Monday, August 18, 2008


This method of getting free printing is currently being used by several different mail dealers. It works! Here's the plan. Run an ad similar to this in any mail order magazine: ATTENTION PRINTERS! WE WILL MAIL OUT FOR YOU ABSOLUTELY FREE. ALL THE CIRCULARS YOU PRINT FOR US THAT HAVE OUR ADS ON BACK. WE HAVE LINED UP OVER 200 MAILERS WHO ARE CAPABLE OF MAILING UP TO +100,000 PIECES PER MONTH. (YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS). You might also mention in the ad that you will pay all shipping charges. There will be a few printers who will respond, but one good printer is all need. After you secure a printer, your next step is to compose a commission circular to be printed on the back. This commission circular should pay whoever mails it 50%, which leaves 50% for you. You might even SELL the commission circulars, say for $12/M and make money "coming and going".

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