Saturday, January 19, 2008


Minimum Start-Up: $1,500
Average Start-Up: 10,000
Revenue: $25,000 - $5 Mil+
Profits: $20,000 - $1 Million
One Person Business: YES

In this information Society, we have an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Add to this our desire to network with people who share our interests, professionals in our own trade.

For these reasons, seminars and expositions have continued to grow. At a time when the explosive growth of electronic systems offer abundant ways information can be delivered, we continue to prefer the old fashioned, person-to-person contact with our peers.


As seminars become more and more specialized, the number of seminars continue to grow. According to industry statistics, there are over 100,000 seminar sessions each year. There seems to be a wide spectrum of topics on which to develop a seminar.

The Business Opportunities market is at a strategic crossroads where new economic opportunities intersect with your growing disenchantment with conventional employment.

This, our continuing search for a "better way to earn a living" makes Business Opportunities Expos and Seminars one of the most profitable products.

Remember, where our economic interest lies, we are all opportunity seekers. And that's a huge market.


The most cost effective way to produce a "Start A Business" seminar is to have sponsors cover the cost of promoting the expo/seminar.

In exchange, you can arrange for sponsors to have a mini expo. Compared to conventional expos that use booths for exhibits, a "table-top expos" can take place in a foyer or hotel lobby.

A number of tables can be arranged where different, non-competing sponsors can consult with attendees regarding business opportunities being offered.


If all your marketing a production costs are paid for by participating sponsors, your revenues will depend exclusively on admission.

In a city of 1 million or more people, it is reasonable to project an attendance of 2,500 to 3,500, each paying $10 for 3-hour seminars and an on-going consultation-style table-top expo.

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chris said...

i'm researching how one goes about starting up an expo. i'd like to put one on next year. thank you for the information. do you know of any online resources i can tap that can further help me. right now my biggest concern is how to approach a potential sponsor. i want to do this with little to NO money out of my own pocket.