on the "Opportunity Seekers" mailing lists, and they are therefore not inundated with hundreds of mail order offers. These people are eager to find something that makes sense. for the most part, they are ideal "MLM candidates" if you can find them. You won't get to them by advertising in the national "moneymaking" magazines since only a small percentage of these people are exposed to these magazines. That's why standard MLM techniques will teach you how to "sell" to your inner circle of friends.
So how do you or I get to this huge group without direct selling? Do you know what it would cost to mail to these people? What would you guess per person? About a buck or 50 cents? You are talking about 100 to 200 million dollars! Well, I don't have that kind of money to play around with. Do you? So how do you reach these people? Even if you mailed to all the "opportunity Seekers" that subscribed to money making magazines, you would only reach a few hundred thousand! Well, let me make a suggestion. If you could sponsor only 10 people your local neighborhood, and they do likewise, you now have a system in place that could do a fair job. And you can do it by simply circulating circulars on the MLM MACHINE. Couldn't you? I mean, if you wanted to recruit just 10 good people, isn't it a fair conclusion, that you could find just 20 people who live close to you by circulating literature? I think so. Don't you? Do you see what I am saying? Don't try to sell the whole world. Make it easy on yourself! In summary, you and the people that you sponsor have a gold mine of many people who you can reach - by local mail! But I can't and neither can you do it by yourself! Now do you see why I need you, and you in turn need help from the people that you sponsor?

How To Pick The Right MLM Company?

We discussed this question in other reports, but before I answer it, let me rephrase the question. How do you pick the best MLM companies that you can promote with the MLM MACHINE? Now I can address this question and answer it logically.

Since five (5) programs are being "Highly Recommended" in this report, it makes sense from a pure promotional point of view that you choose one or more of these companies. That is, everyone that reads this report will probably be favorably impressed with out selections - whatever they are! Therefore, it will be easier for you to sponsor new members in these programs than in others simply because they have read this and other MLM MACHINE reports! Won't they? So you instantly have a much better bet if you stick with our "Highly Recommended" selections.

If you promote the "Highly Recommended" MLM programs listed in this report, your up-line members will be able to assist you a lot more. That is, Videx and your other up-line members will be generating more leads and the like for you. Everyone understands the program! Therefore, it is simply more consistent and makes more sense to everyone! Doesn't It?

And the best part! With or without the MLM MACHINE, the MLM companies in our "Highly Recommended Listing" are probably your best bet for promoting by mail! Here's why.
Understand that the MLM MACHINE was designed specifically to help you and Videx to profitably promote a few good MLM programs. Unlike most MLM'ers, Videx developed the MLM MACHINE marketing plan first, and THEN later selected the best MLM programs available. That's an important point to understand. In other words, the MLM MACHINE was not "Force Fitted" to meed a particular MLM company. Instead, we were able to selectively choose the "best" MLM companies that not only could be promoted by mail, but the best companies that were best fitted to be promoted via the MLM MACHINE. In doing so, we were able to cut through all the "hype" and logically pick and choose the best MLM companies without being biased since we were not yet affiliated with any MLM company.

Selecting and finding the best MLM company was not a trivial task. In fact, Videx collected and investigated thousands of "Business Opportunities," before even deciding to promote MLM programs. It soon became clear that if mail order concepts could be used to effectively promote MLM programs, the potential could be incredibly large. After deciding to merge mail order and MLM concepts, Videx then developed a plan (The MLM MACHINE) before even thinking about what MLM programs should be considered. After defining our objectives, we then set upon the task of choosing and finding the "perfect" MLM company or companies (if they were available).

Our criteria was fairly simple. First, find the absolute, very best MLM programs that could be promoted very profitably via the MLM MACHINE program. By "best" we mean solid companies that can be promoted cost effectively with a large profit potential. We wanted to select just a few for diversification reasons. In all cases, we wanted to consider MLM companies that were at least 2 years old . . .preferably over 5 years old. The reason being that 95% of MLM companies go "belly up" during their first 2 years. We wanted MLM companies that we could count on next year and hopefully ten years from now! Ones that we could bet our security on! Why take chances that you don't have to take? If you are like Videx, you have the liberty to pick and choose the best. You will have plenty of time later to "gamble on those "ground floor" opportunities if you want to. Right now, get your footing on solid ground and then build from there.

As you now know, the "real" reason for the MLM MACHINE is to generate quality leads for the five (5) recommended MLM programs described in this report.

Therefore, if you enroll in these programs within Videx's down line, you may replace the existing name with your own. However, if you are already participating in these programs, you are not permitted to replace the existing name with yours. Sorry. You may, however, replace the existing name with your name for the remaining MLM programs listed in this report. There is also space on page 4 for you to add additional information on programs that you may be promoting that are not listed. That way, when you copy and resell this report, you earn up front mail order profits and we all benefit!

Since many MLM companies are a little "touchy" about printing a description of their company along with their name, we have not identified the company names in our "Highly Recommended" listing. Therefore, you will have to request their official literature to get full details and to learn who these companies are.

Recruit MLM Members Fast With the MLM MACHINE Program

"Sign Up" in one or more MLM programs.

Promote postcard reports locally.

Include a MLM MACHINE circular with your report orders.

Get epeat MLM MACHINE orders.

Include your MLM literature with your MLM MACHINE orders.

Sell your surplus leads to your down line

Buy into more mail order dealerships and more MLM programs.

Place National advertising.

Continue until your 3rd level is filled.

1. Highly Recommended Company . . . Consumer Discount Programs. Founded in 1985, this seven (7) year old company offers a broad service of consumer discount programs that can be universally used by anyone who wants to save considerable money when buying conventional consumer items. Their literature is designed such that it can be promoted cost effectively by mail and therefore, it fits very well with the MLM MACHINE. For example, they publish an excellent full color booklet that explains their services and entire MLM program. You can enroll new members directly by simply sending them this booklet.

But more importantly, you can earn HUGE commissions quickly on your 3rd level! Therefore, if you choose just one MLM program, this would be an excellent choice! For information about this company, copy this description, check your choice below, and send your payment to the name below:

Full color, 16 page booklet that explains the company and services. This also includes an application form. Everything you need to get started!

Preview Package includes the catalog described above plus video tape. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return this package for a full refund minus $2.00 for shipping and handling.

Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

2. Highly Recommended Company . . .Books and Audio Tapes. This company founded in June, 1985 is over 7 years old and is well established and offers a wide selection of 100's of "How To" books and self improvement tapes. All products are sold to subscribers at large discount off suggested prices! This program provides instructional material and can be cost effectively promoted by mail with their full color catalog. Since there are many mailorder and MLM instructional books and tapes offered, these can be very educational for you and your downline.

When you mail the full color catalogs to your prospective customers, you are not only offering your products, but you will automatically be inviting all these people to join this program. No inventory is required, since all orders are filled and shipped for you! Also, the cost to participate is only about $21 a month. Therefore, for those that have a tight budget, this is an excellent program that most people can afford when just getting started. For these reasons, it is "Highly Recommended!:

Order the professional full color 16 page catalog that is used effectively to describe the product line and to explain the opportunity. Send $1.00 with a copy of this description to:

VIDEX Box 1644 Stow, Ohio 44224

3. Highly Recommended Company . . .Advertising Agency. This company, founded in June, 1989, is a recognized ad agency that also generates MLM leads by advertising through newspapers, magazines and radio stations. They offer discount advertising rates for their members along with an excellent pay out plan. It is highly recommended to be promoted via the MLM MACHINE since it will generate you qualified MLM leads and will earn you fast profits by recruiting other members. Although this company is just over two years old, they have a proven program that fits in extremely well with the MLM MACHINE promotion. In fact, since you can typically generate 20 to 30 or so MLM leads a month with this program, it can help you sell the MLM MACHINE and therefore, help you generate more MLM leads.

It is easy and inexpensive to promote and will produce quality leads with their inexpensive 4-page brochure. And you can earn handsome profits from your downline. In fact, the very first subscriber that a marketer enrolls will earn that marketer (you) a monthly commission of $28.00 each month that subscriber remains active. The remaining commission is equally attractive. For these reasons, it is "Highly Recommended!" For complete details, send a copy of this description plus $1.00 to the name shown below. VIDEX Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

4. Highly Recommended Company . . . Magazine Subscriptions at Guaranteed Lowest Price! This company founded in 9/91 offers hundreds of popular magazine subscriptions at the lowest guaranteed price! Therefore, if you place your magazine subscriptions through this company, you will most likely save many $$$'s on your own personal subscriptions. Since nearly every person and every company subscribes to magazines, this represents a huge profit making potential for you! You also build a secure income from repeat subscriptions that comes in year after year. This program is clean and requires no inventory or paper work! If you can recruit a few people into this program, it will grow indefinitely!

And can you believe this: The processing fee to handle your registration is only $3.95! That is all it takes to join this program! But yet, you can earn a secure lifetime income! By all means get active in this program just as soon as you can! And one last point, the literature that you can send out is very inexpensive - and, if you like, you can print it yourself!

To get your registration form along with a partial listing of about 90 typical magazines offered (with discount prices shown), send a SASE plus one loose stamp with a copy of this description to:

VIDEX Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

5. Highly Recommended Company . . . Mail Order & MLM Tabloid Newspaper. This company publishes a high quality mail order and MLM tabloid newspaper with a circulation of about 10,000. Although the MLM offering is fairly new, the company has been in business for over two years. Discount advertising rates are offered to subscribers and MLM participants.

This publication is excellent since you will find many well written articles concerning mailorder and MLM subjects. Also, you may use this publication to advertise the MLM MACHINE and the various programs within the MLM MACHINE. Not only do you receive advertising discounts, but you also can earn a sizable income by recruiting new members. In short, you can promote your offerings and build your downline at the same time with this program.

For complete details, copy this description and send it along with a SASE plus one loose stamp to:

VIDEX Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224


Long Distance Telephone Service

Now that we have described our "Highly Recommended" MLM companies, we at Videx are also human and we have to tell you about a brand new opportunity! We can't list this in our highly recommended programs since this is a new company. If you would like to roll the dice on a "ground floor" opportunity, you need to look at this one - I think the dice are loaded in your favor!

This service is more cost effective than AT&T, MCI and SPRINT. You get five FREE hours for signing up, and you can build a lifetime secure income based upon built-in, repeat residual business! Your upline will do FREE mailings for you and this program can be automatically promoted FREE for you. It takes only $10 to register and there is no training necessary! this program is easy and simple to promote and everyone can benefit from it. If you are serious about MLM, you just have to look into this! For complete details including color brochures, send a copy of this description to:

VIDEX P.O. Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

Check Out These Other MLM Opportunities

The companies listed below are companies that are actively being promoted via mail order type publications and by mail order dealers. Therefore, they are listed for your consideration. The companies are listed alphabetically. Unless the MLM name is used in the address, the names shown after the company listing are independent distributors. In that case, they are not officials of the MLM companies.

6. Body Wise Int'l, Inc. The company offers diet, health and nutritional products. Professional literature and video tapes are available.

Body Wise Int'l, Inc. 6350 Palomar Oaks Court, Suite A Carlsbad, Ca 92009

7. Consumer's Buyline, Inc. Consumer's discount programs. Write for professional literature, video tapes, etc.

Art Meakin & Associates Box 141457 Austin, Tx 78720

8. Creations, Inc. Consumer discount buying benefits. Creation Conditioning has been called the most powerful and effective success course in North America. For details, write to:

Jim Weaverling 5151 N Kain Ave., #4 Tucson, Az 85705

9. The Disc Connection. First network marketing discount CD and Video club. Write to:

A-Z Systems Box 3568 Hollywood, Ca 90078

10. 4 the Planet. Health and cleaning products made from environmental safe ingredients. For details write:

Al Billheimer 10211 Cedar Lake Road, #306 Minnetonka, Mn 55343

11. FREE Enterprise. A full color magazine that offers many discount programs and MLM programs. Write to:

Victor C. Bennett 5520 W. 190th St., Suite 245 Torrance, Ca 90503

12. The Fuller Brush Company. A broad line of consumer products including brushes, cleaners and personal products. For more details, write to:

William Engelder 26 East Union Street Allegheny, NY 14706

13. Images. Broad line of personal care products. Professional literature including video tape available. For details, write:

Steven P. Kessel Box 800 Wakefield, Ma 01880

14. Jewelry International. This company offers a broad line of fine jewelry at competitive prices. Several very professional catalogs are available for promotional purposes. For more details, write:

Network Financial Group 1661 N. Swan, Suite 250 Tucson, Az 85712

15. LegalEase. LegalEase is a consumer oriented company which offers a full line of do-it-yourself legal and personal finance products. For more details, write to:

Hugh O'Donnell Box 428 Whiting, In 46394

16. Market Masters International (MMI). MMI is a full-service advertising agency and is promoted by many mail order dealers. for more details, write to:

Market Masters International 2440 S.W. Cary Pkwy, Suite 212 Cary, NC 27513

17. ????????????????????????????????

