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This report, "30 "Choice" MLM Programs That Can Be Promoted FREE For You" is one of fifteen reports contained in the set of reports, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE. . . By Mail!" series. If you have not ordered the complete set with reprintable rights, I strongly urge you to do so at this time so you can take full advantage of this program.

In this report, you will find a listing of 30 quality MLM programs that you can "buy into" and promote. If you have purchased the complete MLM MACHINE series, you have the authority to reproduce this report and sell it to others - who will do the same as you. Therefore, you can promote your favorite MLM program via this report that will get copied and re-copied. Along with it will come your FREE promotion!

Since most of these programs listed are actively promoted by mailorder dealers, they should be good for your consideration as well. However, you will also find a listing and description of five (5) "Highly Recommended" MLM programs that Videx has selected and is promoting . . .with good reasons. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to these recommended five (5) MLM programs. But before we get into that, let's review some basic fundamentals and the whole concept of MLM the MLM MACHINE, and how to select the right MLM company for you to promote.

Why MLM?

If you have studied the other reports in this series, you will agree that MLM opportunities do exist and they represent a bona fide method to earn a large secure income for the little "fella." It can be a good business for you if you have a coherent plan in which you can recruit new members and if it is profitable for you. That's where the MLM MACHINE comes into play.

Why Use the MLM MACHINE?

The MLM MACHINE is a complete program that provides a step-by-step method to start and operate a profitable mailorder business while generating quality MLM leads. The program shows you dozens (more like hundreds) of ways to promote your business while making a profit. Although you can build a respectable mailorder business with the MLM MACHINE, the real "backbone" purpose of the MLM MACHINE is to help you generate MLM leads. Stop and think now and put everything into its proper prospective. If you can sponsor 10 active people into your MLM program, and they do the same, you can earn a very sizable income - sometimes thousands per month!

Therefore, set your goals clearly. If you think this through carefully, you will probably conclude that the easiest and fastest way to succeed is to first sponsor 10 active people. Right? But, how do you sponsor 10 or so active MLM people? Well, the easiest way is to sell a few copies of the MLM MACHINE, and let it do its job in promoting the MLM programs for you. Right? OK. So the real challenge is to first sell a few copies (preferably 10 or more) MLM MACHINES. Although the MLM MACHINE will show you many (100"s) of ways to promote the MLM MACHINE, you only need to select one or two promotional methods that you like and that you are totally comfortable with! But you will have to decide and do something! You have to act! You will have to work at this program . . .at least a little bit!

How Much Effort Will It Really Take?

Let's face it, although your upline can help, and the MLM MACHINE program will help, you are going to have to work at this - at least a little bit! First of all, you are going to have to study the MLM MACHINE reports. Then, you will need to order literature for the programs that interest you, and then study them. And finally, you will have to do some promotion. By that, I mean you will need to

either circulate literature locally, or you will do some advertising. And that's not all. Since you will have a business, you will need to run it! After all, if you have a money making machine, someone has to be the boss! Don't they? So let's put things again in the right prospective. It will take a little time and effort on your part. The more effort you put into this, the more you stand to gain. What are you willing to do for an extra $1,000, $5,000 or even $20,000 a month? Are you ready for the challenge? I'll bet you are!

Why Do We Need You?

If you're like me, you have probably received in the mail hundreds of "off the wall" offers that promises you the world for only a $12.00 investment. Most of these are strictly "flim-flam" deals where the only person that makes any money is the person that started the plan. I can tell you from experience that there are only a few that are worthwhile.

Let's get to the nut cracking part! If this program is so good, and if it is so easy, why do we need you or anyone else? Why don't we just send out literature to millions of people, and eliminate the middlemen like you? Good question! In fact, this is an extremely good question, and there are two very goods answers!

