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If You Can Pass Out Postcards, This Program Can Work For You! Thank you for writing an ordering out plan, "How To Make Money ith Postcards." This report is one of fifteen reports contained in the set of reports, "How toBuild a Lean, Mean MLM MACHINE - by Mail!" If you have not ordered the entireset, I urge you to do so at this time so you can take full advantage of this program

How Can You Make Money With Postcards?

Let me get straight to the point. If you were to purchase the MLM MACHINE, which is a set of 15 reports, you would be authorized to reprint the MLM machine reports and resell them. You become the publisher! You can reproduce them for pennies and sell them for $25 a set. Within the MLM MACHINE reports #11, #12, and #13 provide descriptions of more moneymaking opportunities for you. They include 15 sets of reprintable reports like this one, 50 mailorder dealerships that you can buy and resell, and 30 "choice" MLM programs that you can participate in. If you partake in any of these offerings, your name replaces the existing one. That way, whey you sell a MLM MACHINE set of reports, your offer is automatically being copied and distributed by others.

If you purchase only the MLM MACHINE reports, you are not obligated in any way to "buy into" any of the additional offers. Either way, if you have purchased only the MLM MACHINE, you can start immediately to earn extra cash by simply circulating postcards and then filling your orders by copying this report.

When you get an order for this report, you then include a copy of the MLM MACHINE flyer, and in that way you can get repeat $25.00 orders for the entire set of MLM MACHINE. you can earn a few extra hundred dollars doing this, but you can earn considerably more from the other programs that will be automatically promoted for you via the MLM MACHINE reports.. If you "buy into" and promote just the reprintable reports and the mailorder dealerships, you can build a very nice mailorder business.

However, the big money maker in this program is the ability of the MLM MACHINE to promote Multilevel Marketing (MLM) programs for you automatically. If you are not familiar with MLM, that is alright since this will be explained in detail to you in other reports contained in the MLM MACHINE reports. For now, just understand that you can earn sever thousand dollars a month (like $20,000) by actively participating in MLM programs. The real "back bone" purpose of this program is to help you generate MLM leads while you make a profit selling the other mailorder type programs. That is, the MLM MACHINE reports have been written and designed specifically to help you expand your existing MLM organization or to launch new ones.

You will learn in other MLM MACHINE reports that if you sell 10 MLM MACHINE packages, and if you are promoting just one MLM program, you will most likely sponsor at least 10 people into your MLM program. The basic reason for this is that your MLM offer will now be embedded into the MLM MACHINE, and it will be copied over and over again until 10 people replace your name with theirs. If you have 10 people in your MLM program who do likewise, you can generally earn a sizable monthly income. Therefore, when you are studying the remaining portion of this report, try to determine in your mind if you think you could sell 10 MLM MACHINES by using the postcard promotion methods explained. If you can, and if you are promoting at least one MLM program, you will most likely build a lifetime, secure future! It' as simple as that!

Why Use a Postcard?

If you have an offer to make to the public, a postcard is very often the simplest, fastest and most inexpensive way to get your message out to the public. Anyone can circulate postcards. Can't they? That means that kids and teenagers can help out in many ways. This report is dedicated to the ways that you can circulate postcards locally postage free. Another advantage of using a postcard is that you can use the copy of a postcard to print small flyers. In that way, you can print these "mini-flyers" for a fraction of a penny, while postcards will cost you about 1 to 3.5 cents each, depending upon the quality that you have printed.

Shopping and Business areas are perfect places to Circulate Postcards!

If you are promoting a MLM company, the "power" of generating quality leads by circulating postcards locally is extremely effective; if you have a good offer. And you do! You also earn a profit while you are generating these leads!

How to Make Money Immediately with Postcards

Probably the most important aspect of using a postcard is that you can easily sell a $2.00 report directly! In other words, if you are offering an inexpensive item, like a report, you can generate orders simply by circulating postcards or mini-flyers. If you purchase the complete set of MLM MACHINE reports, you will be authorized to reproduce them and sell them! Therefore, you can circulate postcards immediately, receive orders directly, and then fill your orders yourself. You keep the money up front. Most often, you will then want to sell additional items to your customers that buy your $2.00 report. That's how you can earn substantial more profits. By using this method, you are earning a small profit while you are generating larger profits from repeat business. If you promote MLM program(s), you can then earn serious income.

Compare that method to companies that mail out postcards that offer free material. They spend a lot of money up front on postage, and a lot more in sending out the free material. You can spend a lot of money and time by doing that. By using our plan, you can actually make money up front while generating leads for other offers that you may be making. Within the MLM machine package you will find many other programs that you can sell and you can start by simply circulating postcards and "mini-flyers." This is just an excellent way for you to make a little up front money while generating free MLM leads. The easiest and fastest way to make money with postcards and"mini-flyers" is to circulate them in your local neighborhood. If you elect to offer the programs that we describe in the MLM MACHINE, and this is strictly optional, you can build a very serious income.

