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This report, "How To Build Your Downline DEEP By Selling Leads . . . And Literature!", is one of 15 reports contained in our set of reports, "How To Build A Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE .. .By Mail." If you have not ordered the complete set,

I strongly urge you to do so now so you can take full advantage of this program.

If you are promoting a MLM program, your ability to generate quality leads to help your newly sponsored people is perhaps the most, single important challenge that you have to conquer. It is therefore, the most important concept for you to understand and implement! This powerful strategy is quite simple. If you can recruit a few active distributors, let's say 10, and if you can help then and teach them to do the same, you can build a deep organization. One that can earn you serious income. Right? OK. So how do you absolutely make this happen? WITH LEADS! HOT, FRESH QUALIFIED LEADS that you pass on (sell) to your newly sponsored distributors! You make it happen! Maybe a better way to say this is, that you FORCE this to happen! Can you see that if you can generate good leads for your people, they can quickly build their organization?

Having (or not having) the ability to generate quality leads will generally make you or break you in MLM programs. And incidentally, when I say "quality leads," I'm not talking about the run of the mill "names" or "Opportunity Seekers" who simply sand for free information just to accumulate your expensive literature. I am talking about sincere people that are "chomping at the bit" to get started! If you can generate this type of lead - and plenty of them - I think you can see how you can build a large strong organization. Can't you?

Being able to generate good quality leads will be the "back bone" of your MLM business. If you want to succeed in MLM, there is probably nothing more important! Therefore, at the risk of being redundant with other reports in this series, this report will show you the exact methods, reasons and importance of lead generation for you and your downline organization.

If you have not purchased the complete MLM MACHINE set of reports yet, let me review very quickly how the MLM MACHINE program works. If you purchase the complete MLM MACHINE, you may copy these reports for pennies and resell them for dollars. You get artwork for postcards, mini-flyers, space ads, and a full page circular so you can effectively promote and sell the reports. Emphasis is given to show you how to start immediately by using many ways to promote these reports in your local neighborhood. This keeps your initial advertisement costs down, and you can generate business very quickly.

Embedded into the MLM MACHINE reports are many additional mailorder type offers that you can then buy, promote and resell to the people that have purchased the reports from you. You can expect to earn about $10 to $20 profits from these other mailorder offers. More important than the mailorder offers, there is a listing of MLM companies. Here is how you can earn the serious money, so pay attention to these offers.

Several of the MLM companies listed are "Highly Recommended" by Videx, and you can very effectively generate leads for these MLM programs by first selling the MLM MACHINE reports. That is, everyone that buys the MLM MACHINE, will be encouraged to consider these MLM programs. These MLM programs are listed and the reader is asked to send to you a payment for the literature. Sometimes, where the advertising package is expensive, he is permitted to send the package to you for a refund minus your shipping and handling costs. That way, you at least cover your costs.

Study our MLM MACHINE report, "How To Use Amazing CROSS POLLINATION Methods To Earn Up Front Cash While Building A Powerful, Infinitely DEEP Downline!" In that report you will understand why you can expect to probably sponsor at least one MLM distributor for each MLM MACHINE that you sell. Therefore, by promoting and selling the MLM MACHINE, you will be automatically generating new quality leads for you and your downline.

Let me summarize:

Your first purchase the complete MLM MACHINE set of reports so you can copyand resell them.

You then start by circulating postcards and mini-flyers in your local neighborhood. You also can advertise nationally if you like.

You then will get orders for the profitable $2.00 reports. You then include a MLM MACHINE flyer with your orders.

Next, you will get repeat orders for the complete MLM MACHINE set of reports for $25.00. You simply copy them and fill your order and earn about $22.00 per order.

If you have "bought into" the mailorder offers, you then can resell these mailorder programs to your customers that have purchased the complete set of MLM MACHINE reports.

If you have "joined" one or more MLM programs, you will then receive good quality MLM leads from your customers. These people will send to you a payment or at least postage to cover your cost for sending literature to them.

