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Where to get Free "Income Opportunity" Magazines

The following publishers give sample copies, and sometimes sample subscriptions, which contain a large number of articles and advertisements on second income opportunities. 1. Income Opportunities, Davis Publications, Inc., 380 Lexington Ave., New York, Ny

2. Selling Direct, Communication Channels, Inc., 6255 Barfield Road, Atlanta, Ga

3. Opportunities Magazine, 6 N. Michigan Avenue - Suite 1405, Chicago, Il 60602. 4. Money Making Opportunities, Success Publishing International, 11071 Ventura

Blvd., Studio City, Ca 91604.

How to Earn Money at Home in your Spare Time

For a comprehensive list of some of the best ways to earn money at home, read the "Home Income Guide". For information on how to get the latest edition, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Home Incomes - Dept. HIGR-30R, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

Also, check the ads in some of the "Income Opportunity" publications. For a free sample copy of one of the best, write to: OPPORTUNITY Magazines, 6 N Michigan Ave. - Ste. 1405, Chicago, Il 60602.

How to Turn Junk, Trash & Discards into Cash

Some Americans have finally come to the realization that we cannot continue being as wasteful now as we have been in the past. As our resources dwindle, many items are now being recycled. This can mean extra money for you!

As forests vanish (America's "paper habit" destroys over 2,000,000 trees a day!), there is a growing need to recycle paper products. You can save and sell old newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard, computer paper, etc.

Glass bottles and metals are also being reused. Industry needs aluminum (cans, TV dinner trays, foil etc.), lead, copper, brass, iron, steel, stainless steel, bi-metal cans, insulated electric wire, etc., etc.

For the simplest way to dispose of these materials, look in your yellow pages under the following categories: "Recycling Centers", "Junk Dealers", "Scrap Metals" and Waste Paper".

Unwanted clothing and household items and other discards can be sold at garage sales, neighborhood yard sales, flea markets, church benefits, etc. Or, you can donate these items to local charities (see "Thrift Shops" in your yellow pages), and then declare them on your income tax as a " tax deductible donation", Don't throw things into the garbage can. Somebody can probably use them.

Where to get over a Dozen Free Things for Kids

Many companies offer wonderful free things that children love. Write for all ar as many as you wish to receive. 1. Free books on space. Take your pick: "Space Shuttle Facts", "What About U.F.O's", "Lifestyle of Stars", "America's Spaceport", "NASA Facts & Briefs", Exploring Inner Planets", "All About the Moon", "Apollo Landing Sites" or "Space Launch Vehicles". Free from: Public Affairs Office, John F. Kennedy Space Center, NASA Cape Canaveral, Fl 32899. They're all free! 2. Free coloring book: "Energy Activities With Energy Ant", Write to: U.S. Dept of Energy, Technical Information Center, P. O. Box 62, Oak Ridge, Tn 37830. 3. Free Booklet: "Let's Collect Shells and Rocks", from: Shell Oil Company, Public Affairs Dept., Room 1535, P. O. Box 3463, Houston, Tx 77001. 4. Free! "Wildlife Notes" from: National Wildlife Federation, 1412 - 16th St. N.W., Washington, DC 20036. 5. Free Book! "George Washington", from:Washington National Insurance Co., Evanston, Il 60201 6. Free coloring book! "Tuffy Talks About Medicine:, from Aetna Special Services Librarian, 151 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Ct 06156. 7. Free "Smokey the Bear" fire ranger kit: "Smokey's Kit, Smokey Bear Headquarters, Washington, DC 20252. 8. Free book! "Steps to the Moon" from: U.S. Geological Survey, Branch of Distribution, 1200 South Eads St., Arlington, Va 22202. 9. Free book! "The Story of the Helicopter", from: Sikorsky Aircraft, Division of United Aircraft Corp., Stratford, Ct 06602. 10. Free Booklet! "Introducing your Children to Wildlife" from: Defenders of Wildlife, P.O. box 3800, Washington, DC 20007. 11. Free coloring book, specify if you want it in English or Spanish, from: Sidney Sheep Coloring Book, Wool Bureau, 200 Clayton St., Denver, Co 80206. 12. Free coloring book! "The ABC's of Good Oral Health", from American Dental Assn., 211 E. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Il 60611. 13. Free 21"x 28" Poster: "It's Elementary, My Dear Watson", from Sherlock Poster, National Pork Council, Box 10370, Des Moines, Ia 50306. 14. Free "Iron-Ons"! 8"x 7" Heinz Ketchup iron-on, Heinz Ketchup, P.O. Box 28, Pittsburg, Pa 15230. Also, 10 super animal iron-ons measuring about 5"x 6" each. Send .75 cents for postage & handling, to: Dog's World, 498 New Rochelle Road, Bronxville, Ny 10708.