Why Circulating Postcards Locally Can Be the Best!

If you happen to be offering a product or service that is also available from other companies, it is sometimes difficult to promote this nationally because you might be competing with many other people. This happens all the time in the mailorder business and for distributors promoting MLM programs. If these people advertise, they may very likely be competing with several other companies that are advertising in the same publication . . . with the very same advertisement! the same risk is true if mass mailings are attempted. In this case, several companies wind up sending their identical literature to the same person!

I bet you have received several offers that were identical from different companies. Haven't you? Therefore, when you are first starting out, you stand to have a better chance to succeed if you do it locally. That way, your offer will be seen by eager people who have not seen a similar offer.

Also, if you are promoting a MLM program, you will learn that you only need to sponsor a few active people, and then show these people how to do likewise.

Although the MLM MACHINE will show you many ways to promote our program, there is no doubt in my mind that the very best and most effective way to get started is to simply pass out a few postcards and mini-flyers in your local area. For example, let's consider MLM programs that you may want to promote. If your objective is to sponsor 10 people into this program as quickly as you can, and do it without much time or money, start locally first! The powerful concept behind this postcard promotion is that each of you will want to personally sponsor just a few people . . .not millions! Therefore, circulate a few 100 postcards or "mini-flyers" in your local neighborhood, and then let your downline continue on.

Since this offer has probably not been seen in your neighborhood, it will be a new, fresh opportunity for anyone looking at it. That way, the effectiveness on your postcards will be high and cost effective. Look at these advantages in starting locally.

You Can Start Now!

You Get Fast Results

It's Inexpensive!

It's Easy!

You Can Pass Out as Many as You Want!

Your Downline Can Do It!

There's Little Local Competition!

There is No National Competition!

You Can Have Kids Do the Work!

Where & How to Circulate Postcards Locally

Pay kids to help. If you pay kids a penny or two for each postcard they circulate, you can circulate 1,000 for only $10 or $20. Compare that to over $200 for mailing them. If you get two kids, and drive them through your neighborhood, they can cover a lot of streets in a few hours.

Where Kids Can Circulate Postcards By Hand (Either handing them to people personally or placing them on doors and/or cars . . .)

Through Paper Boys

Door to Door

Newspaper Boxes Note: It is illegal to place in mail boxes.

Under Hotel Room Doors

Personally Pass Out at High Consumer Traffic Areas

Shopping Area Parking Lots

Hotels & Motels

Sports Arenas

Public Parking Lots

Airport Parking Lots

Convention Centers


Bowling Alleys

Night Clubs

Fine Restaurants




Tourist Attractions


Large Flea Markets

Auction Locations

Fast Food Restaurants
How & Where to Pass Postcards Out Yourself

The following listing are places that you may want to consider for placing a small stack of 10 to 20 postcards. Many of these places you can simply place them with no permission. Others, you will want to get permission, and in doing so you will have the opportunity to review the postcard offer with the person in charge. You may, therefore, be able to sell these people the MLM MACHINE reports by simply asking for their permission. For example, let's say you want to place a stack of cards on the counter of your favorite convenient store. You simply say to the person in charge, "Do you mind if I leave a few of these cards here?"

If he wants to know what they are, you have a good chance of explaining the program to him and perhaps selling him the program.

Another good method is to offer to PAY the retail establishment a penny or two if they include your postcard with their packaging bag. If you can trust the person you are dealing with, you will get 100's of your postcards circulated each day automatically.

If you look around, you will find all kinds of places that you can place a stack of 10 or so of your postcards. When you circulate your postcards this way, it is a good idea to code the location with a number so you can tell what places are working for you. You can then check on these locations every week or so and keep them replenished.

Make sure that you adhere to your local laws and regulations when you are circulating literature. If you have questions, check with your local authorities.

Literature Racks

Literature Racks are perfect for distrubuting your literature. Do you have any of those public literature rack areas in your large super markets? If so, this is one of the first places to put your literature. This is a good example where and why you will want to code your literature so you can tell what locations are working best for you.

Super markets

Anywhere there is a magazine rack




Inside shopping malls

Large buildings

Reception and Waiting Lobbies

Anywhere people are waiting in lobbies are just excellent! These people are trying to pass time and will read anything they can get their hands on. Ideal lobbies include:

Automobile Service Center

Tire Stores

Beauty Salons

Barber Shops

Doctor Offices

Dentist Offices

Medical Centers

Company Lobbies

Restaurant Waiting Areas

Hotel & Motel Lobbies

Airport Waiting Areas

Bus Terminals
Retail Counters

Convenient Stores

Gas Stations

Gift Shops

Book Stores

Video Stores

Restaurant Counters

Any small privately owned retail outlet
Bulletin Boards:


Public Auction Notice Boards

Government Buildings

Post Office

Factory Bulletin Boards

Office Bulletin Boards

Travel Rest Areas

High Schools


Restroom Bulletin Boards

Truck Stops

Make your own place with the Baggie trick and attach them to telephone
Poles, elevators, etc.