18. Money Maker's Monthly. A well established newspaper publication written for the MLM distributors. for more details, write to:

Chiappone Mail Enterprise, Inc. Box 1152 West Babylon, Ny 11704

19. Nutrition Express. The company is being promoted very actively by many large mail-order dealers. the company offers a wide line of nutritional products. For details, write to:

Money Magnet Systems Box 2219 Lafayette, La 70502

20. Profits Unlimited Magazine. Five years old magazine that recently went MLM. For information, write to:

Alan J. Rossi 1232 West Kenper Road Cincinnati, Oh 45240

21. Secure Independence. This company offers a portfolio of several MLM companies and discount programs. For information, write to:

Secure Independence (Hdq'ers) 17903 Wentworth Avenue Lansing, Il 60438

22. Shaklee Corporation. A well established large MLM company with a very broad consumer product line. For more information, write to:

Wholesale Distributors Box 113 Kennesaw, Ga 30144

23. Shaperite. Shape-Fast Weight Control products. For more details, write to:

AG "Gus" Heilzler 1311 Orchard Lake St. Louis, MO 63146

24. Sopax. This company manufactures a unique product that takes the place of detergent, brightener, anti-static, fabric softener and provides a mild fragrance. For more details, write to:

Padon Mail Order 500 Geiger St. Huntingburg, In 47542

25. Sunrider. A nine year old MLM company specializing in herbs, vitamins and foods containing these elements. For more information, write to:

Enar S. Friddh 116 Skyline Rd. Georgetown, Tx 78628

26. United Dental Plan of America. This company offers a discount plan for dental services. For more information, write to:

Ron E. Santoro 28 Contour Court Oakville, Ct 06779

27. Vaxa. A wide range of personal products, vitamins and diet products are offered. Professional literature available. For more information, write to:

B.R. Services 3839 West St., Dept #01 Oakland, Ca 94608

28. VIP Digest. VIP Digest is a multilevel organization that promotes the principle of network marketing. For information, write to:

Bob Rodela 9350 Hollis St. Bloomington, Ca 92316

29. Watkins. A very well established MLM company that is being actively promoted by many mail order dealers. The product line includes a wide range of consumer products. For more information, write to:

Ron Lahman 611 S. Laurel Ave. Sanford, Fl 32771

30. White Lion Printing. This company offers discount printing via a MLM program. For more details, write to:

Larry Chiappone Box 370 W. Babylon, NY 11704.

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Directory of 300 Mailorder Services and Suppliers

NOTE: This was collected awhile back and some of the information may have changed.

This report, "Directory of 300 Mailorder Services and Suppliers" is on of fifteen reports contained in the series, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE . . .By Mail." If you have not purchased the entire set of reports, I urge you to do so at this time so you can take full advantage of this program.

This directory contains a listing of companies that offer their services and products by mail. Most of these companies have been in business for a number of years and have an excellent reputation. You will probably find that the service and products that you can purchase from these companies is most often better and more competitive than your local sources. This directory is categorized for your convenience. Also, the names are typeset so you can copy and cut out the addresses, and then just "Scotch Tape" them to your envelopes for mailing.


Professional Writing & Publishing Organizations

American Library Assoc. - 50 E Huron St. - Chicago, Ill 60611 American Bookseller Assoc. - 1222 42nd St. - New York, NY 10168 American Bookdealers Exchange - Box 606 - Cottage Grove, Or 97424 Book Publicists of So. Calif. - 6430 Sunset Bl., #503 - Hollywood, Ca 90028 Cosmep - P.O. Box 703 - San Francisco, Ca 94101 Independent Publishers Network - P.O. Box 546 - El Cajon, Ca 92022 Direct Marketers Assoc. - 6 East 43rd Street - New York, NY 10017 Marin Self-Publishers Assoc. - P.O. Box 343 - Ross, Ca 94957 National Mail Order Assoc. - 5818 Venice Blvd. - Los Angeles, Ca 90019 Publishers Marketing Assoc. - P.O. Box 299 - Hermosa Beach, Ca 90254 The Money Club - 5818 N 7th Street #103 - Phoenix, Az 85014 The Authors Guild - 234 W. 44th St. - New York, NY 10036 The National Writers Club - 1450 S. Havana #620 - Aurora, Co 80012

Mail Order Book Publishers

These are the major mail-order type book distributors and publishers who offer a wide selection of books. Write and request information on their dealerships and catalogs that are available.

American Bookdealers Exchange - Box 606 - Cottage Grove, Or 97424 ARCO Publishing Co - 215 Park Ave. S - New York, NY 10003 Book World Promotions, Inc. - 87-93 Christie St - Newark, NJ 07105 Cuppett Enterprises - P.O. Box 91 - Wilmington, Ca 90748 Jeffrey Lant, Assoc. - 50 Follen St. Ste. 507 - Cambridge, Ma 02138 M.O.R.E. - 305 E Main St. - Goessel, Ks 67053 Mascor Publishing Co. - P.O. Box 8308 - Silver Spring, Md 20907 Mitchell Enterprises - 204 Oakdale - Pasadena, Tx 77506 Outlet Book Co. - 225 Park Ave. S - New York, NY 10016 Overstock Book Co. - 120 Secatogue Ave - Farmingdale, NY 11735 Premier Publishers, Inc. - Box 330309 - Ft. Worth, Tx 76163 Profit Ideas - 254 E. Grand Ave. - Escondido, Ca 92025 Publishers Marketing Enter. - 386 Park Ave. S - New York, NY 10016 S & L Sales - P.O. Box 2067 - Waycross, Ga 31501 Selective Books, Inc. - P.O. Box 1140 - Clearwater, Fl 33517 Stew Caverly - 216 McLean St. - Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18702 Western Book Distributors - 2970 San Pablo Ave. - Berkeley, Ca 94702 Wilshire Book Co. - 12015 Sherman Road - North Hollywood, Ca 91605

Major Book Publishers

You may want to get on the mailing list of these publishers. Many times they offer bargain closeouts!

Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. - Jacob Way - Reading, Ma 01867 Charles Scribner & Sons - 866 3rd Ave. - New York, NY 10022 Dell Publishing Co., Inc. - 1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York, NY 10017 Doubleday & Co., Inc. - 245 Park Ave. - New York, NY 10167 Farnsworth Publishing Co. - 78 Randall Ave. - Rockville Centre, NY11570 Fleming Revell Co. - Central Ave. - Old Tappan, NJ 07675 Harper & Rowe Books - 10 E 53rd St. - New York, NY 10022 Little, Brown & Co. - 34 Beacon St. - Boston, Ma 02108 Lyle Stuart, Inc. - 120 Enterprise Ave. - Secaucus, NJ - 07094 McGraw-Hill Book Co. - 1221 Ave. of the Americas - New York, NY 10020 Nelson-Hall Publishers - 111 N Canal St. - Chicago, Ill 60606 Prentice-Hall, Inc. - Business Book Division - Englewood, NJ 07632 Random House, Inc. - 201 E. 50th St. - New York, NY 10022 Simon & Schuster - 1230 Ave. of the Americas - New York, NY 10020 St. Martin's Press - 175 5th Ave. - New York, NY 10010 W.W. Norton Co., Inc. - 500 5th Ave. - New York, NY 10110 William Morrow & Co. - 105 Madison Ave. - New York, NY 10016


Clip Art

A. H. Gaebel, Inc. - P.O. Box 5 - E. Syracuse, NY 13057 Art Master - 500 N. Claremont Blvd. - Claremont, Ca 91711 Bob Constable - Box 354 - Christmas, Fl 32709 (Clip art & 80 ad frames) Creative Media - P.O. Box 5955 - Berkeley, Ca 94705 Dynamic Graphics - 6000 N. Forest Park Dr. - Peoria, Ill 61656 Graphics Master - P.O. Box 46086 - Los Angeles, Ca 90046

Free-Lance Graphic Artist

Adman - 6460-65 Convoy Court - San Diego, Ca 92117 Very professional ad layout service Beysso Enterprise - 2215A Scovel Ave. - Pennsauken, NJ 08110 Gray Studios - P.O. Box 811 - Levittown, Pa 19058 This company does excellent small space ads. LOGO Designers - 948 Willow Court - Hammond, In 46320 William H. Fordham - 146-15 133rd Av. - Jamaica, NY 11436 Offers kit for ad frames and clip art to make your own ads.

Graphic Art Supplies

Dot Pasteup Supplies - 1612 California St. - Omaha, Ne 68102 Graphic Products Corp. - 3601 Edison Pl - Rolling Meadows, Ill 60008 Hartco Products - West Jefferson, Oh 43162 Midwest Publishers Supply - 4640 N Olcott Ave. - Chicago, Ill 60656

Low-Cost Color Separations (These firms prepare color photos for printing.)

National Laser Separations, Inc. - 3501 NW 67th St. - Miami, Fl 33147 Toucan Scan - 407 NW 16th Ave. - Portland, Or 97209


Ashley Advertising, Inc. - P.O. Box 20822 - Portland Or 97220 CHS Enterprises - P.O. Box 160 - Uncasville, Ct 06382 JAMART Services - 13127 Tilden Avenue - Champlin, Mn 55316 Pete Skeberdis - Box 27 - Fremont, Mi 49312 Wolf Enterprises - 104 Cassidy Ct. - Cary, NC 27511

Typing Services

Mailathon, Inc. - 16 Van Wetering Pl - Hackensack, NJ 07601 Steve Lockman - P.O. Box 137 - Lancaster, Mn 56735


These are some of the best, well known mailorder publications. Write to these publishers and request a sample copy of their publication. If you make it known to them that you are interested in placing advertising, they will generally send you a free sample with advertising rates.