All MLM programs will force you (and me) to build a DEEP down-line before you can earn the big money! Remember our example in the MLM MACHINE report, "The Home Operated Wealth Builder's Program?" Let me refresh your memory. If you sponsor 1,000 people on your first level, you will earn $3 x 1,000 = $3,000 a month. If, however, you sponsor 1,000 people on your third level, you will have earned 1,000 x $23 = $23,000 a month! In that case, you (and I) MUST sponsor people who will sponsor others in order to earn the big money! MLM programs demand that you operate in this fashion! Do you see what I am saying? I need you, and you need the people that you, in turn, sponsor. That's the way MLM works. Nearly all MLM programs will provide similar incentive programs and bonuses that also force you to do similar sponsoring techniques before you get into the real money. the bottom line in MLM programs is always the same if you want to earn the big bucks - you must build a DEEP organization by sponsoring just a few who will, in turn, sponsor just a few . . .etc.!

You and I need each other to tap into the 230,000,000 local market! Why? Now listen carefully. It is estimated that there are about 230,000,000 people who are not involved with MLM companies. Many of these people are thinking or looking for a good money making opportunity. Most are not on the "Opportunity Seekers" mailing lists, and they are therefore not inundated with hundreds of mail order offers. These people are eager to find something that makes sense. for the most part, they are ideal "MLM candidates" if you can find them. You won't get to them by advertising in the national "moneymaking" magazines since only a small percentage of these people are exposed to these magazines. That's why standard MLM techniques will teach you how to "sell" to your inner circle of friends.
So how do you or I get to this huge group without direct selling? Do you know what it would cost to mail to these people? What would you guess per person? About a buck or 50 cents? You are talking about 100 to 200 million dollars! Well, I don't have that kind of money to play around with. Do you? So how do you reach these people? Even if you mailed to all the "opportunity Seekers" that subscribed to money making magazines, you would only reach a few hundred thousand! Well, let me make a suggestion. If you could sponsor only 10 people your local neighborhood, and they do likewise, you now have a system in place that could do a fair job. And you can do it by simply circulating circulars on the MLM MACHINE. Couldn't you? I mean, if you wanted to recruit just 10 good people, isn't it a fair conclusion, that you could find just 20 people who live close to you by circulating literature? I think so. Don't you? Do you see what I am saying? Don't try to sell the whole world. Make it easy on yourself! In summary, you and the people that you sponsor have a gold mine of many people who you can reach - by local mail! But I can't and neither can you do it by yourself! Now do you see why I need you, and you in turn need help from the people that you sponsor?

How To Pick The Right MLM Company?

We discussed this question in other reports, but before I answer it, let me rephrase the question. How do you pick the best MLM companies that you can promote with the MLM MACHINE? Now I can address this question and answer it logically.

Since five (5) programs are being "Highly Recommended" in this report, it makes sense from a pure promotional point of view that you choose one or more of these companies. That is, everyone that reads this report will probably be favorably impressed with out selections - whatever they are! Therefore, it will be easier for you to sponsor new members in these programs than in others simply because they have read this and other MLM MACHINE reports! Won't they? So you instantly have a much better bet if you stick with our "Highly Recommended" selections.

If you promote the "Highly Recommended" MLM programs listed in this report, your up-line members will be able to assist you a lot more. That is, Videx and your other up-line members will be generating more leads and the like for you. Everyone understands the program! Therefore, it is simply more consistent and makes more sense to everyone! Doesn't It?

And the best part! With or without the MLM MACHINE, the MLM companies in our "Highly Recommended Listing" are probably your best bet for promoting by mail! Here's why.
Understand that the MLM MACHINE was designed specifically to help you and Videx to profitably promote a few good MLM programs. Unlike most MLM'ers, Videx developed the MLM MACHINE marketing plan first, and THEN later selected the best MLM programs available. That's an important point to understand. In other words, the MLM MACHINE was not "Force Fitted" to meed a particular MLM company. Instead, we were able to selectively choose the "best" MLM companies that not only could be promoted by mail, but the best companies that were best fitted to be promoted via the MLM MACHINE. In doing so, we were able to cut through all the "hype" and logically pick and choose the best MLM companies without being biased since we were not yet affiliated with any MLM company.

Selecting and finding the best MLM company was not a trivial task. In fact, Videx collected and investigated thousands of "Business Opportunities," before even deciding to promote MLM programs. It soon became clear that if mail order concepts could be used to effectively promote MLM programs, the potential could be incredibly large. After deciding to merge mail order and MLM concepts, Videx then developed a plan (The MLM MACHINE) before even thinking about what MLM programs should be considered. After defining our objectives, we then set upon the task of choosing and finding the "perfect" MLM company or companies (if they were available).