Unemployment Offices
More places . . .

Computer Bulletin Boards

Trade Shows. Great! Here you pass out cards to the exhibitors or get there early and leave a few at each booth table. Mingle with the crowd and personally pass out cards. And don't forget the bulletin boards, the windshields, and hotels, etc.

County Fairs. There are tons of people to mingle with.

Flea Markets. Pass out cards to people exhibiting and mingle with the crowd. The people that have booths are perfect candidates since they are trying to earn extra money part time on the side.

Business Opportunity Meetings. If you watch your newspaper, or visit a few hotels, you may find several locations where business groups regularly attend. This is fairly standard practice with the Multilevel Marketing groups where new people are constantly be invited to an "Opportunity Meeting."
Consider these places so you can mingle and pass out a few postcards personally or to place on windshields.

XX Here's a powerful one that I won't even count! Telephone Booths!

Place your literature on any "flat" shelf, or use the "baggie" trick. Do you think you can find 100 or so telephone booths? I think so. Don't you ? Go for it!

Well.., there you have it . . . . 68 ways to circulate postcards postage free.

Yes, I know that we advertise only 65, but I like to give my customers a little more than what they have purchased. That way, I stand a good chance to have satisfied customers that buy from me again. In fact, since this report is focused on distributing literature locally, I have added another section to this report. Namely, how to mail postcards locally. In our report, "Ho to Make Up Front Cash Generating MLM Leads By Selling Moneymaking Report by Mail", you will learn how to make money by mailing postcards nationally.

When you mail a postcard, it goes by First Class Mail for less cost than the cost of a First Class Stamp. At the time of this writing, a postcard can be sent for 20 cents compared to a 32 cent first class stamp. It will be sent fast, and if there is a problem with the address, it will be returned to you FREE of charge.

Your Warm Inner Circle

Everyone has lots of friends, relatives and business associates. This is sometimes referred to as "Your Warm Inner circle." There are estimates that the typical person knows about 800 people in his inner circle. The standard MLM approach is for you to try to sell to your "sphere of influence" or your inner circle. The nice thing about this postcard program is that you don't have to personally try to sell anyone anything. Instead, you just write a short note on the front of the postcard (there's space for this) and send it off to the people that you know. consider writing a note like this, "John, I thought you might like a copy of this - Mary." Don't make the mistake of giving this plan away.

If you do, it will defeat your whole program. Make a list of everyone that you can think of that might appreciate knowing about this opportunity. Then simply mail off a few of these cards. Don't forget the following:




Business Acquaintances

The People you buy from

FAX Machines:

If you have access to a fax machine, you can FAX 100's of local business offices! Make up a sheet of paper and write or type a note on it with a copy of the post card and you're all set!

Telemarketing Techniques

Not many people like to sell by using the telephone, but then again there are a lot of people that do! One thing is for sure, a good telemarketing person can quickly sponsor a lot of people in this program for you. If you are comfortable with the telephone, let me show you an easy way to promote this program.

If you are not comfortable with the phone, let me show you how to find telemarketing people that you will want to sponsor into your MLM programs by selling the MLM MACHINE.

How to do telemarketing. The trick is to work with referrals. That is, you want to call people that have been referred to you. If you call someone and say, Mr. so-and-so asked me to call you," you can be sure that the person will be cordial and attentive. Compare this approach to the "cold calls" you get from strangers who try to sell you something "out of the blue" over the phone. Many direct sales companies depend 100% on using referrals. When they talk to anyone, they always make a habit of asking for referrals. They never run out of good leads since they are constantly generating several referrals with each person that they talk to.

The easiest way to get a few referrals is to ask for referrals from your "Inner Warm Circle." Simply ask your friends if they know of anyone that would like to earn a few hundred dollars part time by circulating postcards. Another way is to make a few "cold " calls on the phone. Just pick up the phone and call a few random numbers and say something like this, "Hi, my name is John Doe and I'm looking for a few people in your area that would like to earn some extra money circulating postcards. Do you happen to know of anyone?

Once you have 5 or 10 referrals, your cold calls are over. When you call people that have been referred to you, you change your sales pitch slightly like this, "Hi, my name is John Doe and Mary Smith mentioned that you may know of some people in your area that would be interested in earning a few extra dollars per month by circulating post cards." (let him answer and take a lot of notes of the people that he is mentioning. Make sure you get their phone numbers). Then say, "In fact, Mary Smith also mentioned that you might be interested?"

