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THE HOME OPERATED WEALTH BUILDER'S PROGRAM - How to Use This Program to Build a Secure Lifetime Income - the Easy Way!

Thank you for ordering our plan, "The Home Operated Wealth Builder's Program." This report is one of fifteen reports included in our complete series, "How to Build a Lean, Mean MLM Machine - by Mail!" If you have not ordered the complete set of reprintable reports, I strongly urge you to do so now.

Here's a Genuine Opportunity

I have an honest-to-goodness, genuine business opportunity for you that you can operate right out of your home. Set aside some quiet time that you can read and study this plan. Pick a time like maybe early in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee. Then, sit back and relax and let me show you how easy you can make some serious money.

If you can pass out a few postcards, this plan can work for you. You can start immediately to earn extra cash while you are building a secure lifetime residual income. If you're like most people, you probably can use some extra cash to pay off those bills, buy a newer car, take a vacation, or even buy a new home. A few hundred extra a week sometimes makes a big difference - doesn't it? Or how about a few extra $1,000? Or better yet, be your own boss and achieve total financial independence! If you like the sounds of this, why not start your own moneymaking business? You and I both know you'll never do it working for someone else.

Today's economy is in a real slump with no sign of change. When IBM, Zerox and GM start laying off by the 1,000's you know the economy is going from bad to worse. Even if you have a decent position, job security is fast becoming something of the past. At the slightest whim or downturn, you could be out looking in. Then what? That's what happens when you depend on an employer. You give him all you have, but then your career, promotions and frankly your limited income is always decided by someone else! It doesn't have to be that way. Not when there is bona fide opportunity that you can start right now. And this is not just an ordinary opportunity. It's rare type - the one in a lifetime.

Let me explain how this program can work for you. First of all, you are reading one of the 15 reports included in the MLM MACHINE series of reports. By purchasing the complete set of MLM MACHINE reports, you have the authority to copy them and sell them to others! You become the publisher! Since you can copy them for pennies and resell them for dollars, you can make a nice profit while starting on a shoestring budget. But this is just the beginning!

Embedded into the MLM MACHINE reports are no less than 95 additional moneymaking opportunities for you. For example, there are 15 sets of "reprintable reports," like this one that you can buy, copy and resell. You are not obligated in any way to participate in any of these programs. If you like, you can just resell the MLM MACHINE reports. But if you do participate in any of the programs, you will see that these programs are automatically promoted for you every time you sell a set of MLM MACHINE reports! You can promote this program entirely by mail. There is no face to face selling required.

Besides the reprintable reports offered, you will find that you will be invited to buy and resell 50 other mailorder dealership programs. None of these require any inventory. You simply promote them automatically through the MLM MACHINE reports. The reprintable reports and mailorder dealerships make a fast and easy way for you to earn extra cash with this program. Your profit is generally $10 to $20 for each order, so it can add up quickly.

But you have not heard the best yet! You also will be invited to participate in other "choice MLM companies." This is how you can earn some serious money like perhaps several thousand dollars per month. Some people earn $20,000 a month with just one of these programs! But before we get into that, let's show you how to start small and then increase your earnings in a logical way. Listed below are the five basic ways you can earn profits from the MLM MACHINE program.


Sell Reports by Circulating Postcards & Mini-flyers. If you have purchased the MLM MACHINE set of reports, you have everything you need to start immediately! The simplest and least expensive way to start is to copy the circulate the "mini-flyer" that is shown in the report, "MLM MACHINE Launching Pad Kit." Just rubber stamp your name on these flyers and follow the instructions in the report, "How To Make Money With Postcards." When you get orders, simply copy the report, "How To Make Money With Postcards" and send it off to your customer. You keep all the money up front. If your customer sent in an extra $1.00 for this report that you are reading, copy it and include it as well. Also include a copy of the MLM MACHINE one page flyer. Why?

You now have a customer that may buy the complete MLM MACHINE package from you. That's easy profitable business!

These reports are all four pages long and can be reproduced on two sheets of paper if you copy both sides. Since you can mail five sheets of paper plus an envelope for one first class stamp, you can mail two reports plus a copy of the MLM MACHINE flyer for one stamp. Therefore, if you copy the two reports (8 sides) and the MLM MACHINE flyer for, say 5 cents each, (.05 x 9 =$.45)=$.45, buy one envelope for $.05, and pay about 30 cents for the stamp, your cost would be $.45 + .05 + .30 =$.80. Therefore, you will have earned about $3.00 - $.80 = $2.20 for each order. Right? Well that's not a lot of money, but at least it's a start.