How to Get Free Legal Information

In some instances, free legal advice is available from local, state and federal agencies. This is especially true if you are unable to pay for legal assistance.

For legal help, look in your telephone directory white pages under "Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation" or "(Name of your community) Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation" or "Legal Assistance Foundation". You might also look under "Legal Aid Society". Some communities also have an organization for senior citizens, listed as "Legal Assistance to the Elderly".

If any of these offices are unable to help you, they should be able to refer you to other local, state or national organizations that can provide advice or help.

How to Receive Hundreds of Popular New Books Free

You can receive hundreds, even thousands of new books, free each year by becoming a "book reviewer". All you have to do is offer to write a column for your local newspaper for free. After a couple of your book review columns are published, send tear sheets to major publishers and ask them to add you to their reviewer's list for mailings of new books throughout the year. While you get no money for writing the column, the value of the books you will receive free each year can be well worth your time.

How to lose weight - and Keep it Off

The U.S. government says that 2 out of 3 Americans would like to lose weight. Fad diets are ineffective because they do not go to the heart of the overweight problem. And those that do lose weight with a fad diet, almost always gain it back again - and more!

The formula for losing weight is quite simple: To lose weight you have to use more calories than your present diet provides.

Those that work hard, such as laborers, can eat more calories of food without gaining weight. But, those that are less active in their job and daily activities, must learn to consume less calories.

To lose weight - and keep it off - you should have a guide that shows the calories of all foods. One of the best is "The Official Calorie & Carbohydrate Counter" - No. 345. To get a copy. send $1.00 to : Globe Mini Mags div., Globe Communications, P. O. Box 702, Rouses Point, Ny 12979. It will prove to be a good investment, if you are really serious about losing weight.

Also read "World's Easiest 'No-Exercise' Diet That Guarantees Results". Send a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope and $2.00 to : Guaranteed Diet - Dept. ED-30R, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

Some excellent tips for losing weight and keeping it off are: Eat a balanced diet. Don't skip meals. Eat slowly and allow only 20 minutes for each meal. Chew each mouthful 20 times. Hot foods such as hot soup decreases appetite. Concentrate on meal's smells, appearance, taste - not quantity. Avoid foods high in fats and sugar.

Where to Get Over a Dozen Free Things for Teenagers

Many firms have made available items that have been created especially for teenagers and students. Most items are free. Some require postage and/or handling cost. Write for as many as you wish.

Free book for pre-college students: "College Prospecting", for long (#19) self-addressed stamped envelope, from: Office of Univ. Communications, U. of Rochester, Rochester, Ny 14627.

Free booklet on picture-taking for school newspapers, from: Eastman Kodak Company, 343 State Street, Rochester, Ny 14650. Ask for booklet #AT-13.

Free Guide: "Tips for Teen Age Drivers", from: Firestone Tire and Rubber Co., Educational Services Bureau, Akron, Oh 44317.

Free booklet for baby-sitters (and would-be baby sitters), "The Super Sitter", from: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, DC 20207. Ask for booklet #052-011-00114-7.

Free information on youth hosteling for low-cost traveling, "Youth Hosteling, from: American Youth Hostels, National Campus, Delaplane, Va 22025.

Free "Student Travel Catalog" for bargain flight fares & accommodations, from: Ciee/Sofa Student Travel Services, 777 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017.