Alps Monthly - P.O. Box 99394 - San Francisco, Ca 94109 Artcraft Press - P.O. Box 225 - Mankato, Mn 56001 Ben Frank's Almanac - P.O. Box 655 - Pinellas Park, Fl 34664 Book Dealers World - P.O. Box 606 - Cottage Grove, Or 97424 Cosmep Newsletter - P.O. Box 703 - San Francisco, Ca 94101 Direct Response Specialist - P.O. Box 1075 - Tarpon Springs, Fl 34286 Direct Response Profit Report - P.O. Box 546 - El Cajon, Ca 92022 Direct Marketing Magazine - 224 Seventh St. - Garden City, NY 11530 DM News - 19 W. 21st St. - New York, NY 10010 Emerald Coast News - P.O. Box 190 - Niceville, Fl 32578 Entrepreneur's Digest - P.O. Box 3224 - Oshkosh, Wi 54904 Golden Opportunities - P.O. Box 690 - Hallsville, Tx 75650 Hi-Lite - Harris House - P.O. Box 101 - DeSota, Mo 63020 Idea Digest - P.O. Box 80 - Foyil, Ok 74031 Income & Small Business Opportunities - 2002 London Road #101 - Duluth,Mn 55812 Income Opportunities - 380 Lexington Ave. - New York, NY 10017 Lee Howard Newsletter - P.O. Box 1140 - Clearwater, Fl 34617 Mail Order Messenger - P.O. Box 17131 - Memphis, Tn 38187 Mail Order Dynamite - P.O. Box 681519 - Miami, Fl 33168 Mail Profits Magazine - P.O. Box 4785 - Lincoln, Ne 68504 Mail Courier Express - P.O. Box 1505 - Richmond, Ca 94802 Money Making Opportunities - 11071 Ventura Blvd. - Studio city,Ca 100117 Opportunity Connection Magazine - P.O. Box 57723 - Webster, Tx 77598 Opportunity Magazine - 73 Spring St. - New York, NY 10012 Profit Gems Marketing - P.O. Box 3087 - Jekyll Island, Ga 31520 RMH Opportunities - 4615 Takilma Road - Cave Junction, Or 97523 Sabal House - P.O. Box 937 - DeBary, Fl 32713 Salesman's Opportunity Magazine - Suite 405, 6 N. Michigan Ave. - Chicago,Il 60602 Small Press Review - P.O. Box 100 - Paradise, Ca 95969 Spare Time Magazine - 5810 W. Oklahoma Ave. - Milwaukee, Wi 53219 Spare Time Money-Making Opportunities - 5810 W. Okla. Ave. - Milwaukee,Wi 53219 Specialty Salesman Magazine - 6285 Barfield Road - Atlanta, Ga 30328 The Huenefeld Report - P.O. Box U - Bedford, Ma 01730 Towers Club Newsletter - P.O. Box 2038 - Vancouver, Wa 98668


Classified Advertising Agencies

The National Classified Network - 4343 N W. Highway - Dallas, Tx 75220 National Mailorder Classified - Box 5 - Sarasota, Fl 34230

Mailing List Brokers

Accredited Mailing Lists, Inc. - 5272 River Rd. - Washington, DC 20016 Action Markets - 1710 Highway 35 - Ocean, NJ 07712 Advon - P.O. Drawer 1 - Shelly, Id 83274 AIM Lists - P.O. Box 22822 - San Diego, Ca 92192 Alvin B. Seller - 475 Park Ave. South - New York, NY 10016 Best Lists - P.O. Box 56 - Lakeville, Oh 44638 Bocca Direct - 472 36th St. - Manhatten Beach, Ca 90266 C.B. Graphics - 339 Mid Country Rd. - Selden, NY 11784 Current List Productions - 776 E. Edison, Manteca, Ca 95236 Datatech Communications - 351 Pike Blvd., #130-106 - Lawrenceville,Ga 30245 DAX Mail Lists - Box 14 - Williamston, Mi 48895 Dunhill Int'l - 630 Third Ave. - New York, NY 10017 Ed Burnett - 99 W. Sheffield Ave. - Englewood, NJ 07631 Enterprise Lists - 725 Market St. - Wilmington, De 19801 Groupe One Communications - P.O. Box 1560 - Jenson Beach, Fl 34958 Hank Marshall - P.O. Box 2729 - Laguna Hills, Ca 92653 Harris House - P.O. Box 101 - DeSota, Mo 63020 Hugo Dunhill Mailing Lists - 630 Third Ave. - New York, NY 10017 Imperial Mail Lists - 4005 Manzanita Ave., Suite 6-228 - Carmichael,Ca 95608 Jaydee Lists - P.O. Box 16 - Statford, Ct 06497 Kelly Company - 639 Shadow Creek Drive - San Jose, Ca 5136 Lelli Printing - 2650 CR 175 - Loudonville, Oh 44842 List World - 555 Sparkman - Huntsville, Al 35816 List Masters - P.O. Box 750 - Wantagh, NY 11793 LPM Associates - Box 133 - Elmont, NY 11003 Luxury Life Network - P.O. Box 17080 - Plantation, Fl 33318 Mail Order Lists - 775 - Matlacha, Fl 33909 McAfee & Co. - 1815 Carpenter St. - Bridgeport, Tx 76026 National Mail List - 411 Deese Road - Ozark, Al 36360 National Promotions - P.O. Box 1547 - Bloomfield, NJ 07003 P. Wagoner - 10250 April Rd. - Salineville, Oh 43945 Perfict Mail Lists - P.O. Box 174 - Memphis, Tn 38101 Premier Publishers - P.O. Box 330309 - Ft. Worth, Tx. 76163 Quality Mail Lists - P.O. Box 1305 - Seaford, NY 11783 Quality Mail Lists - P.O. Box 6060 - Miller Place,NY 11764 Real Value Enterprises - P.O. Box 372 - Franklin, Pa 16323 Redford Publications - P.O. Box 967 - Willingboro, NJ 08064 S.E. Ring - Box 372 - Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33318 Selmar-Brooks Pub. - 126 Homecrest Station - Brooklyn, NY 11229 Trade Winds Marketing - 31 Tracy Rd - New Paltz, NY 12561 Unicorn - P.O. Box 231 - Decatur, Il 62525 Venture - P.O. Box 336 - Riviera, Az 86442 Watermamte Marketing Co. - 13735 Bl # 1 - Van Nuys, Ca 91401

Post Card Pack Mailers

Jeffery Lant - 50 Follen St. Suit 507 - Cambridge, Ma 02138 Select Info Exchange - 244 West 54th, 7th Flr - New York, NY 10012 The Trump Card Marketing, - 1340 Teaneck Road - Teaneck, NJ 07666 The Media Organization, Inc. - Box 49 - Syosset, NY 11791 Venture Communications - 60 Madison Avenue - New York, NY 10010 Visual Horizons - 180 Metro Park - Rochester, NY 14623

Print & Mail Services

Bookworm Benny Inc. - P.O. Box 1007 - New Hyde Park, NY 11040 Carl T. O'Shea - P.O. Box 700 - Baldin Park, Ca 91706 G & B Records - P.O. Box 10150 - Terra Bella, Ca 93270 JRS Printing & Advertising - P.O. Box 2580 - Calcutta, Oh 43920 Larry Chiappone - 936 11th St. Box 1125 - West Babylon, NY 11704 Lelli Printing & Advertising - 2650 CR 175 - Loudonville, Oh 44842 Sabal House - P.O. Box 937 - DeBary, Fl 32713 Watts Wholesale Co. - 7824 Whites Creek Pk. - Joelton, Tn 37080


Computer Services

Adoniram - P.O. Box 786 - Ft. Worth, Tx 76101 AFC Computed Services - 370 Seventh Ave. - New York, NY 11530 Anchor Computer - 750 Zeckendorf Blvd. - Garden City, NY 11530 CCX - 301 Industrial Blvd. - Conway, Ar 72032 Creative Mailings, Inc. - 20850 Leapwood - Carson, Ca 90746 Data Services - 49 Valley - Furlong, Pa 18925 DM Data Services - 814 Eagle Dr. - Bensenville, Il 60106 Enertex Computer Concepts - 444 Park Ave.S - New York, NY 10016 Hallmark Data Systems, Inc. - 5500 Touhy Ave. - Skokie, Il 60106 Mailing Data Services, Inc. - 510 E. Commercial St. - Los Angeles,Ca 90021 MS Data Service Corp. - 10221 Slater Ave. #112 - Fountain Valley, Ca 92708 New Processing Corp. - 7650 E. Redfield Rd. Ste. 2 - Scottsdale, Az 85260 Printronic Corp. - 10 Columbus Circle - New York, NY 10019 Speedata Ltd - 1200 Shames Dr. - Westbury, NY 11590

Computer Supplies

Devoke Data Products - 1500 Martin Ave. - Santa Clara, Ca 95050 Executive Computer Supplies - P.O. Box 5153 - Largo, Fl 33540 Mail Advertising Supply Co. - P.O. Box 363 - Waukesha, Wi 53187 MISCO - One Misco Plaza - Holmdel, NJ 07733

Office Supplies & Products

Associates Printers, Inc. - P.O. Box 2305 - E. Liverpool, Oh 43920 Buisness Envelope Mfg - 900 Grand Blvd - Deer Park, NY 11729 Grayarc - P.O. Box 2944 - Hartford, Ct 06104 JEFFCO Inc - 205 Hallock Ave. - Middlesex, NJ 08846 National Pen Corp. - 9395 Cabot Dr. - San Diago, Ca 92181 NEBS - 500 Main St. - Groton, Ma 01470 Nordisco Corporation - 5703 W. Howard St. - Niles, Il 60618 Quill Corp. - 100 S.Schelter Rd. - Lincolnshire, Il 60198 Shiller & Schmidt, Inc. - 3100 N. Elston Ave. - Chicago, Il 60618 The Stationary House - 1000 Florida Ave. - Hagerstown, Md 21741 The Drawing Board - P.O. Box 220505 - Dallas, Tx 75222 The Buisness Book - One E. Eighth Ave. - Oshkosh, Wi 54906 The Reliable Corp. - 1001 W. Van Buren St. - Chicago, Il 60607 Viking Office Products - 13515 S. Figueroa St. - Los Angelas, Ca 90061

Rubber Stamps

Don Product - Box 1736 - Chicago, Il 60617 Reynolds Press - 432 Maple Ave. - Selkirk, NY 12158 Rubber stamp news & supplies Robinson Stamp Co. - P.O. Box 415 - New Hartford, NY 13413 Dealership available Swedco - Box 29 - Mooresville, NC 28115

Specialty Book & Office Supplies & Equipment

American Thermoplastic Co. - 622 Second Ave. - Pittsburgh, Pa 15219 Beemak Plastics - 7424 Santa Monica Blvd. - Los Angles, Ca 90046 Shelf magazines files, desk organizers, communication boards,literature trays Day - Timers - Allentown, Pa 18001 Request color catalog Kole Industries, Inc. - P.O. Box 520152 - Miami, Fl 33152 Shipping envelopes also available from "Jiffy Bag" dealers Mason Box Company - 512 Mt. Hope Street Box 129 - North Attleboro, Ma 02761 Multi-AD Services, Inc. - P.O. Box 786 - Peoria, Il 61652 National Bag Co. - 2233 Old Mill Rd. - Hudson, Oh 44236 Complete line of packing products. NSC International - P.O. Box 1800 - Hot Springs, Ar 71902 Professional Aids - 1678 S. Wolf Rd. - Wheeling, Il 60090 Binders, report covers, stationary, memos, business gifts S.L. Enterprises - 443 E. Westfield Ave. - Roselle Park, NJ 07204 All purpose book counter displays and carriers Siegal Displays Products - P.O. Box95 - Minneapolis, Mn 55440 Shipping bags, mailing bags, literature & book shippers Comstock - 32 E. 31st St. - New York, NY 10016 Stock photos The Highsmith Co., Inc. - Highway 106 E - Ft. Atkinson, Wi 53538 Wire literature holders, pegboards, display racks Vulcan Binder & Cover Co. - P.O. Box 29 - Vincent, Al 35178 Loose leaf binder

Special Equipment

Addressograph Farrington, Inc. - Randolph Industrial Park - Randolph, Ma 02368 Miscellaneous equipment and machines for mailing services Comtel Broadcasting Corp. - 13 Harbortown Center # 61 - Noblesville, In 46060 Telemarketing machines Equipment Brokers Unlimited. - 3525 Old Conejo Rd. #105 - Newbury Park, Ca 91320 Printing & typesetting equipment Kroy - P.O. Box 4300 - Scottsdale, Az 85261 Headliner & letter writer machines


Heins - Box 215 - Port Reading, NJ 07064 Inexpensive peel and stick labels Label Art, Inc. - One Riverside Way - Wilton, NH 03086 Monarch Press - P.O. Box 139 - Carson City, Nv 89720 Buy 100 labels for $2.95 Northeast Products - Box 160 - Haverhill, Ma 01831 Promark - P.O. Box 397 - Rutherford, Tn 38369


Book & Manual Printers

Apollo Books, Inc. - 107 Lafayette St. - Winona, Mn 55978 Book Press - Putney Rd. - Battleboro, Vt 05301 Book-Mart Press, Inc. - 2001 42nd St. - N Bergen, NJ 07047 Bookmasters - P.O. Box 159 - Ashland, Oh 44805 Braum-Brumfield, Inc. - P.O. Box 1203 - Ann Arbor, Mi 49503 Delta Lithograph Co. - 14731 Califa St. - Van Nuys, Ca 91204 Eerdman's Printing Co. - 231 Jefferson Ave. SE - Grand Rapids, Mi 49503 Griffin Printing - 544 W. Colorado St. - Glendale, Co 91204 Interstate Book Mfg. - 2115 E. Kansas City Rd. - Olathe, Ks 66061 Kingsport Press, Inc. - P.O. Box 711 - Kingsport, Tn 37662 KNI, Inc. - 1240 S State College Blvd - Anaheim, Ca 92806 McNaughton & Gunn, Inc. - P.O. Box 2060 - Ann Arbor, Mi 48106 R.R. Donnelly & Sons - 2223 Martin Luther King Dr. - Chicago, Il 60616 Thompson-Shore, Inc. - 7300 W. Joy St. - Dexter, Mi 48130