2. Sell the Complete Set of MLM MACHINE Reports. Let's now assume that you now have received a few orders for one or two reports, and you have ALSO included the MLM MACHINE flyer. Guess what happens next? Yep. You got it! You will not get repeat orders for the complete set of MLM MACHINE reports. Let's review what could have happened so far. Let's say that you spend $10 or so to copy 200 or 300 hundred sheets of "mini-flyers". Each sheet contains 4 mini-flyers, so if you cut them apart, you will then have about 1,000 mini-flyers. If you circulate them in your local neighborhood, you can do it with no postage costs. Now, I can't tell you how many orders you will get, but let's say only 4% of the people order. If you are selective by circulating your flyers in literature racks and other optimal locations, you probably can do better than 4%. However, let's go with low estimates to be on the conservative side, so you would get about 40 orders. Right? OK, so you make only 40 x $2.20 = $88. But how many MLM MACHINE orders will you get? Let's say, only 10% (4 customers) send in repeat orders for the MLM MACHINE. Well, that equals another 4 x $25 = $100. The total profit to you is about $180 minus whatever it costs you to copy and mail out the 4 MLM MACHINE packages. Plus whatever you get from extra postage.

Admittedly, you wouldn't get rich it that's all you do, but can you see where you probably could earn a few extra hundred dollars a month just doing this? What would happen if you hired a couple kids and circulated a few thousand? Well, you can make a little money just by doing this, but let me show you the easy way to make this a lot more lucrative for you.

3. Sell Additional Reprintable Reports with the MLM MACHINE. If you can afford it, consider buying several of the reprintable report sets that are described in the report, "Catalog of Quality Reprintable Reports." That way, you automatically will sell these reports to the people who buy the MLM MACHINE reports from you.

4. Purchase and Resell the Mailorder Dealerships Offered. Purchase and resell the Mailorder Dealerships described in our reports, "50 Cash Making Mailorder Dealerships Advertised FREE For You!" These dealerships introduce to you yet more ways to make money!

5. Promote MLM Programs! Here is how you can make the real, serious money. While you can earn some nice money fairly quickly promoting reprintable reports and other mailorder dealerships, this business does not self perpetuate itself. Your real purpose of selling reprintable reports and other mailorder dealerships is to provide an excellent way to make money while you are building a large MLM organization. Just imagine having a MLM organization that pays you month after month while building you a secure lifetime income.

You can earn a lot of money with MLM programs if you can show your downline how to duplicate your methods. This is particularly true if you have a good duplicative way to generate leads. This is what this program is all about! A way to generate FREE leads and a method that is completely duplicative for the ordinary person. You will have to read the other reports in the MLM MACHINE series to appreciate what I am about to tell you, so listen carefully. If you sell only 10 MLM MACHINE sets, and if you participate in only one MLM program, it is very likely that you will sponsor 10 people in your MLM program! The reason for this is that the MLM MACHINES that you sell (with your advertisements in them), will be copied over and over again until your name is replaced with your customer's name! After you study our report, "How To Use Amazing CROSS POLLINATION Methods To Earn Up Front Cash While Building An Explosive, Infinitely DEEP Downline!," you will see why this is so.

For the moment just imagine that for each MLM MACHINE set of reports that you sell, you probably can sponsor one person into your selected MLM program.

Sign Up and Become a Consultant and Earn $1,000's Each Month!

We list several MLM companies in our report, "30 Choice MLM Programs That Can Be Promoted FREE For You!" Let's use one of these companies as an example. This example will give you a little appreciation of the true potential of MLM opportunities. In our example, you can become a distributor (called a consultant) in this program and then generate leads for it through the MLM MACHINE. In fact, the real purpose of the MLM MACHINE program is to help you and me to find qualified people who want to participate in MLM Programs such as in our example. Our example company has a wide range of consumer discount services, and as a subscriber in this company, you easily save hundreds of dollars each month on your ordinary purchases like groceries, automobiles, insurance, etc. As a consultant, you may sponsor other consultants and earn $1,000's each month!

