Monday, August 18, 2008


1)Order a rubber stamp with your name & address on it. 2) Send for some free imprints (commission circulars); you pay the postage for these. 3) Send for some free names that want big mail) 4) Buy 100 envelopes and 100 postage stamps. 5) Address the envelopes to the names wanting big mail. 6) When you receive your circulars, stamp your name and address in the blank space on the commission side of the imprint. 7) Put one circular in each envelope. 8) Mail them. 9) When you receive orders, take out your commission. 10) Forward everything else to the source (the individual or firm) that sent you the circulars--AND YOU ARE IN BUSINESS. If you are serious about commission mailing, you have to take tome to look over each offer you receive. All you need to do is follow the ten steps above. If you can follow instructions, be happy with $60 to $150 a week made in your spare time (from 2--to 4 hours each night and no less than 5 nights a week),then you too can make money mailing. There IS money in mailing--I know for I do it, but believe me, it is not as some advertise it. You will not get rich overnight. You won't make $50.000 and work only one hour each week. NO! It is not that way. You invest what you wish, you grow as big as you wish, but always stuff each envelope FULL.

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