Business Forms

Amsterdam Printing & Litho - Amsterdam, NY 12010 McBee Mail Order Forms - 299 Cherry Hill Road - Parsippany, NY 07054 Moore Business Products - P.O. Box 5000 - Vernon Hills, Il 60061 Pickett-Chartpak - One River Road - Leeds, Ma 01053 Streamliners - P.O. Box 480 - Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055

Envelope Manufactures & Printers

Accurate Envelope Co., Inc. - 320 Lafayette St. - New York, NY 10012 Artcraft Press - P.O. Box 225 - Mankato, Mn 56001 Business Envelope Manufacturer - 900 Grand Blvd. - Deer Park, NY 11729 Continental Envelope Corp. - 5515 Shore Trail NE - Prior Lake, Mn 55372 Design Distributors, Inc. - 45 E. Industry Ct. - Deer Park, NY 11729 Envelope Sales Company - Normandy, Tn 37360 Envelopes Limited - 899 E First St. - Kansas City, Mo 64106 Gilmore Envelope Co. - 4540 Worth St. - Los Angeles, Ca 90023 Glendale Envelope Co. - 634 W. Broadway - Glendale, Ca 91204 Golden State Envelopes - 1601 Gower St. = Los Angeles, Ca 90028 Gotham Envelope Corp. - 1 Madison St. - E. Rutherford, NJ 07073 Mail-Well Envelope Co. - 809 W. Santa Anita St. - San Gabriel, Ca 91778 Ohio Envelope - 5161 W. 164th St. - Cleveland, Oh 44142 Rockmont Envelope Co. - 360 W. Burgatti St. - Salt Lake City, Ut 84115 Southwest Envelope Co. - 3839 N 35th St. - Phoenix, Az 85017 Transco Envelope Co. - 3542 N. Kimball Ave. - Chicago, Il 60618 Triangle Envelope Co. - 61 Visco Court - Nashville, Tn 37210 U.S. Envelope - 349 W. Tremont St. - Charlotte, NC 28203

Full Color Printers

Brown Printing Co. - U.S. Highway 14 W - Waseca, Nm 56093 Combo Color Co. - 50 Madison St. - Maywood, Il 60153 Direct Press Modern Litho - 386 Oakwood Rd.- Huntington Station, NY 11746 Petty Co. - 41 E. 42nd St. - New York, NY 10017 The Press - 18780 W. 78th St. - Chanhassen, Mn 55317 Volkmuth Printers, Inc. - East Hwy. 23, Box 1007 - St. Cloud, Mn 56302

Low Cost Circular Printers

American Mail Order Printers - 300 Travis Lane, Bldg 20 - Waukesha,Wi 53186 Cosmos International - P.O. Box 43056 - St. Louis, Mo 63143 Domar Printing - 308 Main St. - Laurel, Md 20707 Henry Birtle Company - 1143 E. Colorado St. - Glendale, Ca 91205 JRS Printing & Advertising - P.O. Box 2508 - Calcutta, Oh 43920 Lelli Printing & Advertising - 2650 Cr 175 - Loudonville, Oh 44842 Roger Goad Printing - P.O. Box 1188 - Fremont, Oh 43420 USA Printing - Suite 30, 160 Washington SE - Albuquerque, NM 87108

Multi-Purpose Offset Printers

Write to these printers who print circulars, brochures and letterheads. They also can print booklets, reports and directories.

Budget Signs & Printing - P.O. Box 7597 - Springfield, Il 6271? Big City Litho - 550 N. Claremont Blvd. - Claremont, Ca 91711 Classic Printing Co. - 7250 Auburn Bl #143 - Citrus Heights, Ca 95610 Creative Printing - 309 S. third St. - Ironton, Oh 45638 Dinner & Klein - 600 S. Spokane St., - Seattle, Wa 98124 Dress America, Inc. - 1001 Nicholas Bl. - Elk Grove Village, Il 60007 Econo Printers - 11565 Ridgewood Circle N - Seminole, Fl 33542 Equitable Web Offset - 24 New Bridge Rd. - Bergen Field, NJ 07621 Fitch Graphic - P.O. Box 768500 - Atlanta, Ga 30328 G & G Press - P.O. Box 660813 - Miami Fl 33266 Henry Birtle Co. - 1143 E. Colorado St. - Glendale, Ca 91205 M.O.R.E. Printing - 307 E. Main St. - Goessel, Ks 67053 Mail Order Promotions - P.O. Box 988 - Lewiston, NY 14092 Mark's Printing Service - P.O. Box 308 - McKeesport, Pa 15134 Parkway Business Services - P.O. Box 29 - Hinesville, Ga 31313 Robeson Press - P.O. Box 130 - Pembroke, NC 28372 Speedy Printers - 23800 Aurora Rd. - Bedford Hts., Oh 44147 Topshelf Publications - 2005 Pueblo Court - Plano, Tx 75074 Two Brothers, Inc. - 1602 Locust St. - St. Louis, Mo 63103

Web Printers

Web printers specialize in long printing runs that are often produced on low-cost newsprint paper such as for tabloids, catalogs & newspapers, etc.

Des Plains Publishing Co. - 1000 Executive Way - Des Plaines, Il - 60018 Econo Printers - 11565 Ridgewood Circle N. - Seminole, Fl 33542 Pomerado Publishing Co. - 13247 Poway Rd. - Poway, Ca 92064 Sun Litho - 7950 Haskell Ave. - Van Nuys, Ca 91406 Western Offset - 348 W. Market St. #206 - San Diego, Ca 92101


Obtaining Copyright Protection

To officially copyright your materials, you must write to the federal copyright office and request FORM TX with instructions. They will send to you the application form, instructions and a price list. Their address is: Copyright Office, Library of Congress - Washington, DC 20559

Free Copy of Government Books

The US Government Printing Office has a free catalog of new and popular books they sell. Books about agriculture, energy, children, space, health, history, business, vacations and much more. For the free catalog, send to:

Free Catalog - P.O. Box 37000 - Washington, DC 20013-7000

Wholesale Catalogs

The following companies publish or distribute one or more wholesale, closeouts and bargain catalogs & directories. Write to them and request information and current prices for their catalogs.

A.B. Scotchmark International - 5468 Dundas St., Suite 806 - Toronto, Ontario M9B-6E3 B. Klein Publications - P.O. Box 8503 - Coral Springs, Fl 33065 Bargain Hunters - P.O. Box 1409 - Holland, Mi 49422 Business Network Corporation - P. O. Box 56844 - Atlanta, Ga 30343 Catalogs - P.O. Box 92452 - Atlanta, Ga 30314 Catalogue Service Center - P.O. Box 4507 - Burbank, Ca 91503 Consumer Marketing - P.O. Box 511 - Logan, Ut 84321 Damarko company - 9354 S. Dairy, Suite 1601 - Ashford, Tx 77099 DDN & Company - P.O. Box 20152 - Ferndale, Mi 48220 Dee's Wholesale Dist. - P.O. Box 1433 - Greenville, NC 27835 Design News Directories - P.O. Box 188, New Town Branch - Boston, Ma 02258 E.F. Lindbloom Company - 3636 Peterson Ave. - Chicago, Il 60659 Enterprise Magazine, Inc. - 1020 Broadway, Suite 111 - Milwaukee, Wi 53202 Gale Researh Co., Inc. - Book Tower, Dept 77748 - Detroit, Mi 48277 Global Business & Trade - 386 East "H" St., Suite 209-255 - Chula Vista, Ca 92010 Grey House Publishing - Bank of Boston Building - Sharon, Ct 06069 International Business Directories - P.O. Box 2167 - Saipan, Cm 96950 Inter'l Publications - 511 Glenwood Avenue - Buffalo, NY 14208 J.S. Marketing Service - P.O. Box 7024 - Greenville, NC 27835 Manufacturer's News - 4 East Huron Street - Chicago, Il 60611 Marco Novelty Co. - 508 South Main St., P.O. Box 705 - Ashburn, Ga 31714 McGraw Hill Information Services Company - 1221 Avenue of the Americas- New York, NY 10020 Pyramid East Publishing Co. - P.O. Box 881 - Chester, Va 23831 Todd Publications - 18 North Greenbush Rd. - West Nyack, Ny 10994 Tradeway Marketing Company - P.O. Box 411 - Hopedale, Ma 01747 U.S. Industrial Directory - 44 Cook St. - Denver, Co 80206 United Publishing Company - P.O. Box 90482 - Burton, Mi 48509 World Distributors - 3311 W. Montrose Ave. - Chicago, Il 60618 World Wide Trade Service Company - P.O. Box 283 - Medina, Wa 98039

Make sure that you purchase the entire set of reprintable reports, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE . . . .By Mail!"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MLM SURVIVAL GUIDE Tips, Tricks & Traps Revealed

This report, "MLM Survival Guide" is one of fifteen reports contained in the series, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE. . . By Mail! If you have not ordered the complete set, I urge you to do so immediately so you can take full advantage of this program.

The purpose of this guide is to provide a step-by-step procedure for starting, operating and optimizing a mailorder & MLM based business . . . and to do this without making serous mistakes along the way. There are volumes of books on this subject, so this guide will not attempt to "rehash" the "rose colored" views of these authors. Instead, this guide will show you a "lean, mean, cut to-the-bone" quick and easy way to succeed in your business based upon the MLM MACHINE

program. Also, you will be shown tips to use, tricks to be aware of, and traps to avoid.

Why Most People Fail In MLM

As explained in other MLM MACHINE reports, MLM is an explosive growth opportunity and it is here to stay. Like it or not! Let's review some MLM facts. There appears to be thousands of MLM companies. Some of these MLM companies are well established multimillion dollar companies, while most of them are not. Many people have become wealthy in MLM, but about 97% of the would be MLM'ers never make it! Therefore, before we go blindly into MLM, let's analyze why 97% of the would-be MLM'ers don't survive. Then let's see if the MLM MACHINE program minimizes or eliminates any of these problems. That makes sense, doesn't it? Let's bread down the problem in three categories.

MLM'er can't EFFECTIVELY recruit new members. 2. MLM'er can't keep his program going. It runs out of gas and dies a natural
death. 3. MLM Company has serious problems.

I believe that sums it up. Either the MLM'er can't get his program started, can't keep it going, or the MLM company itself goes "belly up."

Why New MLM'er Can't Effectively Recruit New Members

The MLM Paradox According to Webster, the word "paradox" means, "something with seemingly contradictory qualities or phases." In MLM, there is a paradox that causes major confusion that must be understood and dealt with. Here is the problem. MLM companies by law cannot aggressively "push" the MLM opportunity as the main reason for joining their program. They must emphasize their products and services and explain the MLM opportunity as only a nice extra benefit. If they don't, all kinds of local, state and federal government officials will attack them. Therefore, they must be extremely careful about what their literature, advertising and promotional material states, what they say in meetings, etc. That is why we normally don't mention the MLM company name when we use examples
in these reports. We do this just to avoid this kind of problem.

All MLM'ers are aware of the MLM "paradox" problem. Look, everyone knows, including the MLM companies and all the distributors, that the real reason that most people get involved with MLM is for the opportunity! Yet, the MLM literature and the MLM distributor cannot tell you this directly without crossing over the fine line of being illegal. In other words, it is illegal to promote a MLM company if the sole purpose is to earn profits by signing up new distributors with no regard to the usefulness of the product or service.

Where does this leave the new MLM distributor? Well, no one is officially allowed to tell him how to go out and aggressively recruit new members! Instead, he is always taught how to "promote" the product and then "as an after thought" explain the opportunity! All up standing MLM companies will follow this procedure. What's a fella to do?

TIP Keep your lead generating methods separate from your MLM promotions. In other words, it is perfectly legal to promote an opportunity any way you want to as long as you don't tie this directly with a MLM company. That means that you can write your own advertisements, etc. and generate all kinds of leads. But when it comes time to discuss a particular MLM company, then us the official MLM literature, guidelines, etc. when presenting that particular company, products, and opportunities. In that way, you are making a clear distinction between "lead generating" and promoting a particular "MLM company opportunity."