This company we are describing is over seven years old and is debt free. They have been featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine, Nation's Business and the Robb Report. The services offered are sold by network marketing. Now, don't throw your arms up in the air and think, "Is this one of those illegal pyramid schemes?" It is not! If you are familiar with Network Marketing, sometimes called Multileval Marketing (MLM), you already know that Network Marketing is a $40 billion industry that provides financial independence for thousands of independent agents and distributors. You are probably familiar with many of these giant companies like, Amway, Shaklee, Tupperware, Princess House - a subsidiary of Colgate Palmolive, Jafra Cosmetics - a subsidiary of the Gillette Company and Mary Kay Cosmetics. Even telecommunication companies like MCI and US Sprint have enticed millions of companies from AT&T through Network Marketing. If you have investigated MLM companies like I have done, you will find that there are now 100's if not 1,000's of MLM companies.

Network Marketing may represent one of the last true opportunities for the "little guy." You can build an organization, called your downline, in which your earnings are multiplied by the efforts of people that you sponsor. In that way, your monthly income normally increases month after month.

As good as MLM opportunities sound, there are some pitfalls and problems. I think that participating in MLM companies is somewhat like playing the stock market. Now don't get me wrong. There are some excellent "Blue Chip" MLM companies that have been in business for over 30 years and are very financially sound. However, there are others that are like "Penny Stocks" and are very risky. As is in the case of investing funds, you should diversify. Why put all your eggs into one basket? In other words, there are many advantages for you to be into more than one MLM company at the same time. We will explain more about this in our other reports in this series.

As with any business, you want to check out these MLM companies. The first thing that you want to look at is how long the company has been around and is it financially stable? Another is the product or service. Make sure that you find a good solid company that has a product or service that has universal appeal.

In my opinion, the company should have been in business for at least two years. Preferably 5 years or more. That way, you can be reasonably assured that if you get involved, your income will continue year after year. The MLM companies that we have listed and recommended in the MLM MACHINE program have been carefully selected to maximize your profits while minimizing your risks. Also, they must be such that they can be effectively promoted by mail.

Another major problem with most all MLM companies is that you must sell. Now let's face it, most people just hate the idea of selling. I have been making my living selling over 30 years. And I still hate imposing upon people. to overcome this, MLM companies come up with all kinds of elaborate schemes to minimize this problem. the favorite and most popular method is to teach you how to "share" your product with friends and relatives. To me that's just another way of selling and I hate to impose on my friends and relatives! Another method is to teach you how to conduct "Opportunity Meetings" Yuck! Well, in the MLM MACHINE program, forget all those negatives. You don't have to sell! If you can simply pass out postcards, this plan will do the rest for you.

Now let's get back to our MLM company that offers a consumer discount program. The service is terrific and the typical consumer can actually

Now let's get back to our MLM company that offers a consumer discount program. The service is terrific and the typical consumer can actually save $100's per month! But it does cost you something to subscribe . . .specifically about $49.00 per month. But hold on! Just think how much you can save and earn! Let me use their pay out plan to show you how you can earn serious money. Start with something simple. If you sponsor only 3 people, and they do the same for 3 levels, your earnings for this particular company per month add up like this:

Level 1 3 times $3 ea. = $9 per month
Level 2 9 times $3 ea. = $27 per month
Level 3 27 times $23 ea. = $621 per month

Total per month = $657 per month
Total per year = $7,884 per year

With just 39 people in your "downline" you make $657 per month! That's $7,884 a year! In other words, if you sponsor only 3 people who do likewise, you will earn $7,884 a year! Year after year!

Now let's look at something exciting. There is no guarantee that you can make a single red cent with this or any other plan. However, since the MLM MACHINE MAKES IT EASY TO SPONSOR 10 PEOPLE, let's see what you would earn in this example. You will see from the table below that if you can sponsor only 10 people who do likewise for three levels, you could earn over $20,000 a month!

I know at least one person in this particular program who earned $20,000 after his first 3 months! Here is how that would look like in a table form.

Level 1 10 times $3 ea. = $30/month
Level 2 100 times $3 ea. = $300/month
Level 3 1000 times $23 ea = $23,000/month

Total per month = $23,330 per month
Total per year = $279,960 per year

So you see that by sponsoring 10 people who do likewise, you could earn $279,960 a year! In just four years, you will have earned over $1,000,000!!! That's like winning the lottery! Only this time, you are in control of the odds!

You Make Big Money on Your 3rd Level

Notice that in this particular MLM program, you start making the big money on your third level. This will play a key part for you on how to maximize your efforts and earnings with this program. Let me explain. Since you will earn a lot more money from the people that are at your third level, you want to concentrate on building your third level. To do this, you want to help the people that you personally sponsor. Therefore, instead of trying to sponsor 100's of people on your first level, think in terms of only a few, say 3 to 20.