Free 4 colorful 17"x 22" bicycle safety posters, from: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, DC 20207.

Free book "Summer Jobs in Federal Agencies", from: U.S. Civil Service Commission, Washington, DC 20415.

Free guide for pre-college students (and their parents) "Facing Facts About Your College Career", from: Prudential Insurance Co., Public Relations Dept., Pru Tower, 10th floor, 800 Boylston Street, Boston, Ma 02199.

Free booklet "Your Science Project", from: Edmund Scientific Co., Barrington, NJ 08007.

Free sample astronomy magazine "Sky & Telescope, from: Sky Publishing corp., 49 Bay Street Road, Cambridge, Ma 02138.

Free sample of "Clearasil Deep Pore Cleanser", from Clearasil Cleanser Sample Offer, Box 3200, Marshfield, Wi 54449.

Free science booklets. Send for list, from Swift & Company, Education Supply Dept., 41st and So Laflin Streets, Chicago, Il 60609.

Free booklet for teenagers, young adults in doing their own laundry "The Facts of Laundry", from: Consumer Information Center, The Maytag Company, Newton, Ia 50208.

Free sample of "Fostex" for complexion problems, from: Westwood Pharmaceuticals, 468 Dewitt St., Buffalo, Ny 14213.

Free book on how to form a Jr. Conservation Club, from: National Wildlife Federation, 1412 16th Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20036. Include 20 cents for postage.
Where to get Free Tips on How to Establish Credit

If you want to establish credit, there is a free booklet that tells you what to do. It explains your rights too. For a free copy, write to: "Establishing Credit", American Express Co., Consumer Dept., American Express Plaza, New York, NY 10004.

Notice: Certain firms have given permission to allow us to list their names as sources of additional materials. If any company fails to respond to your request, or has changed their offer, or moved to a new address, please advise so that we may make this change as soon as possible. Send all comments to: Revise Editor, "Good Ideas" - Dept. 30R, P. O. Box 6466. San Francisco, Ca 94101. Your kind cooperation will be sincerely appreciated.

How To Get Free Merchandise & Services

You can obtain free furniture, appliances and a lot of other merchandise by starting up a "Freebie Newspaper". This idea has been started by some and proven very successful in some cases.

All you have to do is contact local storeowners and merchants, who normally advertise in regular local newspapers, and offer to run their ads in exchange for free furniture and other merchandise. True, you will be running their ad free, but chances are you would not have a paid ad for that space anyhow. If you promote this idea right, you could grow into a larger operation and go into PAID circulation before you know it. In the meantime, and for as long as you like, you can continue to receive FREE merchandise and services in exchange for advertising space.

Where To Get Over a Dozen Free "Auto-Care" Books

Shell Oil Company offers a number of valuable books to keep your car in tip-top shape. These "Answer Books" will help keep a car running for 100,000 miles, cut gas costs, etc. These books are free for the asking from: Shell Answer Books, Shell Oil Company, P. O. Box 61609. Houston, Tx 77208. Write and ask for the ones you want.

"The Early Warning Book" 8. "The Car repair Shopping Book"

"The Breakdown Book" 9. "The Car Crime Prevention Book"

"The Gasoline Mileage Book" 10. "The Car Fix-Up Book"

"The Car Buying and Selling Book" 11. "The Foul Weather Driving Book"

"The 100,000 Mile Book" 12. "The Unexpected Dangers Book"

"The Rush Hour Book" 13. "The Emergency Repair Book"

"New! The Driving Emergency Book"14. "The Driving Skills Book"
How to Order Your Postage Stamps by Mail

You don't have to stand in long lines at your Post Office when you need to buy stamps. You can order them by mail. Ask at your local Post Office for the free "order form/envelope".

You can also order stamps, postcards and other postal needs from the US Postal Service's Washington DC office, at face value, of course. And if you are a stamp collector, you can also order older stamps that your local Post Office may no longer have in stock.

The U.S. Postal Service will send you a free illustrated catalog which is issued bi-monthly. To obtain your free copy, you can send a postcard request to: U.S,. Postal Service, Philatelic Sales Division, Washington, DC 20265-0097. Ask for a free copy of the "Philatelic Catalog".

