Sunday, August 17, 2008


Count your family members. Let's assume there are 6 of you. Check up on your bank credit, and let's say you can borrow $6000 for 6 months. On December 15 borrow the $6000 and deposit $1000 (the limit) for each of you in the FAMILY SECURITY FUND TAXPAYERS AID SOCIETY, 107 N. VANCE ST.,PEMBROKE, NC.28372. Details on how the fund works are FREE from the society. Your deposit is secured sight ways. The fund pays 12% for the use of your money from January 1 to May 30 at which time the money is returned to you with &720 interest. At that time you return the money to your bank. Since each member of your family is a first-time depositor in the fund, a bonus in each name of $150 will be left on deposit. Here is how you stand: Cost $6000 borrowed from you bank for 6 months=$270; interest from the fund=$720 NET cash to you=$450;Bonus money left in the fund in your names +$900; interest on bonus money left in the fund, May-December @ 8%, 12% from January-May=$155.98; equals a total gain to you of $1505.98. From January 1 to May 30 of the following year is 17 months. That figures out to be over $88 per month on someone else's money!

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