TRICK Use the MLM MACHINE as your lead generating vehicle. That's the "back bone" purpose of the MLM MACHINE program . . to generate MLM leads! The MLM MACHINE is not speaking for any particular MLM company. Instead, it provides a method of operating a mailorder "core" business that pays for itself while you automatically generate MLM leads. When it comes time to "promote" a particular MLM company, let your customers request literature for the MLM company(s) that interests them. Then use the official MLM literature.

TRAP Don't attempt to promote and advertise a particular MLM company's opportunity before explaining the product or service. This is in direct conflict with the MLM company's guidelines. Instead, find people who have a sincere interest in MLM opportunities, and then send to him the entire official MLM package.

2. MLM Concepts Are Way Too Complicated

Whey most people are first exposed to their first MLM opportunity, they are over powered by the complexity and newness of MLM concepts and terms. They are confused with all those new terms such as "Network, Downline, Upline, Organization, Levels, etc." Then there is the specific MLM plan that is being presented that is always anything but simple. There is too much to absorb quickly.

Then there is much suspicion. Is this a pyramid scheme? Is it legal? They have probably never heard of the MLM company that adds to the problem. They find it hard to believe that they can really make the kind of money being discussed.

They probably suspect the MLM distributor. And on and on. Right? So what happens? In most cases, nothing! They simply don't sign up.

TIP Sell the MLM MACHINE first! That way, your potential candidate has been educated, and most of the initial education problems have been overcome.

TRICK Be Selective! Don't try to sell your MLM program to everyone. Instead, spend your time selectively by writing, or phoning, if you like, to only those that have already bought the MLM MACHINE program.

TRAP If you have signed up with an upline person who is not promoting the MLM MACHINE program, you can have a problem. Don't do it in the first place!

If your upline is also promoting the MLM MACHINE program, he is in an excellent position to help you.

3. Potential MLM Member Can't Decide Which MLM Company To Join

Put yourself in his shoes. If he has been investigating MLM companies, he is sure to be confused with all those offers and different companies. If he can't decide, he just doesn't sign up with any MLM company! Does He? Well, if you are using the MLM MACHINE package, and you are promoting only to those that have it and read it, you have a very important advantage, don't you?

TIP There are literally thousands and thousands of MLM distributors who will jump at the chance to tell you which companies you should get into and promote. If you want more "advice" there are many books written by the "experts." Understand one thing, every book and magazine article that you read and everyone that you talk to will almost assuredly have a "vested interest." In other words, they are either openly or subtlety trying to get you to sign up in their program. They will be quick to explain that there are "golden rules" and guidelines to follow. Some will tell you to stay away from "grown floor" opportunities since they are too risky. Others, will explain that this is where the big money is. Some will explain why matrix MLM programs are better than others - and visa versa. Some will adamantly advise you to be active in only one MLM company - "be loyal" is their motto. Others, try to sign you up in multiple companies. Still others have put together "Downline Building Teams," and will invite you to join them. They do all the work (You simply send to them money). With all this "good" advise, what is correct?

I have noticed one thing about all these "good" advice sources. They never seem to ask me what my goals are. What is it that I want? How in the world can someone give another person advice before he understands that the objectives are? What is it that you really want? When? How much can you afford to spend? How

much risk are you willing to take? What MLM programs and products do you like? Before we even think about selecting a MLM company, let's review the real world about MLM companies and opportunities.

Most new MLM companies never make it through their 2nd year. This is because they are not properly financed, don't really have a good offering, or the federal (Fed's ) government shuts them down! The reason that the Fed's shut down some of these companies is that there is a lot of unscrupulous people in MLM, mailorder and in fact, all kinds of business.

MLM is no different from other companies that frankly have about the same survival length. New companies in any business, MLM or not, have a tough time getting through the first few years. The people that promote MLM companies never seem to get around to explaining the real facts to you. But you need to understand the dark side as well as the "rose colored glasses view." Sound scary? Well, it you were to invest $5,000 to $25,000 like some MLM companies would like you to do, yes it would be scary. The correct word is probably "foolish." Now let's take these facts and see if there is really a low risk, high potential waiting for you.

So, back to the question, "How do You Select the Right MLM Company?" This is like asking, "What Stock should I buy?" Brokers, advisement firms, and the like will be quick to make their advice. Wouldn't they? And why not - they all earn a fat commission or other fees. do you think any of them really cares about you? And if they really believed in their own "advice", why don't they mortgage their homes and buy in themselves? The fact is, "No one knows!" And that is true with MLM companies and buying stocks! A standard solution does exit however:

diversify! Spread your investment around! Why put all your eggs into one basket?

Now all of this doesn't mean that you should select your MLM company(s) with your eyes closed. There are some fundamental rules and guidelines for you to consider. But before I offer my "advice," I will make my intentions clear and I will make one assumption. First of all, my intentions are to use the MLM MACHINE program to build a large MLM organization for all the "Highly Recommended" MLM companies that are listed in this program. And I want you to do the same. The MLM MACHINE program is simply a way for you to generate leads and recruit new MLM members. Once you and your downline are recruited, it is up to the MLM company to provide quality products and services. That's my intention and I make no bones about it! Before I offer advice, my assumption is that you are going to use the MLM MACHINE program to either launch or expand your existing MLM program. That being the case, I can now make sensible advice.

1. Select your MLM programs from the "Highly Recommended" listing in the report, "30 Choice MLM Programs That Can Be Promoted FREE For You?" These have been selected for good reasons and all are compatible with the MLM MACHINE promotion. There are plenty of other good MLM programs, but they may be awkward to promote through mail or through this program. Also, your upline can help you better since he is also using the MLM MACHINE program.

2. Enroll into at least 2 or 3 MLM programs. This just makes good business sense. As you know, the MLM MACHINE will automatically and effectively promote all your programs. There is no guarantee that any MLM program will survive, so let's not be naive about this. Safety is in numbers! Although we have chosen these companies and have highly recommended a few to the best of our ability, one could go sour. But they all won't go sour . . . at least at the same time. And in the mean time, you should be making money with the one or two companies that you're in.

Build your one core MLM company that is at least five years old and is the best one that you can find. Write for literature on our #1 ranking program. Consider our #2, #3, #4 and #5 "Highly Recommended" for diversification. Since some of these can be promoted easier and faster, you may want to vigorously promote these programs while you are building your slower, but stronger #1 program.

Get into MLM companies that you have total confidence in. There is nothing quite as frustrating as trying to promote a product or a company that you don't really believe in. Stick with the winners with a few years of success behind them!

3. Make sure that the MLM company(s) that you select have inexpensive literature that you can send by mail in a cost effective manner. This just makes good mailorder sense!

TIP Request the literature for all five "Highly Recommended" MLM programs that we list. That way, you can evaluate these programs immediately without lost time. Then decide!

TRICKS Concentrate on your method of lead generating, instead of trying to sell everyone your MLM company. Let the MLM MACHINE do the lead generating and "selling."

TRAP Don't be a "MLM junkie" without a plan. Human nature is to entice you into many different exciting "ground floor" MLM opportunities. These can be fine, but you will lose your shirt if you don't have a coherent plan that makes sense. Work this program and its offering to the fullest before you take off in other directions.

4. No Upline Support Once a person joins a new MLM program, he is vulnerable and nees a lot of help from something or someone. In many cases, his upline is not actively helping him for whatever reason. This happens a lot when the upline person is simply sponsoring as many people as he can with no regard to what happens to them after they get sponsored. In most standard MLM programs, it is important that the new person gets immediate assistance from a local person, meetings or what have you. Otherwise his chances for survival are slim to none.

TIP Depend more on your lead generating "system" instead of your upline personal. Look, we are all human. If I sponsor you, and I die tomorrow, where does that leave you? If you are completely dependent upon my ability to help you, then you would be in big trouble. Right? Stick with the MLM MACHINE "system!" You can then survive with or without your upline. In that way, any help that you get from your upline is "gravy." Fortunately, with the MLM MACHINE system, there is also a lot of "gravy."

TRICK As explained in the report #4, buy some leads from your upline if you need them, and sell your surplus ones to your downline.

TRAP Be wary of "Downline Building" companies. They want to sponsor you, and you could wind up paying as much as $100 to $200 for each person that they arrange to be sponsored for you.

5. New MLM'er Can't Sell

This is probably the major reason most people don't make it MLM. By using standard MLM techniques, you have "just got to" sell and learn how to speak at opportunity meetings and the like.

TIP The MLM MACHINE simply removes this problem! You can promote 100% by mail!

TRICK Use the Mailorder offerings to earn profits while you are promoting MLM opportunities.

TRAP Don't attempt the conventional MLM methods of selling by mail. Since these methods are attempted by thousands of other distributors in the same company, they generally are ineffective and very costly.

6. MLM'er Cannot Generate Good Leads

Next to the selling problem, this has to be the next biggest reason most people fail in MLM. Let me paint you a picture of what normally happens. The new person has just signed up in an exciting MLM program. He is taught by the manuals, meetings and so forth, how he should "share" his product with his friends, neighbors and relatives. Normally, he is not comfortable with this, and if he is typical, he will have many sleepless, tossing and turning nights! He just doesn't want to "impose" on his friends! He would feel a lot more comfortable just presenting his opportunity to strangers. But to whom? Unless his upline sponsor can get to him immediately, this guy is sure to be a fatality!

TIP Use the MLM MACHINE mini-flyers to circulate locally and mail postcards to your "inner warm circle." That way you can generate all the leads that you want, and you don't have to impost on anyone. Let the MLM MACHINE do all your selling for you.

TRICK Explain this program to a couple close friends and propse a business venture in that you and they will do a little local advertising. That way, you can sign up your friends and both you and they will generate a lot of fast leads.

TRAP Don't procrastinate! You may have a wonderful opportunity, but if you don't take action, you will be "dead in the water."

7. There Is No True Duplicative System

If the MLM company must be promoted through expensive methods, this is not feasible. Also, if you must learn how to sell, or to speak and conduct an opportunity meeting - friend, this is just not duplicative. It just isn't! Only a few people can do this. Here again, is a very important reason a lot of would be MLM'ers die on the vine.

TIP Simple. Use the MLM MACHINE program. It is duplicative for both promoting locally and nationally. That problem is simple solved.

TRICK Follow up with your first level of people. You can do this by letter or phone. If you have signed up someone that is not active, replace him with someone new, but keep all your first level people active.

TRAP You feel obligated to do your downline's work. Look, your job is fairly simple. After you sell the MLM MACHINE package, your downline, like you, knows what to do. The MLM MACHINE will do 98% of the training for you and your downline. Your only other job is to try to generate a few surplus leads that you can pass (sell) on to your downline. That's pretty much it. If your downline can't follow suit, don't waste time with him! Your objective is to have an active first level of people. But only a few!

8. MLM'er Sells By Mail Using Standard MLM Techniques

We have written on this in other MLM MACHINE reports, but because this can cause many "fatalities," it must be included here.

TIP Use the MLM MACHINE approach. You can start and operate a profitable mailorder business while generating MLM leads. Run your "core" business like a mailorder business instead of a MLM business.

TRICK Promote your mailorder business locally first, and then expand it nationally if you like. That way, you keep your up front cost down and you get fast results.

TRAP Unless the MLM company has a proven mailorder method (and that's very unlikely), never, never attempt to promote the MLM program by mail using standard MLM techniques. It's way too expensive, too competitive, and it is not duplicative.

MLM'er Can't Keep His Program Going Strong

9. MLM'er Not "Sure" About His MLM Company Or Service

Often a person will "sign up" in a MLM program in a "fit of excitement." After the dust clears, he comes down to earth and reality slowly sets in. He then starts having doubts about the company, the product or service and his own ability to promote it. If he has enrolled in a program that is not well established, he may have some well founded fears. If the company is not at least two years old, things can get very shaky very quickly. The slightest amount of financial problems or bad press can crater this company over night. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for the new MLM'er to align himself with a solid company with unquestionable products and services!