Where to Get Free Sewing/Needlework Books

An entire series of "Beginner's Sewing Guides" is available, free for the asking. Request any or all of the following listed below, from: Belding-Lily Company, Consumer Information Dept., P. O. Box 88, Shelby, NC 28150.

1. "Thread" 3. "Seams" 5. "Darts & Pleats" 7. "Sleeves" 9. "Button Holes"
2. "Stitches" 4. "Hems" 6. "Pockets" 8. "Facings" 10. "Zippers"

Your Legal Rights When You Buy By Mail

Mail order companies are governed by rules of the Federal Trade Commission and various state laws. for example, if you order by mail:

The seller must ship your order within 30 days, unless the ad you responded to indicates that it will take longer.

If the seller cannot fill your order within 30 days, they must notify you, and tell you when your order will be shipped. But, if the new shipping date is more than 30 days past the original date promised, you can either accept the new shipping date or request a full refund.

The seller must provide you with a no-cost envelope or card, to make your request known. If the delay is less than 30 days, and you don't reply, it means you accept.

The seller must refund all of your money within 7 working days if you decide to cancel your order. If you require help, contact your local postmaster or inspector, or write to: Chief Postal Inspector, U.S. Postal Service, Room 3517, Washington, DC 20260-2100. (telephone:(202) 245-5445).
Where to Get Free Tickets to TV Shows

Free tickets are given to the general public for many top TV shows. To find out what's available, write to: 1. American Broadcasting co., Guest Relations, 7 West 66th St., New York, Ny 10023 - or - 4151 Prospect Ave., Hollywood, Ca 90027. 2. National Broadcasting Co., Guest Relations, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, Ny 10020 - or - 3000 W Alameda Ave., Burbank, Ca 91523. 3. Columbia Broadcasting Co., Guest Relations, 51 West 52nd Street, New York, Ny 10019 0 - or - 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca 90036.

Where to Get Free Road Maps

For any maps you need, write to : Texaco Travel Service, Box 1459, Houston, Tx 77001. Or, send 20 cents postage (for each map) to: Mobil Travel Service, 106 Hi-Lane Rd., Richmond, Ky 40475.

For a free kit of maps & folders on places to visit and things to do in our nation's capitol, write to: U.S. Dept. of the Interior, National Park Service, Visitors Information Center, Washington, DC 20242.

For information on free touring service in North America, including maps, write to: Exxon Touring Service, P.O. Box 307, Florham Park, NJ 07932.

For a free "tour kit" of maps, write to: Texaco Touring Center 135 East 42nd Street, New York, Ny 10017.

Where to Get Dozens of Free Helpful Publications

The U.S. Government Prints hundreds of consumer publications. Many are free. For a complete list, write for the free "Consumer Information Catalog", Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Co 81009.

How to Get Free Subscriptions to Magazines

There are a large number of "trade" magazines, journals, newsletters and newspapers, which are mailed absolutely free to interested firms and individuals who merely ask for them. These are not, of course, the popular magazines you find at your local newsstand, but they do offer much valuable reading - and it's free! To locate the names & addresses of magazines which offer free subscriptions, simply go to your public library and ask for a copy of "Standard Rate & Data". This book lists all trade & specialty publications. It will also advise which publications are "controlled circulation", which normally indicates it is available free. All you have to do is write to the publications you want and ask them to place your name on the mailing list. Try to indicate interest of some connection in your occupation, hobby or avocation with the subject matter of the magazine and they will send you copies for several years at a time.