Our criteria was fairly simple. First, find the absolute, very best MLM programs that could be promoted very profitably via the MLM MACHINE program. By "best" we mean solid companies that can be promoted cost effectively with a large profit potential. We wanted to select just a few for diversification reasons. In all cases, we wanted to consider MLM companies that were at least 2 years old . . .preferably over 5 years old. The reason being that 95% of MLM companies go "belly up" during their first 2 years. We wanted MLM companies that we could count on next year and hopefully ten years from now! Ones that we could bet our security on! Why take chances that you don't have to take? If you are like Videx, you have the liberty to pick and choose the best. You will have plenty of time later to "gamble on those "ground floor" opportunities if you want to. Right now, get your footing on solid ground and then build from there.

As you now know, the "real" reason for the MLM MACHINE is to generate quality leads for the five (5) recommended MLM programs described in this report.

Therefore, if you enroll in these programs within Videx's down line, you may replace the existing name with your own. However, if you are already participating in these programs, you are not permitted to replace the existing name with yours. Sorry. You may, however, replace the existing name with your name for the remaining MLM programs listed in this report. There is also space on page 4 for you to add additional information on programs that you may be promoting that are not listed. That way, when you copy and resell this report, you earn up front mail order profits and we all benefit!

Since many MLM companies are a little "touchy" about printing a description of their company along with their name, we have not identified the company names in our "Highly Recommended" listing. Therefore, you will have to request their official literature to get full details and to learn who these companies are.

Recruit MLM Members Fast With the MLM MACHINE Program

"Sign Up" in one or more MLM programs.

Promote postcard reports locally.

Include a MLM MACHINE circular with your report orders.

Get epeat MLM MACHINE orders.

Include your MLM literature with your MLM MACHINE orders.

Sell your surplus leads to your down line

Buy into more mail order dealerships and more MLM programs.

Place National advertising.

Continue until your 3rd level is filled.

1. Highly Recommended Company . . . Consumer Discount Programs. Founded in 1985, this seven (7) year old company offers a broad service of consumer discount programs that can be universally used by anyone who wants to save considerable money when buying conventional consumer items. Their literature is designed such that it can be promoted cost effectively by mail and therefore, it fits very well with the MLM MACHINE. For example, they publish an excellent full color booklet that explains their services and entire MLM program. You can enroll new members directly by simply sending them this booklet.

But more importantly, you can earn HUGE commissions quickly on your 3rd level! Therefore, if you choose just one MLM program, this would be an excellent choice! For information about this company, copy this description, check your choice below, and send your payment to the name below:

Full color, 16 page booklet that explains the company and services. This also includes an application form. Everything you need to get started!

Preview Package includes the catalog described above plus video tape. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return this package for a full refund minus $2.00 for shipping and handling.

Videx Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

2. Highly Recommended Company . . .Books and Audio Tapes. This company founded in June, 1985 is over 7 years old and is well established and offers a wide selection of 100's of "How To" books and self improvement tapes. All products are sold to subscribers at large discount off suggested prices! This program provides instructional material and can be cost effectively promoted by mail with their full color catalog. Since there are many mailorder and MLM instructional books and tapes offered, these can be very educational for you and your downline.

When you mail the full color catalogs to your prospective customers, you are not only offering your products, but you will automatically be inviting all these people to join this program. No inventory is required, since all orders are filled and shipped for you! Also, the cost to participate is only about $21 a month. Therefore, for those that have a tight budget, this is an excellent program that most people can afford when just getting started. For these reasons, it is "Highly Recommended!:

Order the professional full color 16 page catalog that is used effectively to describe the product line and to explain the opportunity. Send $1.00 with a copy of this description to:

VIDEX Box 1644 Stow, Ohio 44224

3. Highly Recommended Company . . .Advertising Agency. This company, founded in June, 1989, is a recognized ad agency that also generates MLM leads by advertising through newspapers, magazines and radio stations. They offer discount advertising rates for their members along with an excellent pay out plan. It is highly recommended to be promoted via the MLM MACHINE since it will generate you qualified MLM leads and will earn you fast profits by recruiting other members. Although this company is just over two years old, they have a proven program that fits in extremely well with the MLM MACHINE promotion. In fact, since you can typically generate 20 to 30 or so MLM leads a month with this program, it can help you sell the MLM MACHINE and therefore, help you generate more MLM leads.