TIP Pick an established, financially sound MLM company that is at least two years old with unquestionable products or services. That way, you can feel good about the company and products that you are promoting. There is nothing quite like being able to "tell the complete truth" to your prospective customers.

TRICK Don't select a MLM just because you are "in love" with the product. Put your emphasis on the business, the money making potential, and the capability of the MLM MACHINE to help you promote it.

TRAP Don't get awe struck with a company that is not being promoted by the MLM MACHINE. If you join one of these, the MLM MACHINE can help some, but not near as much. Then you will be forced to use standard MLM techniques to promote this other company.

10. New MLM'er Doesn't Stick With It Long Enough

TIP Starting any company takes time, and this is true with MLM as well. By the time you study the MLM MACHINE program, write and receive literature: study this and sign up; get the literature; etc. - it takes time! And then you have to generate your leads and so on. Also, there is a lead time before you get your first check. And then your organization has to take time to grow. And on and on. The point is, it will take several months before you can expect much of anything to start to happen. You should set in your mind that you are going to stick with this for at least one year! That just makes good business sense.

TRICK Use the Mailorder promotions to earn money during the interim time. That way, you are earning extra profits and generating a lot of surplus leads to help your downline.

TRAP Don't spend all your initial promotional money on one thing and all at once. Do a little testing. Spread it out and find out what works best for you. If you "blow it" all in one big shot, and it doesn't work, then what?


11. Your MLM Company Gets into Serious Trouble

Here is something that can happen, so you had better be prepared for it. As I have mentioned before, there are some excellent MLM companies, and some not so good. But any company can get into serious trouble, and a lot of MLM companies certainly do. they can get into financial problems, or get bad "press," management problems, etc. Anything can happen, and if you are one of the unlucky ones to be promoting this company, you could quickly become another MLM fatality. Particularly if you are promoting only this one MLM company.

TIP Diversify. Look, we both know that MLM offers many wonderful opportunities. We also know that this is a volatile industry. That doesn't mean we should not participate. If you had to invest several thousand dollars in one MLM company, then I would be worried. But that is not the case here. You can partake in several MLM companies for less than $200 a month, and still enjoy the benefits. Can't you? Let's face it. Although the companies that are listed "Highly Recommended" in the MLM MACHINE are excellent, solid companies, they may not be perfect. In fact, some may go "belly up." But not all at once! Worst case, you will be in a MLM company at least a few months or years before they get into trouble. Now tell me you won't have made a profit even with that company!

TRICK Sponsor your first level quickly. That way, your income will more than cover your costs. With the MLM MACHINE, this can be done with just a little extra effort. Then show your first level how to do the same. That way, you earn profits quickly and stay ahead of the game.

TRAP Don't be a MLM "junkie" without a plan. diversifying with a good coherent plan is one thing, but just buying into a lot of MLM companies is a "no-no." But yet, did you know that there are many people that buy into dozens of MLM programs without promoting any of them? The MLM MACHINE program solves that problem - doesn't it?

* * * MORE * * * How To Build A Secure Income

TIP When you can afford it, buy into more MLM programs and other mailorder offering advertised in this program. Re-invest some of your profits and round out your MLM companies to at least three. Start promoting the MLM MACHINE again so you can recruit members into your new MLM programs. When you do this, you will generate surplus leads for your original MLM programs. At this point, you can either feed these leads to your existing downline, or start to build a second organization.

TRICK Consider forming a co-op advertising group made up of your downline. You can advertise locally or nationally. You simply put the advertising package together, and your downline pays you so much for a block of this advertising.

That way, they get tons of leads, and your downline builds automatically.

TRAP Don't forget the method that you used to succeed. After you become successful, you will want to work closer with the individual MLM companies that you are promoting. All these companies have "grand" ways that they want you to use and teach. Beware! Stick to the system that worked for you. If you want to become active in speaking engagements, opportunity meetings and the like, then that's another story. But don't get caught up in the glamour and tinsel that could mislead you after you have become a highly sought after speaker!

Best Regards and Good Luck!

Friday, June 6, 2008

How To Use Amazing CROSS POLLINATION Methods to Earn Up Front Cash.

This report, "How To Use Amazing Cross Pollination Methods To Earn Up Front Cash While Building An Explosive, Infinitely Deep Downline!" is one of fifteen reports offered in our plan, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM Machine . . .By Mail!" If you have not purchased the entire set of reprintable reports, I strongly urge you to do so now so you can take full advantage of this program.

The concept of "Cross Pollination" is a technique that Videx has developed. It will maximize the growth and profits of your business while keeping your efforts and up front costs to a minimum. Cross Pollination is a marketing concept that smoothly intergrates the principles of MLM, mailorder techniques, reprintable reports offerings, and cooperation between you and your downline into one coherent plan. With it comes explosive growth potential for you. Here is how it works.

The "core element" of CROSS POLLINATION is the set of MLM MACHINE reports. The MLM MACHINE reports can be bought, reprinted and then resold. Within the MLM MACHINE reports, there are 15 sets of additional reprintable reports that also can be purchased, duplicated and resold. Additional mailorder dealership offers are also described in the MLM MACHINE, and you can purchase these and promote them. That way, if you partake in any of these offers, you may replace the existing name with your name, and your name will then be circulated indefinitely. Also embedded into the MLM MACHINE are 30 "Choice" MLM programs including five "Highly Recommended" ones. If you participate in any of these MLM programs you will be automatically promoting your MLM program when the MLM MACHINE reports are duplicated and circulated to others. In summary, the MLM MACHINE is a "training manual" and your "catalog" that automatically is printed and circulated by others for you.

By using the MLM MACHINE reports, one can start a lucrative mailorder business without spending years of research and minimizing mistakes by trial and error. In other words, all 95 programs offered within the MLM MACHINE reports are known to be excellent mailorder items that can be sold profitably. In short, the MLM MACHINE is a complete "turn key" mailorder program. furthermore, it functions as a complete "home study" training mailorder manual with easy step by step instructions on how to succeed. It also provides instructions and training for your MLM distributors who you may have recruited. And lastly, but very important, it generates good quality leads for your MLM programs!

Since the primary purpose of the MLM MACHINE is to generate quality MLM leads, it provides a unique and effective method to do that. As mentioned, if you participate in a MLM program, you will generate MLM leads when you sell the MLM MACHINE. Just as important, you will be shown how to generate MLM leads in your local neighborhood in a fast and cost effective manner! If you and your downline follow this technique, you will be "tapping into" the 200 million plus people that are normally NOT exposed to the "Opportunity" type magazines! Understand that this can be done by LOCAL promotion mailorder methods. That way, the MLM MACHINE uses the best part of MLM and mailorder techniques. In other words, you get the best of both worlds!

There may be some of you reading this that would like to pursue only the mailorder part of this business. That is fine! You have a complete mailorder business package and you can proceed directly. In fact, you can operate this business just about off your kitchen table. If you can circulate and mail a few postcards you can start immediately. You also can place inexpensive classified ads and small space advertisements and you will be flooded with inquiries and orders.

However, understand that if you are not promoting MLM programs, the person that sold you this package probably is. And he can profit handsomely through your efforts because he will most likely be generating leads for his MLM program(s). Just so you know what you are missing. In other words, every time you sell a MLM MACHINE package, you are automatically promoting and generating MLM leads.

I believe you will agree that by using our marketing methods explained in our MLM MACHINE reports, it is easy to promote and sell our package, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM Machine . . . By Mail!" For example, you can easily start by circulating a few mini-flyers or by mailing a few postcards locally that promote the reprintable plan, "How To Make Money With Postcards! 65 Easy Postage FREE Moneymaking Methods Revealed!" As you probably know, you can sell that report for only $2. You should then include a copy of the circular that promotes the entire set of reports, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM Machine . . . By Mail!" Therefore, many of the people that buy the postcard report will then buy the MLM MACHINE set of reports for $25. In both cases, you simply copy the reports and send them to your customers.

Included in the MLM MACHINE reports are no less than 95 additional offers that you and your customers can buy and then promote. Namely, there are 30 MLM programs, 50 mailorder dealerships and 15 sets of reprintable reports You can "buy into" any of the offers made and you can then in return make money promoting them. And your customers can do the same.

The 95 selected offers have been chosen carefully. We want to make sure that they all "fit into" the MLM MACHINE marketing plan philosophy and, of course, they must meet our standards. this actually took us over a year of investigation with many "midnight" hours of pouring over many hundreds of offers that are available. None of these offers are originated by Videx. That's good and bad. The bad part is that Videx has no control over these "outside" companies. That is why we want everyone to register in the MLM MACHINE program so we can maintain the integrity of this program. The good part is you are not dependent on Videx. That is, if Videx goes out of business for any reason, you have the publication rights to the reprintable reports, and you will be dealing directly with all the other "outside" companies.

If you elect to participate in any of the 95 offers, there is a place in the MLM MACHINE reports for you to put your name and address. That way interested parties can write to you for more information. These people will then send to you either money or stamps that will more than cover your costs to send out the literature. In that way, you will earn a little bit for getting and handling the leads. We want to make sure that you don't lose money just sending out literature! Are you with me so far? Let's review.

You can first start out easily by simply circulating a few mini-flyers or by sending out a few postcards locally that offers the plan, "How To Make Money With Postcards! 65 Easy Postage FREE Moneymaking Methods Revealed." You then probably will get a bunch of $2 orders for this report. Next, you copy the report, and send it to your customers. Also, you include a copy of the circular, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM Machine. . . By Mail!" Most likely, you will then get a few repeat orders for the MLM MACHINE reports. Not a bad way to make a few extra bucks part time! But you can make a lot more than just a few extra bucks with this plan. A whole bunch more! How? By participating in one or more of the 95 offers! Here's how.

Let's say that you "buy into" only one of the programs to start. Pick the one or more that you like and can afford. Now what I am about to explain to you is absolutely remarkable! It's easy to us, but somewhat complicated to understand. This is extremely important for you to understand, so take your time and reread this as many times as you like.

IMPORTANT! Study This Carefully

After you "buy into" one or more of the 95 opportunity offers, you can then replace the "source" name with yours. Therefore, when you sell the MLM MACHINE reports, you will be making your own offer to people that buy the reports. Your name will remain on the reprintable report until someone replaces your name with his. This normally will be your customer! Therefore, usually, your name will continue to be reproduced until a customer buys from you!

By selling the MLM MACHINE reports that include your offers, the quantity of orders that you can expect to get is a MINIMUM NUMBER OF ORDERS THAT EQUALS THE NUMBER OF OFFERS YOU MAKE TIMES THE NUMBER OF MLM MACHINE REPORTS THAT YOU SELL! Now that's a mouth full! Here's how it works. Let's say you have one offer and you sell 10 MLM MACHINE reports. In that case, you probably should get a minimum of 1 offer times 10 reports = 10 orders. If instead, you have 10 offers and you again sell 10 MLM MACHINE reports, you should probably get a minimum of 10 x 10 = 100 orders. Am I saying that you will sell everything to everyone? Absolutely not! Remember that your name will continue to be reprinted until someone buys from you! Now don't get me wrong. No system is perfect and that includes this one. But the facts are that it is possible - and it is very probable! But nothing like this can be absolutely guaranteed!

Let's look at the mathematics for the simple case where you sell 10 MLM MACHINES and you have only one offer. Let's assume for discussion that every person that you sell to will do likewise and see what happens. Now let's also assume ALL the people that you have sold the MLM MACHINE have bought your offer. Let's face it - that's very unlikely! But if they did, you would have received 10 x 1 = 10 orders! Right?


As unlikely as the above example may sound, that is PROBABLY YOUR WORST CASE!

What? Well, let's now assume that not one single person bought your offer! Oops - is this working? Well, let's continue. You do have 10 people who have bought the MLM MACHINE. Right? Remember that these MLM MACHINE reports have your name after your offer(s) printed in the reports for the offers that you are promoting. OK, now let's assume that your customers have now, in turn, sold 10 MLM MACHINE reports each to 10 other people.

That means that there are now 10 x 10 + 100 people who have purchased the MLM MACHINE. Are you with me? Understand that ALL 100 MLM MACHINE reports have your name printed in them that explains YOUR offer(s)! Do you see what is happening? The longer you have to wait to get an order, the more exposure you are getting! You now have 100 MLM MACHINES that have your offer printed in them, and THEY WILL REMAIN THERE UNTIL A NEW CUSTOMER OF YOURS BUYS FROM YOU!