How to Sell Used Postage Stamps Off your Mail

Don't throw away the used postage stamps from your incoming mail. All used stamps are worth something, no matter how common they may appear to be. These stamps can be saved and packaged and sold at garage sales, flea markets, neighborhood yard sales, church benefits, etc. You can also sell used stamps to stamp collectors and dealers. For more information, send a self-addressed stamped envelop to: Used Stamps Bonanza - Dept. S5-30R, P. O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101/

Also, for buyers of used stamps, check the ads in some of the philatelic publications. This will give you an idea of what to charge for used stamps at the present time, also, collectors that are interested in trading stamps with you. for a sample copy, write to any or all of the following: 1. Ask for free copy: National Handicrafter, The Handicraft Press, Box 248, Grant Park, Il 60940. 2. Send 1st class stamp: The Stamper, 37 Poulton Drive NW, Ft Walton Beach, Fl 32548. 3. Send three 1st class stamps to: Stamps, H.L. Lindquist Publications, 153 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10014. 4. Send $1.00 to: Stamp Collector, P.O. Box 10, Albany, Or 97321.

How to Turn Free Grocery "Store Coupons" Into Cash

Save all the "cents off" coupons that you can. These "store coupons" are as good as gold. If you know how to use them. And they're free! Simply clip and save them from all of the newspapers and magazines that you read.

One of the easiest ways to use these coupons to best advantage is to trade them for other coupons, for products you want. As example, let us say that you have accumulated several dollars worth of coupons for dog food - but you don't have a dog. Maybe a friend, neighbor or relative would be very happy to use those coupons when they buy dog food. Just trade them for grocery store items that you and your family want and use.

This type of "bartering" can work in other ways too. Let us say that you want a certain item, but don't have the ready cash. Try to make a deal with the store owner. Maybe he will accept a quantity of store coupons in exchange for items you want. The rate of exchange should be about 10 to 1 - $10.00 worth of store coupons towards $1.00 of the purchase price of the product or service you want. This type of exchange agreement can best be made with smaller stores. As example, we know a lady who does a lot of sewing and needlework. She gets all of her supplies from a nearby sewing center, by saving and trading store coupons for her yarn, thread, needles, etc. Another lady we know, recently traded a handful of store coupons for a like-new toaster at a neighborhood garage sale.

You can also sell store coupons by mail for cash! For free details, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Store coupons - Dept. 30R, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

Many of the smaller mail order dealers will also be receptive to offers of exchanging their goods or services for grocery store coupons. Study mail order magazines and try to "make a deal"! You have nothing to lose since the store coupons you have to trade are free!

Where to Get Free Tips on Fishing

If you like to go fishing, you will appreciate either or both of these two great freebies. 1. Free book, "Fisherman's Guide", for 25 cents postage/handling, Sheldon's Inc., Antigo, Wi 54409. 2. Free book, "Fishing Tips", from: Cisco Kid Tackle, 2630 NW First Ave., Boca Raton, Fl 33432.

Where Senior Citizens Can Get Free Facts & Information

Senior citizens can get a wealth of free information from the U.S. Government. For free books on many subjects, such as retirement, health, medical problems, nutrition, social security, insurance, etc., write for the free catalog, "Consumer Information Catalog". Then, order the free booklets and other publications that you would like to read. Order the free catalog first, from: Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Co 81009.

Also write for the free booklet, "The Aging and the Community". It's free from: AFL-CIO Dept. of Community Services, 815 - 16th Street NW, Washington DC 20006.

Also get an informative book called "Your Retirement Money Guide". It's free of charge from: American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), 215 Long Beach Blvd., ------, Ca 90801.

Seniors can also join AARP for about $5.00 a year. This entitles members to a free newsletter that keeps retired people abreast of latest information affecting seniors, and also offers special savings on hotels, motels, travel, car rentals, mail order pharmacy service, and more. For more information on how to join "AARP" write to the above address.

How to Copyright and Protect your Ideas

When you copyright your works, you are assured the world's best protection. It is easier than most people think to copyright what you write, and you don't need a high-salaried attorney to register your copyright. You can do it yourself.

For free information on how to copyright what you have created, get details from: Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20559. Ask for "General Information on Copyright" and "Copyright Law of the United States of America". Also ask for several "Form TX" applications, if you plan to apply for a copyright in the near future.