You will then enroll new MLM distributor directly into your first level, or you can sell these leads to your downline and help them to get a "jump start." When you "sell" your leads to your downline people, you may want to help your downline by sending the MLM promotional package out for him. In other words, you will have been paid for sending the literature out, and you are also charging your downline an additional $1.00 or so for the lead.
Now that you understand how the MLM MACHINE program works, let me put into prospective what generally happens to new MLM distributors who are not using the MLM MACHINE. These people have just signed up in an exciting MLM program, and now they want to recruit new members. Right? Other than talking to (or maybe imposing on) a few friends and relatives, what do they do? Quite honestly, most would-be MLM'ers generally gets frustrated and "die a natural death on the vine." Isn't that what normally happens? The reason? They don't have good quality leads to help them get started! Or if they can get leads, they typically are too costly to buy and then send out that, way too expensive, material in the mail.

Consider this scenario instead. Let's first put into focus what might happen when you first sponsor someone new into your MLM program by using the MLM MACHINE method. I assume that your new distributor (or whatever title is appropriate) is very enthused and excited about the new MLM program that he has just joined. He is probably very anxious to get started! It is hoped that he has the complete MLM MACHINE reports, so he has a fairly good understanding on how he can start generating his own leads. At this point, he is somewhat vulnerable. He wants and needs instant gratification! He needs the sweet taste of success . . .now! At this time, if you, his sponsor, can supply him with fresh, hot leads that he can act upon, things can happen very swiftly! Can't they?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could call or write to your new distributor (Let's call him "John"), and say, "John, I have just received a few "hot" fresh leads from people that are very interested in your MLM program? In face, John, these people have sent money to help pay for the literature and postage. Al these people have already bought a copy of the MLM MACHINE so they are anxious to get started. As you probably know, John, I have spent my own money and time generating these leads, but I will be glad to mail out the promotional packages to them for you at a cost of only $1.00 each. Would you like me to send out a few packages for you?" Sound good? Wouldn't that be a nice way to help your new distributor build "your second level?" You bet it would!

Now, let's put the shoe on the other foot. That is, what would you think if you were the new distributor? Well, let's see. You have just become a new distributor in a very exciting MLM program. You have read the MLM MACHINE reports, so you can see all kinds of ways that you can make money and generate leads. But all that will take a little time. Not much, but a little. Now, what

is this "deal" that my sponsor is offering? Tell me again. You have 5 fresh, quality leads? And these people are paying for the literature and postage? And you will make the mailing for me? I only have to pay you a buck each? That's it? You've got to be kidding! I'll take all that you have! Should I send you cash, check or money order?

OK. That scenario is exactly how this program can work for you and your newly sponsored distributors! Everyone wins! But hold on. What about the guy that is sending in his money to get your literature? Can't he write or call to a dozen other people and get all this stuff free? Why in the world would he send money to you or anyone else for this?

Why People Will Pay You For Your MLM Literature 1. He Will Get The Complete Professional Package . . . First, he is going to get the complete promotional package or exactly what is advertised. That is, he will get the expensive color brochures, the official application forms, audio cassettes, and video tapes. The whole package. All the official literature and documentation. Everything that he needs so he can evaluate your MLM program and register immediately! After all, if he is sending his money for all this, you do want to send everything to him. Don't you?

But that's not what he would normally get from other people. By "other people," I mean people that are not promoting via the MLM MACHINE method. Let me explain. I have personally sent to 5 different MLM distributors in the same MLM program, and have received 5 entirely different sets of literature. None of them had the complete set of everything. When I evaluate a MLM program, I want to see and hear everything so I can make a good decision. don't you? Well, so do the other people requesting this literature.