It is easy and inexpensive to promote and will produce quality leads with their inexpensive 4-page brochure. And you can earn handsome profits from your downline. In fact, the very first subscriber that a marketer enrolls will earn that marketer (you) a monthly commission of $28.00 each month that subscriber remains active. The remaining commission is equally attractive. For these reasons, it is "Highly Recommended!" For complete details, send a copy of this description plus $1.00 to the name shown below. VIDEX Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

4. Highly Recommended Company . . . Magazine Subscriptions at Guaranteed Lowest Price! This company founded in 9/91 offers hundreds of popular magazine subscriptions at the lowest guaranteed price! Therefore, if you place your magazine subscriptions through this company, you will most likely save many $$$'s on your own personal subscriptions. Since nearly every person and every company subscribes to magazines, this represents a huge profit making potential for you! You also build a secure income from repeat subscriptions that comes in year after year. This program is clean and requires no inventory or paper work! If you can recruit a few people into this program, it will grow indefinitely!

And can you believe this: The processing fee to handle your registration is only $3.95! That is all it takes to join this program! But yet, you can earn a secure lifetime income! By all means get active in this program just as soon as you can! And one last point, the literature that you can send out is very inexpensive - and, if you like, you can print it yourself!

To get your registration form along with a partial listing of about 90 typical magazines offered (with discount prices shown), send a SASE plus one loose stamp with a copy of this description to:

VIDEX Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

5. Highly Recommended Company . . . Mail Order & MLM Tabloid Newspaper. This company publishes a high quality mail order and MLM tabloid newspaper with a circulation of about 10,000. Although the MLM offering is fairly new, the company has been in business for over two years. Discount advertising rates are offered to subscribers and MLM participants.

This publication is excellent since you will find many well written articles concerning mailorder and MLM subjects. Also, you may use this publication to advertise the MLM MACHINE and the various programs within the MLM MACHINE. Not only do you receive advertising discounts, but you also can earn a sizable income by recruiting new members. In short, you can promote your offerings and build your downline at the same time with this program.

For complete details, copy this description and send it along with a SASE plus one loose stamp to:

VIDEX Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224


Long Distance Telephone Service

Now that we have described our "Highly Recommended" MLM companies, we at Videx are also human and we have to tell you about a brand new opportunity! We can't list this in our highly recommended programs since this is a new company. If you would like to roll the dice on a "ground floor" opportunity, you need to look at this one - I think the dice are loaded in your favor!

This service is more cost effective than AT&T, MCI and SPRINT. You get five FREE hours for signing up, and you can build a lifetime secure income based upon built-in, repeat residual business! Your upline will do FREE mailings for you and this program can be automatically promoted FREE for you. It takes only $10 to register and there is no training necessary! this program is easy and simple to promote and everyone can benefit from it. If you are serious about MLM, you just have to look into this! For complete details including color brochures, send a copy of this description to:

VIDEX P.O. Box 1664 Stow, Ohio 44224

Check Out These Other MLM Opportunities

The companies listed below are companies that are actively being promoted via mail order type publications and by mail order dealers. Therefore, they are listed for your consideration. The companies are listed alphabetically. Unless the MLM name is used in the address, the names shown after the company listing are independent distributors. In that case, they are not officials of the MLM companies.

6. Body Wise Int'l, Inc. The company offers diet, health and nutritional products. Professional literature and video tapes are available.