When you talk to someone that is interested, tell him that you will send him a postcard explaining the offer. And do so. You may then want to follow up with him in a few days to make sure he sends in his order to you. In summary, develop a few referrals, and then snow ball the quantity of referrals with everyone that you talk to. The trick is to ask for the referrals first before you explain the offer.

How to Find Telemarketers that will help you

I'm sure that you see how a good telemarketer can generate a lot of business for you. If you can find a few telemarketers that you can sponsor into this program,he will be able to quickly sponsor a lot of new people. Consider the following methods:

Find out the location of Professional Telemarketer Offices. You can generally find these occasions by looking in the yellow pages. Then go there and place postcards on the windshields in the parking lot.

Place a classified advertisement in your local paper. Say something like this, "Telemarketers wanted. Work your own hours from home. Call for details." When they call, get their name and address and send to them a postcard!

Call Telemarketing Firms. Ask if they would be interested in your program on a commission basis. If not, do they know of anyone what might be? (Use the referral techniques described above!)

Local Advertising Techniques

Place a classified ad for leads. Say something like this, "Part time workers needed for circulating postcards." When you get a call, send out the postcard.

Sell the plan directly by mail. Advertise this, "65 Easy Ways You Can Make Money Circulating Postcards. Complete Plan - $2.00"

Place small space ads in local newspapers. Check out the smaller newspapers and try them first. Also, check out the special newspapers that offer advertising that you pay for only when you sell something.

Use Coupon Booklets. Most communities have several discount coupon books that are sent out by mass mail. You might want to consider these and you may want to include the entire postcard copy for this.

Check out with your local Ad Agency. Find out if he has any "specials" that you might want to consider.

Use Direct Mail Locally

At least one of the MLM programs that is being promoted with MLM MACHINE plan is an excellent way for the consumer to save money. In that regard, any company or organization that has a lot of members, employees or customers may be interested in making these benefits available to their associates. If you sponsor any person that has a lot of contacts, just think how many people he will be able to sponsor. If you concentrate on companies that are small, you normally can send your postcard directly to the owner. These people are shrewd people. If you can show him how he can help his associates while he is making serious money doing this, he may be interested.

If you go to your library, you will find many listings of local organizations that you can mail to. Here are a few to consider:

Service Organizations

Any service company that offers a monthly service is excellent since they normally send out a bill to their customers. The postcard can be sent postage free. If you have a friend or relative in this kind of business, he may do this for you as a "favor." Or, he may be interested in your MLM program and do it himself. Either way, YOU earn money.

Cable TV Companies



Lawn Care Companies

Other Establishments

Small Manufacturers


Trade Organizations. There are many of these organizations. If you can sponsor just one, they may sponsor 100's or even 1,000's of new people!

Unions. What a great opportunity!

Consumer groups and organizations. Can you imagine how many people you might sponsor through these organizations?

Fund Raising Groups. This program is a natural for groups that are soliciting the public in order to raise funds. A lot of these use kids and teenagers that go door to door. What better way to have your postcards circulated. And the fund raiser clubs or organization can build a residual income just like you are doing. consider these:

Youth organizations. Check it out in your Yellow Pages or Library.



Delivery & Circulating Sources

There are a lot of people that make a living by delivering their products either to retain outlets or to the consumer. If you sponsor any of these people, they have 100's of locations that they routinely visit and can easily pass out or place postcards. Consider these:

Pizza Restaurants

Chicken Restaurants that deliver

Newspaper Delivery Managers

Magazine Distributors - Wow! This would be just great!

Distributors who call on retail outlets

Companies who sell products are always looking for a sales incentive to give away. They use this techniques to entice people into their retail establishment, or as a promotional item to give away when the customer buys their product. For example, let's say your local video store has a sign that says, "Rent 3 videos, and get our report, "How To Make Money With Postcards . . . . 65 Easy Postage FREE Moneymaking Methods Revealed!" FREE! Get the idea? He will rent more videos and he can also build his (and your downline) Places to consider are:

Video Stores

Book Stores

Gift Shops

Mailorder Dealers - great closing item!

Magazine or Newspaper publisher. Can you imagine how many people could be sponsored by a magazine publisher?

Clubs and Organization Incentive to join

Any small retail establishment

Use Local Group Advertising

Once you have your 10 people in your organization, consider advertising to help your downline. That is, make arrangements with your local newspaper, radio or even TV stations. With say, 10 people in your immediate downline, the advertising cost can be spread out making it a reasonable cost per person. Your job is simply to make the arrangements so they can all generate good leads for themselves.

To Your Success!

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