Why don't MLM'ers normally send out the entire package right away? Well, it goes something like this. Somehow the MLM'er gets his hands on leads that need to be qualified. These could be inquiries or maybe his upline sponsor calls him and tells him he has a few names of people that "could be good leads." "Could be good leads?" What does that mean? And he's supposed to send out his expensive package? So he calls first. More expense. So be it. So after many attempts, he gets through. Most likely, some are "somewhat interested." They would like more information. Now what would you do in this case? Here is a potential opportunity in that you might be able to sponsor someone that is only "somewhat interested" but he wants more information. Would you send to him an expensive $10 or $20 package? Maybe you can just copy some of this expensive color literature and send to him?

Or maybe, instead you try to "qualify" this "hot" lead at little more. So you try to question this guy over the phone. You try to explain, "Sir, I would be glad to send you some literature, and if you are then really interested, call or write to me and I will send you the video." Maybe you try to attach strings like, - "I'll send the video to you if you will send to me $10 to cover my cost." Or, "If you promise to send the information back if you're not interested." And on and on. it gets messy! It's confusing. And expensive! And it doesn't work! Where's the plan?

There is nothing quite as annoying as to be sent poorly copied material and then be asked to send money for the rest. What is that telling me? Is this how I am supposed to promote this program? It sounds like I have to spend a lot of my own money advertising and then send this material out with questionable results! Personally, I want to deal with someone professional that knows what he is doing and can help me. someone who has a clear plan that works and will show me how to do it simply! And make money doing it! And that brings us to the second major reason why people will pay you for your promotional package.

2. He Can Be Sponsored By You! The person sending money to you for your literature will have the opportunity and PRIVILEGE of being sponsored by you! Whow! That sounds almost arrogant! But wait a minute. What does this person really stand to gain by being sponsored by you and how much does it really cost him to do so? Well, if the promotional package is only $1.00 or so, that's his cost, and that will more than cover your cost.

When you are sending a complete expensive MLM promotional package, he really is only paying for your postage and handling costs. As is explained in our other reports, he is only paying to review the material. If he is not interested after getting the material, he can send it back to you for a refund (less your postage & handling costs). But he will have paid to you your up front costs. More importantly, if he joins under you, he is going to be able to use the MLM MACHINE plan and probably will get a lot of support from you! Won't he? Believe me, this kind of program and support may be worth thousands to him. Here is what he will get if you sponsor him.

3. He Will Get Highly Qualified Leads . . . For the moment, don't worry about how YOU are going to do this, since we will show you how you will earn money doing this. Instead, look at this from HIS point of view. He WILL get leads . . . almost instantly! Understand that we're not talking about 100's or 1,000's of "Opportunity Seeker" type leads. You can lose a lot of money sending out literature to this type of "lead." Instead, we are talking about just a few - but highly qualified leads - coming from people that have already bought the MLM MACHINE.

4. You Will Mail Out The Promotional Material For Him . . . What a deal! Yes, it will cost him a buck or so each, but that's peanuts! Isn't it? How many leads do you want me to generate and then send out the literature for you?

From YOUR point of view, don't be overly concerned that you will be sendinhave found that at least one Name List Broker offers a listing of over 6,000 MLM companies. That's companies - not distributors! Many of these MLM companies have over 100,000 distributors! Therefore, when I see estimates that there are over 5,000,000 MLM distributors, I believe it. 5 million! Since the population of USA is about 250 million roughly, that tells me that 1 out of 50 people are involved in MLM. Well, not quite, since many people are involved with several programs. Let's be on the safe side and say 1 out of 250 are involved with MLM. That sounds about right.

That means that there are millions of people who are interested in business opportunities, but they are not looking in magazines for business opportunities.

Are they? That means that if you circulate postcards LOCALLY - you and your downline have virtually an unlimited number of people that could be interested in your offers . . . doesn't it? And you can reach these people with little or no competition! That's why you and your downline can be sure of finding a lot of people right in your own back yard! That doesn't mean to say you should not advertise nationally. But be aware the HUGE supply of leads is from strangers right in your own neighborhood! The reason that I am making this point is to show you that anyone can make money with this program. You don't have to be a "big mailorder dealer" to make this program work for you. Just follow the techniques in this and other reports in the MLM MACHINE series!

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