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If the economic situation or limited income is causing you financial problems, or if you just want to earn extra money, there are many simple ways to supplement your income.

This report provides a wealth of ideas for money making activities conveniently operated from your home. Most of the services require no investment; a few of the businesses may necessitate a small cash outlay for starting supplies.

Obviously, to earn money someone must pay you. People must know about your service or business before they can patronize it. Thus, you must ADVERTISE what you offer - by personal contact, by word-of-mouth from friends, neighbors, relatives and customers; by handing out business cards; by telephone solicitation; by notices on bulletin boards; by distributing handbills; or through classified newspaper ads if and when your budget will permit. The more people that know about your service, the more business you can expect. the more business you get, the more money you can earn.

Some of these activities are basic ideas. You may have thought about them yourself. the mere fact, however, that you see an idea in print may be the motivation that gets you started on a money making idea. without this motivation you may never get any action under way.

Certain services will command higher pay but may require special skills or knowledge. Rely mostly on your own talents, interest and experience. You can learn how and develop expertise in other fields from books and courses, often from material available at your public library. From this large diversified list you are sure to select several enterprises that interest you and become the source for helpful, extra income from the convenience of your own home.

Typing manuscripts and theses for students; typing bills, letters, statements for businesses; addressing and mailing; typing daily menus for restaurants Ironing - washing - sewing - altering - reweaving Hair setting - hair washing - manicuring Baby sitting - caring for pets - pet grooming Monogramming or personalizing wearing apparel or non-soft articles Teaching whatever you're good at: Tutoring students - holding classes to teach exercise, aerobics, dancing, diet, music, art, cooking, handicrafts, languages

Establish a telephone answering service Establish a mail handling and remailing service (especially good if you live in a large city or a prestige location) Telephone soliciting - Wake-up service - Selling by telephone on a commission basis Transcribing letters for salesmen or small businesses from a cassette tape Bookkeeping - Tax preparation
Set up a baby sitter agency
Set up a record-tape, magazine or book exchange Make and sell candles, handicrafts and novelties Organize a catering service - bake cakes, cookies and food or birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, meetings Make and sell jams, jellies, candies
Offer printing services (mimeograph) microfilming, duplicating Raise and sell pets and animals for sale to individuals, pet shops and laboratories Raise and sell worms, mushrooms, herbs, plants

Mowing lawns - raking leaves - snow removal - sweeping sidewalks for merchants - delivering circulars - baby sitting - running errands for the elderly and shut-ins For summer jobs, apply early in the spring

Organize a personal shopping service for businessmen and shut-ins Set up an errand running service for businesses, neighbors, shut-ins and senior citizens House washing - house painting - window cleaning for homes and businesses - glazing - wall cleaning - waxing floors - rug cleaning - upholstery cleaning Car washing, waxing and polishing - clean vehicles for car dealers Visiting shut-ins, providing food service, companionship, playing games, taking them to church, bingo, to visit friends Delivery services for grocery stores, drug stores and small business establishments Clean attics, garages and basements for a fee (many articles you can pick up to haul away will be suitable for making money at garage or flea market sales)

Make and sell fishing lures and flies
Build birdhouses, dog houses, picnic tables, mailboxes, novelties Repair small appliances
Repair autos, motorcycles and bicycles
Repair electricity, plumbing, fences, roofs, buildings (your overhead will be practically nothing; you can cut union scale or professional rates considerably and still earn a lot of money) Concrete or repair sidewalks
Build concrete bird baths and lawn decorative items Paint parking lines on lots

Compile mailing lists - Clip newspaper items' Make and sell household, personal and industrial chemical products Oil paint portraits.

Offer your paintings for display at restaurants, gift shops, theaters, etc., on consignment and commission basis Besides selling your handicrafts directly to individuals, offer them to retain stores on consignment if they will not buy direct.

Paint house numbers on curbs, mail boxes, doors; paint names and special designs on mail boxes and miscellaneous articles Save and collect aluminum cans; sell them to recycling firms. If you are handy at calligraphy (fancy hand lettering or printing) offer your services to those sending out invitations (weddings, businesses, organizations. You can get leads from printers or dealers who sell wedding and greeting cards) Perform magic tricks at parties, meetings and social functions' Sell magazines on a commission basis.

Offer pony rides (you can rent ponies from stables) Become a lifeguard (apply early in seasonal areas) Be a house or apartment "sitter" - collect mail, water the lawn, take care of plants and gardens when owners are absent Sell variety merchandise door to door.

Become a "wagon jobber" - sell merchandise to dealers and individuals from stock you can carry in your car or station wagon Repair and refinish furniture
Become a counselor for some activity you know or can learn about Organize a children's day-care center.

Offer translation service if you are fluent in a foreign language If you are a musician, offer to provide music for parties or meetings (either as a soloist or small group) Get in the photography business - take pictures of houses, families, babies, weddings or business functions Organize children's parties - furnish games, refreshments, cakes or cookies and entertainment Set up a route selling farm fresh eggs.

Make and sell artificial flowers and plans to homes, stores, offices Sell advertising specialties and premiums on a commission basis for outdoor activities organize camp groups, float trips, camping trips, trail rides Teach tennis, golf, sailing, archery.

Some popular handicrafts you can make at home are patchwork quilts, decorative pillows, tote bags, jewelry rag dolls Repair clocks, watches and jewelry
Set up an insecticide or bug control spraying service for lawns, gardens and patios Clean swimming pools.

If you own a store, consider stocking articles that people want to sell; display them on a consignment basis; you will have no investment and will earn a commission when it is sold Offer to handle overflow office work.

Publish a daily sheet featuring the weather report, daily news, sports results, local activities. An excellent good-will hand-out item for restaurants, banks stores, savings and loan firms. Sell on a subscription basis; additional income can be earned by soliciting ad for the publication Dehydrate overripe fruits and vegetables which you can buy cheaply or get free from merchants.

Package and sell to stores If you live near a fishing area, sell worms, bait and supplies Conduct a market research for research and polling organizations Sell on the party plan. Jewelry, cosmetics, ladies accessories, cookware, even sex novelties, are popular sellers through the party plan.

Firms seeking representatives often advertise in the salesmen and moneymaking opportunities magazines Solicit delinquent accounts for collecting accountants Solicit clients for public accountants.

If timber is available, cut and sell firewood to urban and suburban residents. suitable vehicle is required to transport the logs Install home security systems
Become a "finder". Look through publications for who wants what; locate someone who can supply it; bring the two parties together; when the deal is completed you are entitled to a "finder's fee" (or commission) for your service in this transaction Start a mail order business from home.

While people have become millionaires and others earn large profits yearly, an alarming percentage of beginners fail in mail order. it is absolutely necessary to follow strict guide lines for proper product, promotion and operation to succeed in this field. Study an expert's book on this subject; start slow and carefully.

Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. Promote your service or product by asking and telling anyone who might be a prospect about what you offer. If you hear about or see something that is needed, offer to supply it.

What to charge? Most people will adopt some of these activities for moonlighting, spare time or second income opportunities. Some can be developed into a big income, full time occupation. You eliminate overhead. Your main investment will be your own time. Salaries and rates vary throughout the country. find out the rate for a particular service or product. Remember, an agency that supplies help must charge for overhead and profit. Union wages are high. You can provide similar services at much lower cost, build up a sizable list of customers and clientele, and earn a surprisingly large amount of money for yourself.

Be sure to refer to other reports in this series for other interesting occupations, career opportunities and product references.
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