For a revealing report on what happens when someone abuses your copyrighted works, read "How to Protect Your Copyright Rights". This report is FREE - and you can reprint it too - to give away as a freebie or sell! For your copy, just send a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope to: Copyright Rights - Dept. 30R, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

Where to Get Free Consumer Complaint Advice

If you want to make a legitimate consumer complaint, first look in the white pages of your phone directory under "Consumer Complaint & Protection Coordinators". Or stop at your local post office (Philatelic Department of larger post offices in major cities) and pick up a free copy of "Consumer's Resource Handbook". If your post office does not have a copy available, write and request a free copy from: Consumer's Resource Handbook, Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Co 81009.

Where to Get Hundreds of Free Recipes

If you are interested in nutrition, health and diet, order these free recipe books. For each of the firms listed below, write first for a free list of their free recipe booklets. 1. Consumer Services Dept., Castle and Cooke Foods, 50 California Street, San Francisco, Ca 94111. 2. Dept. of Home Economic Services, Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, Mi 49016. 3. Ann Pillsbury Kitchens, The Pillsbury Co., Minneapolis, Mn 55402. 4. Best Foods, Dept.LL, Box 307, Coventry, Ct 06238.

How to Get Free Long Distance, Business Phone Calls

Many businesses have phone numbers preceded by the code name "Zenith" or "Enterprise". These are toll-free numbers. Before calling, check your phone book to see if the business you want to call has such a number.

Other companies have "WATS". This is a service that offers a toll-free number. These numbers are preceded by the area code "800". To get this special toll-free number for the business you want, call the toll-free information number, 800-555-1212.

Where to Get Free Tips on How to Quit Smoking

For free information on how to stop smoking and improve your health, write to: 1. American Cancer society, Distribution Dept., 4 W. 35th St., New York, Ny 10001. Ask for their free guide: "How to Give Up Cigarettes". 2. For a big, colorful anti-smoking poster with the slogan "Don't Get Hooked", write to: Office on Smoking & Health, Room I-58 Park Bldg., 5600 fishers Lane, Rockville, Md 20857. It's free! 3. Another free booklet, "If you Want to Give Up Cigarettes", is available free of charge from: Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Co 81009.

Where to get Free Ideas on Starting your Own Business

If you are thinking of starting your own business, it would be wise for you to send for both of these free items: 1. Free booklet "Home Businesses", from U.S. Small Business Administration, 1441 "L" Street NW, Washington, DC 20146. 2. Free checklist for going into business - Small Marketers Aid #71, from: Small Business Administration, Washington, DC 20425.

Where to Get Free Information on Stamp Collecting

Stamp Collecting is one of the world's most popular hobbies. It's an especially good pastime for kids. If you want to learn all about stamp collecting, here are some great books for you - all free! 1. Free booklet on U.S. stamps: U.S. Postal Service, Consumer Affairs Dept., Washington, DC 20206. 2. Free Booklet: "Stamp Collecting For the Fun of it", from: U.S. Postal Service Director of Advertising, 475 L'Enfant Plaza West S.W., Washington, DC 20260. 3. Free "Stamp Collecting Book", from P. O. Box 327, Bethlehem, NH 03574. 4. Free book "How to Collect Postage Stamps", from Littleton Stamp Co., Littleton, NH 03561.

How to Earn Extra Money Clipping Newspaper Articles

There are large companies whose sole business is finding and clipping articles from newspapers and magazines for individuals, companies, organizations, etc. You can earn extra money doing this too, but on a smaller scale.

You simply look through your local newspapers and clip all that you think will have appeal to the people mentioned in the article. This includes job promotions, weddings, social events, birth announcements, local school events, etc. If the address does not appear in the article, look it up in the phone book.

Then write or phone the people mentioned in the article and say that you can send them the article neatly framed or laminated in lifetime plastic for several dollars. Buy inexpensive picture frames from your local variety store, or look in the yellow pages under "picture Frames - Whsle & Mfrs." Or you may have the article laminated in transparent plastic locally, at small cost. To compute your retail price, add the cost of the frame or laminating price, plus your time. If you keep your prices low enough, you may find people that will want more than one copy of each article.

Special Instructions to Mail Order Dealers Copyright 1999, Fun Mates Press.

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