Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Determine what type of information you intend to sell by mail. Example: Financial information. Then go to the newsstand again and buy every magazine carrying ads selling financial information. Write away for their free offers. Most will run ads inviting you to write for more "free details". Once you begin to get an influx of material, you carefully file away to use as a "model" for developing sales material for your own offer. Yes, mail order IS this simple.
It's possible to get free advertising if your product has an unique appeal of interest to the editor. Some magazines carry a special column of free or editorial ads that if your product deserves special interest, it may be carried at no charge. There are other ways of obtaining free advertising which are detailed in the special reports printed on this pages.

All you really need to get started is to run perhaps a small classified ad selling or all of the reports in this kit. If you wish to go the route of direct mail, you can obtain mailing lists through some of the advertisers in the newsstand magazines. Check the classifieds for "Mailing Lists". Later on you will want to develop your own offers to market by mail. Good luck and best wishes.

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