Set an objective in your mind that you think is reasonable. By "reasonable," I mean how many people can you support and help? As I will show you, the "key" to this program and all MLM programs is your ability to be able to help and support your downline. That is how you build your third level and start making the real money! Also, you will be shown how easy it is to earn extra money while helping your downline.

As mentioned, you stand to earn the large amounts when you build your organization deep because that's how your organization multiplies automatically!

Depending upon the particular MLM company and their commission plan, you can maximize your earnings with as few as three to sometimes as high as fifteen. Also, some MLM companies go only three levels deep while others go down to 12 deep.

In our example MLM program, I believe that getting 10 people sponsored on your first level is a reasonable goal. Remember that if you can sell only 10 MLM MACHINE packages, you probably will sponsor 10 people. By reading the MLM MACHINE REPORTS, you are shown hundreds of ways that you can easily sell 10 MLM MACHINE packages. With the MLM MACHINE and a little effort, you probably will be able to sponsor 10 people. Don't you think so? And with only 10 people on your first level, you should be able to help them to get started. Couldn't you? Therefore, the following discussion is based upon you being able to sponsor 10 people.

Master These Techniques, and You can Vacation Anywhere!

Sponsor Exactly 10 People. No More. No Less! Here's Why!

Let's say you didn't read this plan, and that you are a "real go getter" and you concentrate on personally sponsoring as many people as you can. Lets say you personally sponsor 1,000 people! Oh sure. But let's continue on. In this case you would earn $3 times 1,000 that equals $3,000 a month. Now, let's face it. Unless you are superman, you won't personally sponsor 1,000 people. Even if you could, your method is not duplicative! Just because you are a star salesman, that by no means implies that anyone in your downline could do what you would have done! Furthermore, you would not be able to support them, and therefore many of them would "die on the vine." So let's look at a more reasonable approach.

Let's say this time you concentrate on sponsoring only 10 people, and this time you are committed to HELP each of these people sponsor 10 others just like you have done. Now if you personally sponsored 10 people, and they do likewise, your third level would have 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000. Just like in the previous example above, but in this case you have 1,000 on your third level. Now on your third level, you earn 1,000 x $23 = $23,000 a month! Big difference, isn't it? And this is very possible for you! Now here lies the power in the MLM MACHINE and this moneymaking plan.

Sponsor Only 10 People

As shown above, if you can sponsor only 10 people, and they do likewise, you can earn a very nice income. Can't you? Therefore, the trick is to sponsor a few on your first level, say 10 people, and then HELP them sponsor their 10 people. So your first objective is to figure out how to find 10 people to sponsor. Only 10! As you read and study the hundreds of promotional methods that are explained in the MLM MACHINE reports, select the methods that you like and the ones that you will be comfortable with. Remember, your first task is to sell at least 10 MLM MACHINES that will probably help you to sponsor 10 people. Then and only then, should you then think about building a second organization starting with a second set of 10 people that you sponsor.

Now, let's assume that you have chosen to circulate a few postcards and mini-flyers. Assume further that you have sold a few MLM MACHINE PACKAGES.

Let's further assume that you have now sponsored your 10 people into a particular MLM program of your choice. As explained in our report, "How to Use Amazing CROSS POLLINATION Methods to Earn Up Front Cash While Building an Explosive, Infinitely DEEP Downline!." you will find that if you sell only 10 MLM MACHINES, you can just about be guaranteed that you will sponsor 10 people. Although you can do this by mailorder, advertising, etc., you probably could to this locally with just postcards. That wouldn't be too hard would it? After you personally sponsor your 10 people, your job is now to HELP AND ASSIST your newly sponsored 10 people so they can expand their downline. How do you do this? Well, there are several easy ways to do this, and they are explained in detail in our other MLM MACHINE reports..But I will explain a little bit to you now.


Sell and Use This Plan!
First, all your newly sponsored people will have a copy of the MLM MACHINE reports that you are reading. Right? this automatically shows dozens of other ways to sell the MLM MACHINE such as how to circulate and mail postcards, sell reports by mail, etc. the MLM MACHINE will help your downline to develop their business and help them to sponsor new people. Just like you did! In other words, this MLM MACHINE plan is like a "built in" training manual. Follow it step by step and you will find that it works!

Help Your New People and Watch Your Organization Grow!

So your first goal in helping your new people is to make sure that they buy the complete set of reports contained in the MLM MACHINE series. Hey, if you make money doing it, I see nothing wrong with that! But if you make sure that all your downline people buy this plan, 90% of your "HELP" is given! Now, there are some other nice profitable ways you can also help as explained below.