Now stop and think a minute. Once your name is printed and circulated, it will stay there until someone replaces your name with his. Can you see that you now have an excellent opportunity to get at least 100 orders? Will all 100 who bought the MLM MACHINE reports order from you? No, that's unlikely. As before, not all 100 people will order, but now your offer gets multiplied again . . . and again . . . and again! You may have your one offer reprinted and circulated 1,000's of times! And remember, your name will remain on these reports until someone replaces your name with theirs! And they generally will become your customer.

What do you suppose would happen if you had started with 10 offers instead of just one? You got it! Everything is multiplied by 10 right from the get-go. If you like to think big, do it! Just think what would happen if you "buy into" 10 offers and you sell 100 MLM MACHINE reports? Is that right? At least 10 x 100 = 1,000 orders? Well, probably. But realize there are no guarantees.

Nothing is perfect . . .and that includes this plan. There are some reasons that this plan will not produce perfect results. You need to understand them, so this

plan will meet with your expectations. First, there will be a few people that will buy the MLM MACHINE but will not promote it. So be it. There will be other people that buy the MLM MACHINE, but they already have purchased your offer from another source. In that case, they will replace your name with theirs without buying anything from you. But there will be plenty that buy from you and plenty that will publish these reports and resell them. Don't you think so? I think so.

Since this or no other plan is "perfect" it is important for you to offer more than one offer so your chances are improved dramatically. Other than those two reasons we described, I can't think of any reason that you will not succeed. Can you?

If you elect to participate in several MLM offers, you will have made a very wise choice. Why? Because as your offer gets printed and reprinted, you are generating leads that essentially go on for ever. By mixing a few MLM programs with a few mailorder offers, you get to make cash money with your mailorder offers while you are building your down-line! And as you see, the MLM MACHINE reports can generate leads from an infinitely deep level! There is no limit to the depth of levels that you penetrate! You could be getting leads from the MLM machine reports that have been printed 10 or more times!

Let me explain a secret. I have seen the same quality reprintable report(s) being sold and resold for years and years . . . sometimes decades! The reason for this is that mailorder dealers just "love" to sell good quality, reprintable reports. Why? They earn a large profit markup and they seldom get refund requests!

And remember, when YOU sell a MLM MACHINE set of reports, your name essentially remains on these reports until you get an order from someone else! What a terrific way to build your MLM network and help your downline with highly qualified leads. And from people who send to you money or stamps to pay for the mailing.

Can you see now how this plan works? Do you understand why it is important for you to get involved with at least one offer? Do you see why many offers will multiply your business? That is the reason you should do whatever it takes to get into as many programs as you can right from the beginning. Look at it as a business investment! If you could commit to a few $100 investments, this would take you a long way - fast! If you want to start on a shoe string budget, you can certainly do so by just selling reports via postcards. On the other hand, if you are looking for a business to invest in and get it up and running quickly, that options open to you. Let's discuss that idea a little bit more. If you are serious about starting and operating your own, easy to run business, you have probably investigated into many dealerships, franchises and the like. If you want to kick if off so you can operate it full time, you have probably concluded that it will take you a few thousand dollars and a lot of risk. Now consider this opportunity. Let's say you "buy into" at least 10 programs. It makes sense to get involved with at least 2 or 3 MLM programs since they can grow forever. If you raise, say 1 or 2 thousand dollars, you can be in several MLM programs and several of the other 95 offers. Your initial investment could pay for your monthly MLM fees and carry you for, say several months. Therefore, with only, say $2,000, you could be going in high gear! Couldn't you? And building a secure lifetime income. One that will grow month after month! That's something to think about. Isn't it? But it's up to you! It's only your future that we're talking about. You decide. But I'll tell you something. You have to try. OK. Let's get to the "bone cutting" part of this report. How do you generate surplus MLM leads and make money doing it? 1. Circulate Mini-flyers and Mail Postcards. . .By using mini-flyers and postcards, you can very quickly generate orders for the reports, "How To Make Money with Postcards." In that report there is quite a bit of discussion about MLM and so forth. Therefore, your readers will be enticed to learn more and buy more reports from you and consider your MLM programs. 2. Include a Brochure on the MLM MACHINE with your report orders. You will then sell the complete set of reports for $25.00 to your customers. 3. Buy and resell the additional sets of reprintable reports. These are very informative and very profitable! You become the publisher and copy these for pennies and sell them for $$$'s! 4. Buy and promote the Mailorder Dealership programs. these programs require no inventory and are also very instructive and profitable. Also, they very often offer even more programs for your consideration. 5. Enroll into one or more of our "Highly Recommended" MLM programs. That way, you can build a secure, lifetime income. 6. Sell your surplus leads to your First Level . . . After you sponsor your first level, the leads probably will keep coming in. Sell these to your first level people. 7. Sell your literature!. . .The object is not to make a lot of money doing this, buy you should make a little for your time and effort. Don't you agree? If the promotional package costs you, say $5 plus $1 for postage, charge a couple extra bucks. After all, you are doing all the work. 8. Continue to promote and sell the MLM MACHINE set of reports. After you have sponsored your first level, don't stop! Continue to promote the MLM Machine for a while. Remember how CROSS POLLINATION works? You will continue to get leads until your name is replaced? Sell 50 MLM MACHINE reports, and it is just a matter of time that you will have probably sponsored 50 people. Sell your leads as you generate them so your second level will be built. Once you "are on a roll," consider placing national ads since these will generate tons of fresh leads. 9. Ask your upline for extra Leads. . . .Isn't that what uplines are for? If your unline is following this method, he probably will have a few extra leads to help you out. If he is selling these leads for $1, buy as many as you can. Explain to your downline where you are getting these leads and it will cost him an additional for your time and effort. What the heck. It's just a matter of principle. In my opinion, you (and I) should earn at least something for your time and effort, shouldn't you? And a good qualified lead that is being handled for him is worth every penny of $2. 10. More on CROSS POLLINATION . . . Let's say that your organization is growing nicely and you have, say 200 people in it. These 200 people are into various combinations of the 95 offers made in this program. Now don't you think these 200 people would like to promote their programs to each other? What better potential customers and distributors can you possibly find? Well, you can help and make some nice money doing it. What would happen if you were to make an offer to your 200 people that went something like this. "I will send out a little blurb on you and your offers that you are promoting to the other 199 people in this program. That way, you get to sell each other. You can bargain and trade. I will be glad to make this 199 piece mailing to you for only $30. That way, you can instantly expand your customer base and MLM organization." What a deal! Sounds good. . . .doesn't it? By making this mailing, your own downline sells within itself. Everyone gets stronger and your organization multiplies with the same number of people. So what else is in this for you? Well, you have to do a little typing, printing and mailing to get 200 pieces mailed. But, you get 200 x $30 = $6,000. Wow! That should pay for your printing and postage. Shouldn't it? Well, you think about that. It's a nice way to help everyone - including yourself! You will find below a form that you can use to let us know if you would like to have your name and offers sent out to at least 200 other people in this program. When we have at least 200 people, we'll drop you a note and let you know we're about ready and ask for your payment at that time. Just let us know now if you are interested. The person's name that is in the block below is the person that will handle this. If you want to do the mailing for your downline, just replace the name below with yours. Simple isn't it?

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Master these concepts and it is time for you and your downline to Celebrate

This report, "12 Guaranteed Ways To Keep Your Downline Alive, Happy, Vigorously Active . . . And Buying" is one of 15 reports contained in our set of reports, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE . . . By Mail." If you have not purchased the entire set of reprintable reports, I strongly urge you to do so now so that you can take full advantage of this program.

If you have been reading and studying the other reports in this series, you will have come to a very important conclusion. You will want to build your MLM organization DEEP! But let's review this just in case it is not crystal clear in your mind. It is so important for you to understand this principle. The very back bone of your succeeding with a MLM program is that you are able to multiple your efforts through others. That way, your organization multiplies such that your 3rd, 4th 5th and so on levels attain a large number of people in your organization - or down-line.

You will always earn the large money in your deep levels. In fact, a lot of MLM p0rograms are geared so you will make more on your deep levels (per person) than what you will earn on your first level. In our report, The Home Operated Wealth Builder's Program," we show an example how this can work. In that example, if you were to recruit 1,000 members on your first level, you earn about $3,000 per month. Conversely, if these same 1,000 people were on your 3rd level, you would earn about $23,000 a month. That's a big difference. So you see there are two very important reasons to build your downline deep. First, that is where the large number of people will be. The second reason is that many MLM programs pay much more per person in your deep levels.

The "Secret Key" is building a deep organization is fairly simple. You must HELP YOUR FIRST LEVEL, AND THEN TEACH THEM HOW TO HELP THEIR FIRST LEVEL! In other words, you must have a system that is 100% duplicative. to do this, you must first have a method that works for you. You then show your first level how to replicate your method. And lastly, but most important, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO TEACH YOUR FIRST LEVEL TO TEACH THEIR FIRST LEVEL!

To look at this another way, you must be able to HELP your first level and show them how to help their first level of downline. Just like I am doing. And just like I want you to do. Let's be perfectly honest with each other. If I can help you, and we both make money, then I am motivated to help you. Right? That's how MLM works! When it's done properly, MLM is a beautiful system. You don't have to sell the world! Only a few in your first level.

Now before you read further, I want you to agree with what we have said so far. If you want to build a large MLM organization, you do so by primarily working with your first level of people. Agree? Just imagine. Let's say you start with 10 people. If your MLM program has 5 levels, it can grow 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 100,000 on your 5th level! Now admittedly, that is a perfect mathematical model, and it is unlikely that will happen and we both know it. But, if you have a good system that really can be implemented, you probably can get close! Let's talk a little more about how many people you should sponsor on your first level.

You decide, but you should use this as a guideline: "Sponsor only those that you can help." In this program, "help" is more or less defined as your capability to generate leads and make some mailings for your first level of downline. In other words, if you follow the techniques in this program, you will be able to generate many good qualified leads that you will want to pass (sell) on to your downline. If you have some up front cash to advertise or whatever, you may be able to help more than 10 people. On the other hand, if you are truly starting on a shoestring, maybe you can help only a few. But I find it hard to believe that if you use this program, you can't help at least 10 people. But you decide. The objective is simple. Decide how many ACTIVE people you want on your first level, and then go for it!

When I say ACTIVE, let me explain. You will no doubt sign up people that will not do anything! When that happens, don't be discouraged. Instead, you need to

find a replacement that will be active. If you set your goal to have 10 active people in your first level, don't stop until you have met your goals. Remember that as soon as you sign up one or two people in your first level, you will want to help these people as well as filling out your own first level. During this period, your upline also will be available to help you! Therefore, your upline is helping you, you are helping yourself, and you are helping your downline - all at the same time. Take this into consideration before you commit to how many people you want to build in your first level.

You also should set a goal in your mind for how long it will take you to fill in your first level. Rome was not built in a day, so give yourself enough time. The important thing is to stick to it. If you stay with it long enough, it will blossom out for you.

And lastly, keep your troops motivated! This program will work for you and your downline! It will take some time and effort on everyone's part! Anything worthwhile seldom comes totally free. But if you follow the steps in this program, your chances of success are very high. It is really quite simple. If you make money quickly, I think you will be motivated to work this program. Won't you? And so will the people that you sign up! So make sure you "lean" on your upline sponsor, and you in return provide a little assistance to your downline. We all help each other to make this work for all of us.

OK, enough said. Now how do you keep you and your people happy and motivated? Well, there are a few basic rules that you need to know and conform to.

Promote Forced Payment MLM Plans
There are all kinds of MLM programs. In many of them, you can join and stay active by just paying your yearly organizational fee. I believe in participating in MLM programs in which everyone is more or less forced to buy something every

month. that way, you are more or less guaranteed that all members in your downline are contributing to your income. You have to look at this from a practical point of view! For example, I know some people that have over 1,000 people in their organization, but no one is buying hardly anything! No one is making any money! Just wasting it on recruiting new members! That just doesn't make any sense. Yes, I realize that it is tougher to recruit people into a program that requires you to pay, say $50 a month. But then again, you don't have to recruit the world! Only ten will do very nicely! Wouldn't it?