Body Wise Int'l, Inc. 6350 Palomar Oaks Court, Suite A Carlsbad, Ca 92009

7. Consumer's Buyline, Inc. Consumer's discount programs. Write for professional literature, video tapes, etc.

Art Meakin & Associates Box 141457 Austin, Tx 78720

8. Creations, Inc. Consumer discount buying benefits. Creation Conditioning has been called the most powerful and effective success course in North America. For details, write to:

Jim Weaverling 5151 N Kain Ave., #4 Tucson, Az 85705

9. The Disc Connection. First network marketing discount CD and Video club. Write to:

A-Z Systems Box 3568 Hollywood, Ca 90078

10. 4 the Planet. Health and cleaning products made from environmental safe ingredients. For details write:

Al Billheimer 10211 Cedar Lake Road, #306 Minnetonka, Mn 55343

11. FREE Enterprise. A full color magazine that offers many discount programs and MLM programs. Write to:

Victor C. Bennett 5520 W. 190th St., Suite 245 Torrance, Ca 90503

12. The Fuller Brush Company. A broad line of consumer products including brushes, cleaners and personal products. For more details, write to:

William Engelder 26 East Union Street Allegheny, NY 14706

13. Images. Broad line of personal care products. Professional literature including video tape available. For details, write:

Steven P. Kessel Box 800 Wakefield, Ma 01880

14. Jewelry International. This company offers a broad line of fine jewelry at competitive prices. Several very professional catalogs are available for promotional purposes. For more details, write:

Network Financial Group 1661 N. Swan, Suite 250 Tucson, Az 85712

15. LegalEase. LegalEase is a consumer oriented company which offers a full line of do-it-yourself legal and personal finance products. For more details, write to:

Hugh O'Donnell Box 428 Whiting, In 46394

16. Market Masters International (MMI). MMI is a full-service advertising agency and is promoted by many mail order dealers. for more details, write to:

Market Masters International 2440 S.W. Cary Pkwy, Suite 212 Cary, NC 27513

17. ????????????????????????????????

18. Money Maker's Monthly. A well established newspaper publication written for the MLM distributors. for more details, write to:

Chiappone Mail Enterprise, Inc. Box 1152 West Babylon, Ny 11704

19. Nutrition Express. The company is being promoted very actively by many large mail-order dealers. the company offers a wide line of nutritional products. For details, write to:

Money Magnet Systems Box 2219 Lafayette, La 70502

20. Profits Unlimited Magazine. Five years old magazine that recently went MLM. For information, write to:

Alan J. Rossi 1232 West Kenper Road Cincinnati, Oh 45240

21. Secure Independence. This company offers a portfolio of several MLM companies and discount programs. For information, write to:

Secure Independence (Hdq'ers) 17903 Wentworth Avenue Lansing, Il 60438

22. Shaklee Corporation. A well established large MLM company with a very broad consumer product line. For more information, write to:

Wholesale Distributors Box 113 Kennesaw, Ga 30144

23. Shaperite. Shape-Fast Weight Control products. For more details, write to:

AG "Gus" Heilzler 1311 Orchard Lake St. Louis, MO 63146

24. Sopax. This company manufactures a unique product that takes the place of detergent, brightener, anti-static, fabric softener and provides a mild fragrance. For more details, write to:

Padon Mail Order 500 Geiger St. Huntingburg, In 47542

25. Sunrider. A nine year old MLM company specializing in herbs, vitamins and foods containing these elements. For more information, write to:

Enar S. Friddh 116 Skyline Rd. Georgetown, Tx 78628

26. United Dental Plan of America. This company offers a discount plan for dental services. For more information, write to:

Ron E. Santoro 28 Contour Court Oakville, Ct 06779

27. Vaxa. A wide range of personal products, vitamins and diet products are offered. Professional literature available. For more information, write to:

B.R. Services 3839 West St., Dept #01 Oakland, Ca 94608

28. VIP Digest. VIP Digest is a multilevel organization that promotes the principle of network marketing. For information, write to:

Bob Rodela 9350 Hollis St. Bloomington, Ca 92316

29. Watkins. A very well established MLM company that is being actively promoted by many mail order dealers. The product line includes a wide range of consumer products. For more information, write to:

Ron Lahman 611 S. Laurel Ave. Sanford, Fl 32771

30. White Lion Printing. This company offers discount printing via a MLM program. For more details, write to:

Larry Chiappone Box 370 W. Babylon, NY 11704.

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