2. Offer a $23 Bonus!

If you have become a consultant in our example MLM company, you will have discovered a delightful surprise. You will get a one time $23 bonus for each new person that you personally sponsor into the program. After you have sponsored your first level, pass this opportunity with your surplus leads on to your first level people. There is nothing quite like a good incentive to help your new people get motivated. This extra $23 also can help your downline to help fund their promotion costs.

3. Sell your Leads to Your Downline!

Let me explain. If you have been promoting the MLM MACHINE, you will have generated a lot more leads than what you need to build your first level. That is, they are surplus leads. In our report, "How to Build Your Downline DEEP by Generating FREE Leads . . . and Selling your Literature!", you will learn how to make money helping your downline.

4. Share your Success Methods!

Let's assume that you have been promoting the MLM MACHINE by simply circulating postcards and you now have your 10 people sponsored. You have probably experimented with various ways shown in this plan, and you have now determined what literature rack locations and what methods are working you. Now is the time to help your newly sponsored downline! Explain to then and "share" with them what has worked for you and where good locations exist for placing postcards. Keep the ball rolling! You simply sit back and relax! Well, you will have to get up and go to your mailbox to pick your monthly checks! Can you handle that?

5. Make Money Advertising!

Let's say you now have your 10 new people sponsored into this program, and you have a few extra bucks that you can spend for advertising. You can now help your downline and sell the leads that you have generated. I just don't think there is any thing wrong with making money by helping others make money! Do you? In other reports, you will be shown how to advertise nationally to generate tons of leads. If you follow this plan, you can sell the MLM MACHINE and then sell your surplus leads to your downline. That way, you are constantly helping the people in your downline to expand their organization.

6. Also Sell Formal Training Programs!

Another Delightful Surprise! If you become a consultant in our example MLM program, you will be invited to purchase an extensive training program that will show you additional ways to promote their program. You will want to encourage your downline members to participate in this training program since it is excellent! Furthermore, you will earn extra money for promoting this training program as well.


I have to tell you - I'm excited! In fact, I'm really excited! Why? I have a red-hot business opportunity for any red-blooded person that is sick and tired of simply making ends meet and is willing to do something about it. Now the fact that you took the time to write to me and have ordered this plan tells me you probably have the initiative to succeed. Given the RIGHT opportunity, you probably would jump on it - wouldn't you? I'd make a safe bet that you would. And I'll bet our Wealth Building Program is just what you need. Why? It's a PERFECT business for anyone, like yourself, that is determined to achieve total financial independence. But just what is a "Perfect Business?" Let me take a moment and list what I think an ideal "Perfect Business" should be.

Check out these Benefits for a Perfect Business!

You'll have fun making money!
You'll find it's exciting!
You'll find it's easy!
You can start part time!
You can work out of your home!
You can set your own flexible hours! You can make cash immediately!
Your earnings increase month by month! You can write off taxes!
You offer a prestigious service!
You have satisfied customers!
You have no customer service problems! You stock no inventory!
You have plenty of leisure time!
Your residual income grows!
You have unlimited earnings capabilities! You can build a national network from home! You save on your personal expenditures! You have training and support always available! You make money generating leads!
The people you sponsor are automatically trained! You earn $1,000's a month by sponsoring only 10 people! Your service is needed by everyone! No selling required!
No meetings required!
Your plan is easily duplicated by others! You can start on shoe string budget! You feel good helping others!

Now that's an impressive list - isn't it? And this is exactly what is being offered to you. Can you see now why I'm so excited? Just imagine what might happen to you if you get started now. You can build a National Network from home that will grow along with your income. What will you do with this extra money? Travel? New sports car? New clothes? New home? The kind of home that you've always wanted? Pay off all those nasty bills! How do you tell you boss that you quit? How do you explain to your friends your sudden success? And what do you do with all that leisure time?

Well, enough dreaming. These things are possible, but now it's up to you. You have to decide to what extent that you will participate in this program. Do you have what it takes? If you are in a rut working for someone else, will you just stay there? Or are you one of the few that will seize this opportunity and run with it? This may be one of the most important decisions in your life. don't let this one slip away!

If you have not ordered the MLM MACHINE set of reports, why not order today while it is still fresh on your mind. If you have the MLM MACHINE reports, study them over and send for more information on the other opportunities that you think you might like to promote.

Act now and build your lifetime secure income!

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