2. Sell Them The MLM MACHINE Reports

At all costs, make sure that your downline members buy a complete set of the MLM MACHINE reports. These reports automatically train your downline. They just about insure them a way of making money. In this way, you are automatically teaching them how to duplicate what you are doing. And isn't that what this is all about? You bet it is!

3. Teach Your First Level To Concentrate On Local Promotion

The quickest way to promote MLM programs is locally. Why? Because you can circulate postcards and mini-flyers immediately. You can place ads in local newspapers that will be circulated within the week. You want your first level of people to get instant gratification. No waiting! Get them started immediately so they can taste sweet success immediately. There is nothing quite like getting money in your mail box that builds confidence.

True, national advertising is excellent an you may want to get active in this right away also. But it takes time. Also, you have the risk of competition.

With local areas, it is a good bet that few people, if any, have seen the postcard offer. And there are millions of people! This is how the thin edge of MLM and mailorder merge together very subtlety. Remember, you should try to sign up only 10 or so people in your first level. In you own "Warm Inner Circle" and in your own neighborhood, you must have 10 people that you can sign up. Don't you? Circulate the postcards and mini-flyers! It's easy, fast and inexpensive!

4. Encourage Them To Participate In Several Mailorder Programs

Look, the more mailorder programs that you and your downline participate in, the more money you both will earn. The stronger you become financially, the better you will be able to carry on and help your downline. By other "mailorder programs," I am suggesting that you buy and resell as many reprintable reports as you can afford, and "buy into" some of the mailorder distributorships that you can resell. When you sell the MLM MACHINE, you can then expect to earn a lot of extra profits! You can then expand again.

Just imagine if you had bought into, let's say, 35 or so offerings! If you have 35 offerings and you sell 100 MLM MACHINES, you probably stand to sell 35 x 100 = 3,500 orders. Why? Because your name will probably remain on the MLM MACHINE reports until someone buys from you! And if you make a $10 profit on the average on each order, that is $35,000! Isn't it? With that kind of up front money, you can do an awful lot of promotion to help the 10 people in your first level. You could almost build your second level with that kind of promotion! Couldn't you?

5. Encourage Your Downline Members To Participate In Two Or Three MLM

Programs At The Same Time.

We talk a lot about diversification in a later report, but let me just summarize some of the benefits for you and your downline. By using the MLM MACHINE to promote your MLM company, your efforts can be multiplied if you offer more than one MLM company. This is only true if you have a coherent plan to market more than one MLM program at the same time. And you do! I am not advocating that you become a "MLM junkie" just to have several companies. But if your MLM companies

compliment each other, you have a chance to multiply your earnings. Therefore, if you can afford to handle two or three MLM companies, the MLM MACHINE will maximize your profits for just about the same effort!

6. Sell Your MLM Leads To Your First Level

This is your first responsibility to your first level. And it is the most important thing to teach your people to do for their people. It is not that hard to do, and you make money doing it! Isn't this just a great program? This concept is so important that we have dedicated an entire report on the subject, "How To Build Your Downline Deep By Selling Leads . . . And Literature." Just in case you don't have that report, here is a summary.

If you have used any of the promotional methods that are described in this program, you can surely generate more leads than what you will need in order to sign up your first level of 10 active people. When that happens, it is time for you to concentrate on helping and teaching your new people. The fastest and best way to do this is to simply offer the surplus leads that you have generated to your newly recruited people.

Now let's review how these extra leads might be generated. If you have studied the complete set of reports in the MLM MACHINE, you will have found many promotional ways that you probably are using. Perhaps you have circulated the mini-flyers, sent a few postcards to your "Warm Inner Circle," and maybe you have placed some classified ads or small space ads nationally. Before you know it, you have sold a few MLM MACHINE packages, and you will have built your first level of distributors. But the MLM MACHINE reports keep getting copied and recopied. With it, the request to send literature out (with payments) keep coming . . .and coming!

Now you are in a perfect position to really help your downline and build a deep organization! Remember, if you follow my plan, people are paying you to send to

them your sales literature, and you can sell these leads to your downline. Can't you? But don't get greedy! Remember our example MLM program in which you could earn $27.00 for each person that you personally recruit? Stop and think now! In this example, you will make your big money on your third level! So instead of recruiting this person for yourself, you simply sell this lead to your downline members for only $1.00! You help your downline members, and you build your third level where the big continuous money is! Everyone wins! Don't they? Is this duplicative or what? You bet it is!

If you look at the reports #11, #12 & #13 in the MLM MACHINE reports, you find other offers where the person will send in at least a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) with extra cash or stamps. If a person does this, do you think he is anxious to buy? Remember, this person already has the MLM MACHINE reports, and he knows what this program is all about. He sure is interested. Is this a good quality lead? It doesn't get any better, does it? OK. You now have a fist full of mailorder type "inquiries." All these inquiries are self addressed stamped envelopes with an extra postage stamp! What is this lead worth? Well, some of these inquiries want information on reprintable reports, mailorder dealerships and some want information on MLM programs. Look, I don't mind making money the easy way. For those that want information on the reprintable reports and mailorder dealerships, I send them out myself! If I have a new person that is struggling, I might as a personal favor sell him a few at $1 each. What the heck. That more than pays for my advertising costs. And you should consider handling your leads this way too!

But what about the leads wanting MLM program information? I ALWAYS offer these to my downline at $1 each and also offer to mail the literature for them! That way, they build their downline. And that's exactly what I want to happen. And you should too! , they build their downline. And that's exactly what I want to happen. And you should too!

In some MLM programs, the literature and video tapes are very expensive to send out at your cost. Don't do it! I mean, don't do it at your cost. But do send the complete package. Here's how. Let's say you have someone that is interested in your MLM program and the complete package of promotional material of color literature an video tapes, etc. will cost you $20.00. Here is where most "would-be" MLM mailorder types fall short. Instead of sending out everything like they should, they make their own poor copies and then tell the person if they are interested they will send out the video. Or they tell the person to send $10 for the video. How to you think the prospective distributor feels? What does he think? He wonders if this is how he is supposed to sell this wonderful MLM program. Not a good impression.

Instead, be totally up front with these people. Remember, you only need to sign up 10 or so people in your first level, so you can be a little bit "picky." We make no bones about that in our advertisements. For the inexpensive mailings, we ask for only $1.00. For the expensive packages, we simply explain that we want to make sure he gets the complete promotional package, but he has to pay for it for reviewing. If he is not interested, he can return it in good condition, and we'll refund his money less the postage and handling costs. We only ask that we get paid for the postage and handling! That way, you can be assured that your prospective distributor is getting the complete first class package, and you don't lose money sending it to him.

Now, I realize that this person may instead send off for similar literature from someone else that is sending it to him free. But how long do you suppose this person will continue to do this before he realizes he can go broke doing this. And how is he supposed to duplicate this method? I sure don't want to lose money doing it this way. And I sure can't show you, my downline, how to do it without losing money. You can't and don't want to personally sponsor everyone that is possible. Instead, you want 10 good active people. That way, you can be selective. In fact, if the truth were known, the people that you sponsor on your first level will have a tremendous advantage. Won't they? Isn't this worth quite a bit? If you have a sponsor that is actively promoting this program, he will be able to help you immediately with hot, fresh, qualified leads. People that already have these reports. Now compare that to sending off to one of those "lone souls" that offer free, second rate literature. The point that I am trying to make is that you offer a true value to all people that you sponsor. You have a first class program. Don't give your services away free. Earn while you learn. And teach others, via the MLM MACHINE, to do what you do!

7. Stay In Touch With Your First Level Of Downline

After you sign up someone on your first level, stay in touch with him by letter or phone to make sure he is happy, active and prospering. You want to do this for two reasons. First of all, your life line in MLM is to make sure that your first level of people have sponsored their fair share of 10 or so active people. If they are having trouble, help them out. Feed them leads and offer advice on what worked for you. In other words, share your success methods.

The second reason is that if he has by chance become inactive, you must replace him with someone new. Your job is to make sure that you keep a vigorous first level of distributors that do the same as you. If someone becomes inactive, or worst yet, never starts, don't fret. Some people just never will do anything.

If that's the case, forget him and replace him. Tough line, but do it! We're only talking about your earnings and your fortune!

8. Teach Your Downline The Magic Of Using Cross Pollination

This is a powerful technique! Use it to the fullest, and teach your downline how to use it! This builds a "perpetual motion machine" into your organization. Make sure you read and study our report "How To Use Amazing CROSS POLLINATION Methods To Earn Up Front Cash While Building An Explosive, Infinitely Deep Downline." Enough Said!

9. Sell Your Upline!

This program not only can be used to promote the MLM program advertised in the MLM MACHINE reports, but it is also very effective in promoting your own personal other MLM programs. In our report, "30 "Choice" MLM Programs Automatically Promoted For You," there is space to advertise other MLM programs that you may be participating in. That being the case, you can add your own programs as well as promoting ours.

If you have other MLM programs, you might have an opportunity to enroll your existing upline members in the programs described in the MLM MACHINE. What would happen if you go to your "Big Time" upline and explain the MLM MACHINE to him? Just think about this. The MLM MACHINE provides a vehicle to help you promote your program(s) that he has sponsored you in. Do you think he will be in favor of this? Of course! But now what would happen if you interested him in some of the programs that you are in and he isn't? Do you think you might be able to sign him up in some of your programs? Maybe. And if you do, how many people do you think he might be able to expose to YOUR new programs? A lot I bet! Well, it is worth a try. Isn't it? If you can pull this off, you can get an awful lot of people recruited in a big hurry!

10. Offer Cooperative Advertising

Let's say you now have 10 strong active people in your first level. Wouldn't it be nice if they collectively went together and advertised? If each person threw in a few bucks, they could generate a lot of leads for them and their downline. Couldn't they? Well, it just takes a little bit of coordination on your part. After all, you know who your first level of people are, and they don't necessarily know each other. It is up to you to make this suggestion to your people and it's easy to do. Why not try? They will probably appreciate your efforts. After all, they stand to earn a lot more money if they do so. But you will have to put it together.

11. Discreetly Help Build Your First Level's Downline

If you become active in this program, you will have the opportunity to sign up more people than what you need in your first level. It works something like this. All of a sudden you begin to make some serious money. You are generating more extra leads. Your wife (or spouse), kids and friends spread the word. You now are approached by all kinds of people who want to "get in this deal." And, oh yes, some of that literature that you sent out months ago now start coming in with people that want to join. Well, here's your chance to help a few struggling people on your first level.

Instead of signing these new people in your first level, have the application sent to you and assign these to a few select people who really need a little help. Now be careful. You can't be expected to build your first level's organization. But you can help a little when you can. Remember, everything that you do must be 100% duplicative so don't make claims that you can't back up.

Don't make claims about things only you can do, and your downline can't do.

12. Encourage Your First Level To Participate In MLM Training Programs

Most MLM companies have methods available to help train you how to promote their products. If these are available, by all means buy them, attend the seminars and the like. They are generally well worth the money and time. Better yet, in some MLM programs, you can earn extra profits when your downline participates in this training program. by all means, take advantage of these fine programs. It will not only help you, but it will help your downline. And you can earn extra profits! Good deal!


If you think about what has been said in this report, it is truly amazing. Most people try to "fight" the basic MLM fundamental truth. Don't try to recruit the whole world! Only a few! That's not really that hard. Not when you use this program. Is it? Just imagine. You sell 10 or so MLM MACHINE packages and then you recruit only 10 people. And they do the same. Really, is that very difficult? I don't think so. do you? If you follow the simple steps in this program, you too could be one of the elite 3% who may earn over $100,000! That wouldn't be too hard to take, would it?

Now I can try to convince you until I'm "blue in the face." If you're one of those people that won't try, I can't do a thing to help you. But if you are one of the few that will seize this opportunity and run with it, then this program can work for you. Now's the time! One thing is for sure. The earlier you get into this program, the more opportunity you will have. If you have the complete set of all 15 MLM MACHINE reports, you have in your possession a remarkable plan. Use it to your advantage! Go for it! How much can you really lose? A lot if you don't act now! So what are you waiting for?

To Your Success!