Monday, August 18, 2008


Order 5000 3x6 commission circulars from your printer selling $1.00 items and paying you 50% commission on every order you receive. Have your name printed on them--it will save hours of stamping time. Then mail 100 each to 50 "Exchange Mailers" in 50 envelopes--mark them X-11-SY, which means "EXCHANGE 100-SEND YOURS." When you receive 100 circulars from each of the exchange mailers in return, mail out one each in 100 envelopes. This way, 150 envelopes mail your 5000 circulars. If you have a good circular offering a popular seller, and the exchange mailer sent yours to are honest and dependable, you should receive 2% returns. This will bring you $50 profit. This is the complete plan. IT WORKS. It is working every day for many mailers. It can work for you.

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